Custom Business Cards | Local Food Marketplace

Twin Ravens Press  has been working with the folks at Local Food Marketplace and Eugene Local Foods for more than a year now, but for some reason, I realized I had yet to write about them on our blog.  Living in Eugene, you meet a lot of people who are pretty serious about the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it’s produced, which, in my mind is fantastic!  Eugene has several fabulous restaurants that are using locally grown and raised products, and some that are using local products entirely.  At home, we try to eat as locally as we can, and we believe that eating locally isn’t only a vital step in supporting the local economy, but is also fundamental to building a more sustainable world.  Plus, the food that is produced in Lane County (not only fruits and veggies, but local meats, dairy, eggs, grains, rice, and other produce) is just down right tasty!  So, because of this, I was entirely happy when the founders of Local Food Marketplace and Eugene Local Foods, Amy, Doug and Mazzi, hired me to design their logo and branding and letterpress print their business cards.

We worked on several different images that were food, produce, and/or farm-related for these cards, but ultimately what we chose to run with were a lovely, stylized bunch of tomatoes.  To incorporate the tomatoes and make the logo unique, we used a single tomato as a replacement for the “o” in “Local”.  I thought it was pretty cute…  The business cards were printed in two ink colors: chocolate brown and a bright, vibrant red, on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper.

Local Food Marketplace now has partners in various parts of Oregon, Washington, California, North Carolina and Canada.  If you happen to be in Eugene and haven’t tried ordering produce from Eugene Local Foods before, click on the link above and make yourself an account!  The account is free and you can shop online for all of your produce needs on a weekly basis, pay with your credit or debit card, and pick it up at one of Eugene Local Foods’ drop-off sites at various locations around town.  I order from them almost weekly.  The site is awesome, and so is not having to go to the grocery store.  Try it!  Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!

Save the Date | Alanna & Tim are Getting Married!

One of the coolest things about my job is that I get to work with all kinds of couples and families from all over the country and the world!  Alanna and Tim contacted me all the way from South Australia not too long ago about creating custom invitations for their April 2011 wedding.  Alanna pretty much had her designs all figured out when she found us, but she hired us to refine them slightly, and add in a few little hand-drawn touches here and there, and then do the letterpress printing, of course.  We just finished her Save-the-Dates earlier this month and are in the midst of working with her to create a set of custom, coordinating invitations!

Alanna and Tim’s Save-the-Dates and corresponding envelopes are an A7 size, measuring 5″x7″.  They were printed on Crane Lettra 220 lb. Duplex 100% cotton paper and were paired with matching 100% cotton pearl white pointed flap envelopes.  Both pieces were printed in two ink colors: a lovely light grey and a soft, aqua blue.

Alanna’s design has a very soft, romantic, whimsical feeling to it with many, small, hand-drawn elements and a combination of a typewriter-like font and a romantic script face.  All of the typography (with the exception of the script word “Love” towards the top of the design) on these Save-the-Dates was printed in light grey ink and all of the small decorative elements were printed in blue.  You may recognize the tree at the top of the design from a Save-the-Date we created earlier this year for another couple, Lauren and Warren.  It’s such a lovely, little, whimsical element.  Alanna’s design also featured some cute little hearts interspersed with the text, and a small, leafy flourish, hand-drawn by yours truly.

Alanna and Tim’s envelopes also featured many of the same, sweet decorative elements from their invitations.  The front of the envelope has a burst of light aqua blue tree branches and leaves coming in from the left corner, while the back features their names and the heart from the Save-the-Date card and the same typewriter font for the address.  Just to be extra decorative, we even included my little, leafy flourish on the center of the flap.

Alanna also did some fabulous customization to her Save-the-Dates once she received them in the mail from us!  I pulled the photos in the grouping below off of a link she sent me to a Facebook album.  Don’t her Save-the-Dates look so cool tied up with blue and white baker’s twine?!?  You’ll notice in the photo that Alanna also used a small, kraft brown pouch to hold small reminder cards that accompanied the package.  She also included a small kraft brown tag with a heart punched into it and strung beads onto one end of baker’s twine.  The beads have hearts and their wedding date on them.  Pretty cute, and totally personalized!  I love it!

Alanna and Tim have been so much fun to work with so far and I can’t wait to show you their awesome accordion-invitations that we’re working on in the next couple of months.  They are going to be stellar!  Check back in to see those in the near future.  Thanks so much Alanna & Tim!  I’m looking forward to working with you more!

