New Letterpress Card Subscription – Take our Survey!

IMG_7323Hello, Letterpress Lovers!  Twin Ravens Press is going to be launching a letterpress greeting card and stationery subscription service soon!  Think of it as a wine club for stationery lovers!  

For as little as $19.99/month, you can receive a box of specially curated paper goods and other items directly to your mailbox!  No more not-having-a-card-when-you-really-need-one, and no more having to go to the store last minute, because you forgot to buy a card for that special someone, or big event!  With this service you can get new, exciting, beautiful stationery and cards delivered directly to your door! And, who doesn’t love getting awesome surprise mail?

Before we launch this new service though, we need your help!  Please check out our short survey and give us some feedback on what you’d like to see for this service.  Three lucky survey participants will be entered to win a free month when we launch!

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