Letterpress Calling Cards | Anton Fraga

I recently printed this set of calling cards for a friend-of-a-friend who is going to be finishing his graduate program at the University of Oregon very soon and wants to start looking for jobs in the area.  Anton studied Spanish and wants to find work where he can use his dual-language skills in a professional business setting.  
For the card designs, Anton really liked the design that I did last October for Chuck Herro’s calling cards.  You can find photos of those here.  Anton wanted a clean, simple, but also professional looking design that wasn’t too occupation-specific, since he’s not quite sure what exactly he’ll be doing yet.  We thought that this design with two clean, crisp, classic fonts would be just perfect!  The cards are printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Bright White in black ink!  
Very professional, if you ask me! 

Beautiful Thank You Notes for a Beautiful Wedding

One of my favorite custom clients, Nataliya, recently had me print these gorgeous thank you notes that she designed.  I first starting working with Nataliya this past fall when she hired me to print her wedding invitations for her November 2008 wedding.  Nataliya creates really beautiful and unique designs.  We enjoyed working together so much, that after I printed her wedding invitations she hired me to print a very awesome set of calling cards for her and her husbands’ best man, Sebastian.  If you’d like to see pictures of both the calling cards and Nataliya’s wedding invitations you can in the blog post I did here.  
For Nataliya’s thank you cards, she wanted something that could be a little more general purpose, so she could use them for other notes and letters rather than for just her wedding thank you notes.  She said that while she loved the way her wedding invitations turned out she wanted to go in a new direction with these cards and I think that what she came up with is beautiful, unique and stunning.  The cards are simple: they are an A7 (5″x7″) standard flat card, printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper with matching white Crane Lettra envelopes.  She created a gorgeous leaf motif that we printed in the bottom right corner in dark grey ink along with her and her husband’s names.  For the names Nataliya created a mirror effect and we printed part of the names in the dark grey ink and the other part in metallic silver.  Check it out!  

Nataliya was also sweet enough to share some of the photos of her beautiful Costa Rican wedding with me from last November.  She also gave me permission to share them with you.  I thought this was really fun, because often I never get to see photos from people’s actual ceremonies since I’m working with them at the very beginning of their wedding planning process.  Nataliya’s wedding looks so gorgeous and it seems like they had a wonderful time!  Check those out below: 
Doesn’t the whole thing look lovely?  Not to mention that the bride looks absolutely stunning as well.  You’d think that the photos came straight from a magazine.  
Thanks so much again Nataliya!  

InterNich LLC

Shortly after I put up this post about some custom business cards I created back in January for a small web hosting company called Kerplunc, I was contacted by a gentleman named Nich about creating another set of custom letterpress business cards for his company.  Internich LLC is an online media publishing and solutions company that owns and operates several niche web properties that feature unique content and services on the internet.  Internich also provides creative design and development consultation services for small businesses.  They are based in Boston, Massachusetts, but like us, provide their services to global consumers.  
Design-wise, Nich chose a style for his business cards that is pretty similar to the style Matt chose for his business cards for Kerplunc.  Nich wanted the cards to feature his company’s two-color logo on one side and his contact information on the other.  Like the Kerplunc cards, we chose to keep the back side of Nich’s cards fairly simple, while leaving some blank space in case someone needed somewhere to write down anything extra.  The orange and light blue Internich logo letterpress printed beautifully!  You can see a close-up of the detail and impression at the top of this post.  In the photo below you can see both sides:
The Internich logo is printed in two colors, centered prominently on one side of the card, while the contact information is printed in black on the reverse side in a clean, simple, readable, yet stylish, serif font.  Here is a closer shot of the back side:
Nich’s cards were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Bright White.  You can just barely see the slight impression of the logo from the front side on the back of the card in this picture.  I love how professional, neat and classy letterpress printed business cards are!  
If you would like more information on our custom letterpress business card printing and design services, please contact me at [email protected]!  I would be more than happy to give you more information on all of our business and professional printing related services!  
Thanks so much Nich!