Baby Announcements | Nodumo Melody

Admittedly, Twin Ravens Press prints a lot more wedding invitations than birth announcements, and we totally love doing them, but there’s just something about creating sweet little cards for families with newborn babies that makes me smile.  Earlier this month we printed this sweet little birth announcement for the boss of a really good friend, Emma.  I met Emma earlier this year when she wanted to visit Twin Ravens Press, and since then she’s been coming by and helping us out on a regular basis with whatever needs to be done, which is really really cool.  Emma studied design and printmaking while she was in school at the University of Pennsylvania and had been looking for a way to get back into it in Oregon.  I’ve really loved having her around, not only as a helper, but as an awesome friend.  So, when Emma proposed that we worked together on the announcements for her Pennsylvania boss’ first baby, how could I say no?  Emma designed the super-cute, A7 letterpress announcement that you see above and she and I printed them together!

Nodumo’s announcements were printed in two ink colors: a light, bright, purple and a bright, earthy green on Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper.  I love the design Emma created for the text of this announcement and I just love the fonts that she used!  Plus, her flowers and butterflies are totally cute!  We paired this announcement with a lighter, coordinating green envelope from Waste Not Paper Company and printed the family’s return address on the envelope flap in green ink.

Aren’t those totally adorable?!?  If you or someone you know is expecting a baby in the near future, please contact us if you are interested in creating some custom baby announcements and/or shower invitations of your own!  We would love to work with you!

Ethan's Bar Mitzvah

Earlier this summer we created a totally charming set of Bar Mitzvah invitations for a kid named Ethan, and his family, here in Eugene.  Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah (or Jewish coming-of-age ceremony) was to be held in early August at the local temple, with a separate celebration at the family’s home to follow in the evening.  When Ethan and his mom, Jocelyn, came to visit me, we talked about what kind of theme or imagery Ethan wanted for his invitations and party.  He told me all about how he was really into The Lord of the Rings and fantasy stories in general, and wanted his Bar Mitzvah invitations to reflect that.  Now, this got my wheels turning quite a bit, and for a while, Jocelyn, Ethan and I planned to come up with Bar Mitzvah invitation wording that was similar to the start of the first chapter of The Lord of the Rings.  You know, “When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton…”, but instead of it being the literal text from the novel, we would alter it to have Ethan’s name and have the “party of special magnificence” be the Bar Mitzvah celebration.  Well, we worked on that for a while, but since we were on a pretty short timeline for this project, we didn’t get the fancy wording all figured out.  We still kept with the theme and style for the design though, and the invitations turned out totally awesome!

Ethan’s invitations were one piece of paper, but included both the actual invite and a perforated reply post card for guests to mail back.  In order to do this we printed the invitation and reply card together and then added a perforation right above the reply card part of the design so that guests could fold and detach just the reply card.  These invitations were mailed in bright, shimmery, copper envelope that you can see in the photo above, and had the family’s return address printed in black ink on the flap.

To really play up the Lord of the Rings/fantasy novel feel of the invitations, we chose some really decorative, old-fashioned fonts for all of the text.  Ethan’s name was the most prominent text element of the invitation, so I made sure to find a script that was super-decorative.  Lettering this fancy isn’t for every design, but I absolutely love when it works out – the way it letterpress prints is just so cool!  The other two fonts we used also had an old-fashioned, celtic feeling to them, which I think also tied in with the design really really well.

The other totally awesome design element from these invitations is the celtic knot, medieval manuscript-inspired dragon.   The dragon was printed in chocolate brown and green inks and I think it added the perfect, whimsical touch to these invitations!  For the text, we printed Ethan’s name and the little round, decorative element in the middle of the design in copper ink and all of the rest in chocolate brown.

For the reply card portion of the invite, we used a fancy copper border to decorate the card and a copper “M” in the same font as Ethan’s name for guests to write in their names.  The rest of the text of the reply card was printed in chocolate brown ink and included places for guests to indicate whether they were attending the luncheon, party or both.  The back of the reply postcard (which you can see in the bottom right photo below) was simply printed with the family’s return address in brown ink.  The photo on the bottom left below shows the same address printing on the back of their invitation envelopes.

