Happy New Year's Eve!

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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  I had been contemplating doing a “Best of 2010” sort of post for today on the blog, but quite frankly, in looking back over all of the jobs I’ve done this year, all of the photos I’ve taken of wedding invitations we’ve created, baby’s births that we’ve announced, and other awesome business and personal stationery we’ve designed and printed this year, it was just too hard for me to pick out “Best of’s”.  If I had, this post would be as long as my leg, and as much as I know you love looking at pretty pictures, I’d rather give all of the jobs featured here their moment in the spotlight, rather than lumping them all together.  And, honestly, I have loved just about every client and every set of stationery we’ve done this year.  Of course, I do have some favorites, but the vast majority of customers I worked with this year were just too cool, that I don’t want to single anyone out (or forget anyone that was totally awesome).  So instead, I present you above with a photo from the first ever New Year’s celebration held in Times Square in 1904, courtesy of everyone’s friend, le internet.

2010 has been a wonderful year for Twin Ravens Press, and I feel so fortunate that I get to get up every morning and come to work doing something that I love.  Without all of you, this wouldn’t be possible.  Thanks for helping to make my love of great design, beautiful printing and century-old antique machinery into a career.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Happy New Year’s Eve and I’ll be seeing you in 2011!

Featured! | Inside Weddings

I’m super-excited to announce that some of our work has been featured in the current, Winter 2011 issue of Inside Weddings Magazine!  This is the first time our company has been mentioned in a nation-wide print publication, so definitely worth celebrating!  We’ve had a lot of love from nationally and internationally read internet publications, like Wedding Bee, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, etc. over the past few years, but this is the first time we’ve been in a print publication!  I didn’t even know we were being mentioned until my lovely friend, Amanda Auer, owner of In the Now Weddings and Events in Los Angeles, sent me an e-mail saying to go down to the grocery store and pick up a copy.  Pretty exciting surprise, if I do say so myself!

The stationery that we created for the party being featured is a bridal shower invitation that was designed by Amanda’s talented staff and letterpress printed by us.  The invitation is a 5″ square that features only blind embossed text.  It’s very modern, and really takes advantage of the letterpress process.

If you’re having difficulties reading the text of the invitation in the picture above, here is what it says (I tried to take the best photo I could, but blind embossing is often difficult to capture in photographs):

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to share with us as we honor Bianca Juarez with joy before her impending marriage.  Saturday, the Seventh Day of August, Two Thousand and Ten.  Our celebration is set for 5 o’clock in the afternoon.  Please come wearing your Sunday best and donning all white in honor of diamonds.  Celebrating Bianca.

Below are some additional photos I took, including close-ups so you can check out the lovely blind embossing.

The bridal shower looks like it was a lovely affair from the pictures in the magazine, and I can’t wait to get other pictures that were taken by the photographers at Inside Weddings from Amanda when she has them.  The full spread (pages 72-73, if you pick up your own issue, is below).  Pretty, nifty!  Go us!

Weddings | Lindsay & Shawn

A couple of weeks ago I finished a very beautiful and elaborate set of wedding invitations for California couple Lindsay and Shawn’s upcoming wedding in La Quinta at the end of February.  We’ve been working with Lindsay and Shawn for a while now.  I posted about their awesome, letterpress + photo save-the-dates back in September here.  Lindsay and Shawn have an awesome sense of style and we were able to create several gorgeous pieces using the same colors and design elements that we had previously used for their save-the-dates.  Their wedding invitation suite included an A7 size wedding invitation with coordinating inner/outer envelope sets, a 4bar size reply card with coordinating envelope, an A2 size reception card, and an A6 size map/directions card.  The entire suite was printed in one ink color, black, on 100% cotton Holyoke paper in Antique White.  We created a gorgeous invitation wrap out of light pink, lacy, Japanese Uzumaki paper and tied the package shut with a custom letterpress printed monogram medallion belly band.  We also printed letterpress wedding menus and place cards for Lindsay and Shawn, which you will see farther down in this post.

A beautiful set of invitations often begins with a beautiful set of envelopes, so let’s start there.  Lindsay and Shawn chose to go the traditional route with their envelopes and had us print an inner/outer set.  Both envelopes have pointed flaps and are 100% cotton envelopes from Crane & Co.  The outer invitation envelope is simply printed with their return address in black ink.  The inner invitation envelope features no printing, but a lovely custom lining made from screen printed, floral, lokta paper in black and white that Lindsay picked out.  I really love the pattern she picked and I think it compliments the rest of her suite beautifully!  In the image on the top right above, you can see what the inner envelope looks like, opened with the invitation package inside.  It’s just gorgeous!