Aren’t these just too cool?!?  I had so much fun working with Ethan and his mom, Jocelyn, this summer on these Bar Mitzvah invitations!  It’s so much fun when a family comes to me with an original idea or theme and we can just run with it!  Thanks so much Ethan, Ed, Jocelyn and Claudia!  You rock!

Weddings | Andrea & Adam

Way back in March of this year we completed a really wonderful and unique set of wedding invitations for an awesome couple in Vancouver, Canada who were married in June.  This is one of those sets of invitations that I had been planning to blog about all along, both because it and the couple it was created for were so cool, but as usually happens during the spring, time got away from me when we were super-busy, and I’m only catching up on the blogging now.  At any rate, check out Andrea and Adam’s totally awesome, custom invitation suite above!

Like many couples who work with us, Andrea and Adam wanted a set of invitations for their upcoming wedding that were totally personalized and unique, and ones that really said something about their personalities and who they are as a couple.  Andrea explained to me that she and Adam are avid outdoor enthusiasts and had actually met while climbing in British Columbia.  Aside from climbing, they are also avid backpackers, hikers, skiers, etc.  They wanted their wedding invitations to have an earthy, natural, outdoors-y feel to them, and this is what we came up with.  Andrea and Adam’s invitation suite included an A7 size invite and corresponding envelope, an A2 size reply post card, and a coordinating 3.5″x2″ website card.  The three main pieces in their invitation suite were printed on a really fabulous paper: Magnani Annigoni, which is handmade in Italy from a blend of cotton and wool fiber.  It is unbleached, and not died, so the color you see is what the paper looks like naturally.  It’s not a paper that my customers choose very often, but I absolutely love it when they do!  It’s just so unique!

As I mentioned above, Andrea and Adam’s invite was a standard A7 size (measuring 5″x7″) and was printed in one ink color: a rich chocolate brown.  For the design, Andrea sent me a topo map of the area around Wedgemount Lake in BC – a wilderness area that is very special to Andrea and Adam’s relationship.  In order to incorporate this in to the design, we chose to blind emboss the entire section of map into the background of the invitation.  This created some phenomenal texture!  The design we printed in brown over the top, was fairly simple, but absolutely lovely.  We created two evergreen trees which were placed on the left side of the design with the text of their invitation justified to the right of them.  We used a combination of a classic serif font for the main information, combined with a much more decorative script for the couple’s names, wedding date and the name of their venue.  Isn’t their design just cool!?!

We paired the invite and other pieces with a Moss Green envelope from Waste Not Paper Company and printed their return address in the same brown ink we used for the invite on the flap.

Andrea and Adam’s reply post card also included blind embossing of the Wedgemount Lake wilderness topo map in the background, and we used another evergreen tree to separate the two sides of the card, rather than a plain line.   Like a regular postcard, the couple’s return address and a place for a stamp was printed on the right hand side.  The left side included lines for guest’s to write in their names, check boxes to indicate whether or not they planned to attend, and then a space for guests to initial meal choices for the reception.  We used our popular animal icons for the meal choices, which I just never get tired of.  They are way too cute for words!  We also included a line for guests to indicate how much parking they anticipated needing.  This line was indicated by a little brown VW Bug (my favorite!).  Check out some of the details and blind embossing in the photos below!

The top two photos as well as the bottom left one in the grouping above are detail photos of Andrea and Adam’s reply card.  The photo on the bottom right, however, shows their website card.  Andrea and Adam chose to create a small separate website card to include with their invitations so that guests would know where to go to get further information, without having the web address printed right on the invitation itself.  This card is 3.5″x2″, which is the same size as a standard business card, and was also printed in chocolate brown ink.  We created a super-cute compass design for this card, with Adam and Andrea’s initials on the compass on either side of a heart.  Isn’t that sweet?!?  I just love how every little detail we included in the suite really tied in well with Adam and Andrea’s personalities and outdoor hobbies.

Andrea also created a separate belly band herself to tie everything together after she received her invitations from us.  She was kind enough to send me a photo of everything all tied up together, and I wanted to share it with you too:

Didn’t she do an awesome job?!?   I love the bark paper she chose for the actual band and I think the brown raffia and little compass tag she created to tie it up are really cute.

Thanks so much again Adam and Andrea for working with us on your invitations!  I imagine that your wedding this past June was just beautiful!  If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know!  All the best!

Custom Business Cards | Fanatical Dev

Check out these awesome new business cards we finished earlier this week for UK-based web developer, Nick Barrett of Fanatical Dev.  We’ve actually had the pleasure of working with Nick in the past, when he previously worked for Kerplunc.  You can see the cards we created for Nick and his partner Matt back then here.  I was super-excited when Nick contacted us again recently though to create cards for his new web development company.

Nick’s cards are slightly different sizing-wise than a standard 3.5″x2″ business card.  They are somewhat narrower at 3.5″x1.5″.  We printed Nick’s logo on one side of the card in two ink colors: a bright violet purple and black.  I love how the word “Fanatical”, printed in black, sinks in to the card from the letterpress impression, while the “Dev” is actually raised up on the surface of the card, due to the purple part of the logo being letterpressed in around it.  It’s a pretty neat effect!  The other thing I love about Nick’s cards is the backside.  The back is super-simple: all it has is Nick’s e-mail address, letterpress printed in the same purple ink that we used for the front.  When you’re a web developer, and your clients are going to be contacting you by e-mail, really how much more do you need than that?

Thanks so much Nick for hiring me to print the business cards for your new venture!  You rock!

Weddings | Kristin & Chris

“Beauty in Simplicity.”  If I had only one phrase to describe the wedding invitations we designed and printed for New York City couple, Kristin & Chris, who were married this past June in Rye, that would be the phrase.  Kristin & Chris had a gorgeous vision for a romantic, but very simple and clean set of invites for their wedding.  Their ceremony was held at Rye Presbyterian Church in upstate New York, and their reception was held at the Coveleigh Club shortly after.  Very rarely do I get to meet my clients in person when they are on the other side of the country, but I was very lucky to get to meet Kristin in person in New York City while I was attending the National Stationery Show in May.  I just love Kristin’s style and it was wonderful to get to see some of the photos from her wedding on her photographer’s website!

You can see their full invitation suite in the photo at the top of this post.  It included a traditional A7 size invitation printed in one ink color: a soft, warm, medium grey, a matching 4bar size reply card with corresponding envelope, a small 2.5″ square reception card and a set of inner/outer invitation envelopes.  The outer invitation envelope was simply printed with the couple’s return address on the back flap, and the inner envelope had no printing, but was lined with a stunning and bright, handmade, Japanese paper.

Check out this gorgeous invitation!  I just love how simple and beautiful it is.  Kristin and Chris wanted all of the emphasis of this design to be on the actual text of their invitation, with their names being the most prominent element.  We chose a contemporary, classy, all-caps, serif typeface for the main text of the invitation and then, to make their names really stand out, we chose a softer, lower-case script typeface and embellished each name with some flourishes.  To add a touch of softness to the whole package, we chose to round all of the corners of each of the main pieces (invite, reply card and reception card).  These invitations were printed on thick, 100% cotton, 220 lb. Crane Lettra Duplex Paper in Pearl White.  We paired the invitations with a matching set of inner and outer A7 pointed flap envelopes, also from Crane, and printed Kristin’s parent’s return address on the flap of the outer envelope in the same style and same grey ink.  To add a major splash of color to the suite, Kristin picked out a lovely multi-colored, striped, handmade Japanese paper that we used to hand-line each inner envelope.  You can see a close up of the inner and outer envelopes in the photo in the top right of the grouping above and you can see the whole thing in the photo at the top of the post!  Gorgeous, don’t you think?!?

To tie the suite together even more and to add a little bit of color to each individual piece, we edge painted Kristin and Chris’ invitation, reply card and reception card with a bright pink ink that matched some of the striping of her envelope.

I just love how edge painting adds a little color to an invitation without being over-the-top.  This bright pink was just the perfect touch to add to an otherwise, pretty monochromatic suite.  Check out the texture from the letterpress printing in the photo above too!  Love it!

Here is Kristin and Chris’ reply card on the left and reception card on the right.  I love how simple Kristin and Chris’ response card was.  It really goes well with her invitation and other pieces.  Sometimes reply cards can get overly busy, particularly if you have a lot of different events to have guests respond to for your wedding.  Kristin and Chris’, however, was pure simplicity.  It just tied in with everything else so perfectly.

Since they were having their reception at a different venue than their ceremony, Kristin and Chris chose to include a separate reception card with their invitations.  This small card is only 2.5″ square and featured rounded corners and edge-painting like the other pieces.  Again, I love the elegant use of lower-case script combined with the more formal all-caps serif font.  So lovely!

A few weeks before their wedding, well after the invitations had been mailed out, Kristin hired me to design and print a set of matching wedding programs as well.

Kristin and Chris’ wedding programs were a long, skinny #10 size (measuring 3.875″x9.25″ when folded) and were printed on our standard 110 lb. Crane Lettra 100% cotton pearl white paper.  The programs folded in half on the long side and featured a “cover” with Kristin & Chris’ names and their wedding day information on the front side.  The interior had information on their wedding party on the left-hand side and their actual ceremony information on the right.  We used the lower-case script font we’d been using throughout their stationery for the headers on the inside of the program, and the serif, all-caps font for the other program information.

My favorite part of Kristin & Chris’ programs though were the message they wrote to their family and friends that we printed on the back of each program.  You should be able to read it in the photo above.  It was just lovely.

So, are you ready to see some photos of their gorgeous event?!?  I was so excited to see these when Kristin sent them. These photos, as well as the portraits of Kristin and Chris closer to the top of this post were taken by Dreamscape Studio Photography in Southern Connecticut.  Check them out:

(Photos courtesy of Dreamscape Studio Photography)

I just love the old Presbyterian Church where Kristin and Chris were married in Rye.  We just don’t have churches quite like that on the west coast.  The architecture is so beautiful.  I also loved the photos that you can see above of Kristin and Chris with their bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I love that Kristin’s bridesmaid’s wore pink dresses just like the pink edge painting we did on her invitations, and the pink striped paper we used for her envelope liners.  I also just love all of the different colored roses they had in their bouquets!

(Photos courtesy of Dreamscape Studio Photography)

There’s some absolutely gorgeous photos of the couple in the grouping above!  Aren’t Kristin and Chris just gorgeous people?!?  You can see the Coveleigh Club, where they held their reception, in the photo on the bottom right.  Kristin just has the prettiest smile, and check out their gorgeous cake!  Those orchids are amazing!

Kristin and Chris were an absolutely wonderful couple to work with and I’m so glad I got to meet Kristin while I was visiting New York City!  Thanks so much again, you two, for working with us on your wedding invitations, and for sharing photos from your lovely event!  All the best to you!

Baby Announcements | Veronica Jane

Check out these absolutely adorable baby announcements we printed a few weeks ago for a good friend, Heidi, and her fiancee Derek’s, brand-new baby girl, Veronica!  Heidi and I played soccer together several years ago, when I was in college, so I was super excited to design and print the announcements for her first child!

Veronica’s announcements are an A2 size (measuring 4.25″x5.5″) and were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper in two ink colors: chocolate brown and a light, bright purple.  When we talked about what sort of design she wanted for her baby announcements, Heidi told me that she had been receiving tons and tons of baby gifts with owls on them, so owls just seemed like the right motif.  At the time that we started designing, Heidi wasn’t sure if she was having a boy or a girl, so we also figured that depending on the colors we used, an owl design could work wonderfully for either gender.  As you can see, though, Veronica ended up being a girl, so we used purple as the accent color for the owl, tree leaves and her name on the announcement.

Another thing I just love about baby announcements is the fun, whimsical fonts you can use for them!  For Veronica’s announcements we used a mix of Tart Workshop’s “Silverstein” for the main font and “Leroy Brown” for the name.  Totally cute, don’t you think?!?

Heidi and Derek are getting married this upcoming spring and we’re also designing and letterpress printing their Save-the-Date cards and wedding invitations!  Check back in down the road if you want to get a peek at those!

Thanks so much Heidi & Derek!  You guys are awesome!

Save the Date | Lindsay & Shawn are Getting Married!

Check out this elegant Save-the-Date set we created for Corona del Mar, California couple Lindsay and Shawn earlier this month!

When Lindsay contacted us to letterpress print these Save-the-Date cards, she already had her design pretty figured-out, but left it to us to make some minor design alterations to really make the letterpress work fantastically!  The Save-the-Date card is a long, skinny #10 size and was printed in black ink on 100% cotton rag Holyoke paper in Antique White.  I absolutely love this new paper stock!  It’s soft, subtle and perfect for letterpress printing!  The antique white color has that old-world, elegant, classy feel to it.  For the design, Lindsay had us use a custom-made damask pattern, a custom-made monogram and some wonderfully rich, romantic typefaces for the design.  We mounted a black and white photo of the couple on a 1/4″ black matt on top of the damask pattern on each Save-the-Date.  Isn’t it pretty?!?  Check out some of the details in the photos below!

Lindsay and Shawn’s Save-the-Date was paired with a romantic, super-light-pink envelope from Green Paper Company.  We printed Lindsay’s return address on the monarch-style flap of the envelope in the same style as here Save-the-Date card, also with black ink.  I love the way this envelope added just a hint of color to the otherwise classic, monochromatic set.  It’s just a hint of a color, without being too much!  Love it!

Lindsay and Shawn are having us design and print a set of invitations for them as well, in the coming months, and I’m really excited to see what we come up with for those!  If you like this style, check back in to see their full invitation suite in the next few months!  Thanks so much Lindsay and Shawn!  Talk to you soon!

Weddings | Kelly & Wai

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, we worked with three different couples earlier this summer who were married this past Labor Day weekend.  Kelly & Wai were one of those three couples and, boy, did we really enjoy getting to work with them!  Both the bride and groom were so excited about their wedding and about our work, that it made designing the set of stationery that you see above really, really exciting and fun.   Kelly and Wai had a pretty short timeline for these when they contacted me in late June, but they had such a clear vision of what they wanted out of their designs that it was pretty easy coming up with these for them!  Kelly & Wai’s invitation suite included an A7 size invite in one ink color (Aubergine) with blind embossing, a 4bar size reply card, also in one color with blind embossing and two sets of envelopes, one for the invitation and one for the reply card, both in a nice medium grey with aubergine ink.

Kelly & Wai were married in an outdoor ceremony in Newport, Rhode Island.  Their ceremony took place overlooking the ocean under an arbor and they new that they wanted the arbor image to be a focal point of the design of their invitation.  Kelly and Wai sent me some photos of what their arbor was going to look like and I drew the tiny arbor image at the top of this invite.  We also incorporated some subtle floral elements in the border of the invitation and continued the outdoor/garden wedding theme even more with the blind embossed honeycomb pattern that ran down the top left corner of the invitation.  Their invitation envelopes were a nice medium grey and also featured aubergine purple ink.  We wanted these envelopes to be decorative and reflective of the design of the pieces on the inside, so for these envelopes we used the honeycomb pattern again and also had a little bee flying up from the bottom of the flap of the envelope towards the couple’s return address.  Isn’t that cute?!?

The design for Kelly and Wai’s reply card was similar to the design for their invitation.  We used the same floral border and honeycomb embossing – this time coming into the card from the top right side.  We used small fish and beef icons on the card for guests to indicate their meal preference.  We also had one of the honeybees flying towards a hand-drawn jar of honey with dipper on the bottom right side.  Kelly and Wai gave away small jars of honey for their wedding favors, so Kelly wanted to incorporate bees and honey into their invitation and reply card designs as well!  I think they’re pretty adorable, myself.  The reply envelope featured their address on the front in aubergine ink as well as some more of the honeycomb pattern on the top left side.

Check out the additional photos below to see some of the more subtle details from these pieces!  I love the blind embossed honeycombs and all of the little details they had me incorporate, from the bees and small flowers in the border, to their lovely choices of type!  All of these little details really came together for a gorgeous set!

After I posted the above photos yesterday, Kelly e-mailed me with a couple more that you can see below.  After the invitations were well on their way, Kelly and Wai had me design a few more pieces for their wedding, which they had digitally printed and assembled themselves.  These were programs for the ceremony and a set of super-cute honey jar labels for their favors.  The program that you see below is a #10 size and was comprised of two pages that were printed.  The printed pages included elements from the invitation designs such as the bees, honeycomb pattern (this time printed in a light grey, since blind embossing can’t be done digitally) and the arbor.  Kelly cut and assembled these herself with a pretty vellum overlay and aubergine ribbon at the top.  Super cute!!

As I mentioned above, Kelly and Wai gave out little jars of honey for their wedding favors.  Kelly tied each tiny jar with a fabric top (I love the varying plaid and polka dot patterns she found for the different jars!).  They sent me all of the text and ingredients and I designed a small label that could printed on adhesive-backed paper so Kelly could stick them right on to the jars!  I think this was a totally cute way to personalize their favors and make them coordinate with the rest of their paper goods!

Kelly and Wai were so much fun to work with and I’m sure that their wedding last Friday was a blast!  Congratulations and thanks so much again, Kelly & Wai!