Here is what the invitation suite looks like when you pull it out of the envelope.  Lindsay and Shawn’s invitation, reply card and envelope, reception card and directions card are all stacked in order of size and wrapped in a custom-made, light pink, spiral, Japanese Uzumaki paper.  This paper is tissue thin, yet fairly strong and totally beautiful!  When we talked about what their guests would see when opening the invitations, I thought it would be lovely if the pieces were held together in some sort of package, and this is the solution we came up with!  I just love how functional, yet delicate, and beautiful this invitation wrap is!  The wrap is tied closed with a 2″ round monogram medallion that was printed and die-cut from Holyoke paper, and has a 1/4″ wide, black satin ribbon threaded through it.  All of the materials and textures of this suite and just gorgeous together!

Lindsay and Shawn’s wedding invitation is an A7 size and is the largest and most prominent piece in the package you see above.  For the invitation design, we used Lindsay’s damask pattern from her Save-the-Dates to decorate the bottom of the invitation and her monogram at the top.  The text is laid out in a traditional arrangement with the couple’s names in a lovely script font and the other information in a classic serif face!  I just love the impression that letterpress printing this design created in the Holyoke Paper.  It’s just as beautiful to touch as it is to look at!

Lindsay and Shawn’s directions and reception cards were designed to match the invitation and were also printed in black ink on Holyoke paper.  For these two cards we used the damask pattern on the side, rather than the bottom, and continued to utilize the same script and serif typefaces from the invitation.  For the directions card, I created a small map of La Quinta and Indian Wells with Lindsay and Shawn’s church, rehearsal dinner location, and reception location on it.  This card should be a handy little reference for guests who are trying to get from one venue to the next.

Lindsay and Shawn’s reply card and envelope, which were also designed to match, are a 4bar size and were printed in black ink.  Like the invitation, we used the damask pattern to decorate the bottom, and Lindsay used my adorable animal and vegetable icons for her reception entrée choices for guests to indicate.  You may have remembered that we used light pink envelopes for Lindsay and Shawn’s Save-the-Dates.  We used the same color of pink envelopes her her reply card envelopes to tie the suite together even more!

Lindsay has a couple of bridesmaids who are taking calligraphy classes, and they offered to do calligraphy for her invitation envelopes and for her place cards.  So that they would have plenty of time to do the place cards, as Lindsay and Shawn get their reply cards back, we designed and printed their place cards at the same time as the invitation suite.  These beauties are traditional, simple, and match the invitations perfectly.  They were printed on Holyoke Paper as well, and feature Lindsay and Shawn’s damask pattern on the fold of each tented card.  The pattern wraps from back to front, as you can see in the photo below, making both sides pretty and perfect for writing guest’s names.  You can also see another image of the belly band and the Japanese Uzumaki paper we used for the invite wrap in the photo below – just ’cause I thought it was pretty!

For the wedding reception, we also designed and letterpress printed a set of lovely wedding menus to go at each place setting.  Lindsay and Shawn’s menus are a #10 size and feature their monogram at the top and damask pattern on the bottom.  We used their script font for the headers of each course and the traditional serif face we’ve been using all along for the descriptions of each dish.  Aren’t these gorgeous as well?!?

Last, but certainly not least, Lindsay and Shawn wanted a nice little rehearsal dinner invitation that would coordinate with their wedding invitations, but not necessarily match them.  For these A2 size invites, we lost the damask pattern and monogram, but kept the same fonts as the other pieces in the suite.  Lindsay wanted to use a small motif that would speak to their southern California location, so we chose a small, vintage-looking palm tree image to decorate the top.  These cards also came with light pink envelopes in the same shade as the envelopes we used for their reply cards and Save-the-Dates.

I’ve absolutely loved working with Lindsay and Shawn so far on all of the paper goods for their wedding!  Lindsay and I are currently working on designing some thank you cards and wedding programs to go with this suite, so I’ll be posting photos of those as well, when they’re done.  Thanks so much Lindsay & Shawn!  Talk to you soon!

Weddings | Crystal & Jorge

Remember in this post, last week, how I mentioned that I was finishing up a brand new set of magnolia-themed invitations that day?  Well, the invitations  you are about to see in this post are the set I was talking about.  I couldn’t be happier with how this set, for Orlando, Florida couple, Crystal and Jorge, turned out!  The suite features an A7 size wedding invitation with matching invite envelope, and a 4bar size reply card and envelope.  All of the pieces (including envelopes) were printed in two ink colors: a light yellow and a nice medium grey.  The design for these invitations speaks of classic romance with traditional styling and lots of decorative script.  It also feels just perfect for a warm, springtime wedding in the South!

As I mentioned above, Crystal and Jorge’s wedding invitation is a standard A7 size and was printed on Holyoke 100% cotton rag paper in Bone White.  I can’t say enough good things about Holyoke’s line of rag papers – they’re especially made for letterpress printing, and their soft, subtle texture allows the printing to create beautiful impressions every single time!  For the design we used hand-drawn magnolia flowers and buds on their branches.  The flowers were printed in the background of the design in yellow with the text of the invitation centered over the top of them in grey ink.  We used two gorgeous script typefaces for the text of the invite.  One of the fonts was used only for Crystal and Jorge’s names, and the other was used for the main body text.  Isn’t this just gorgeous?!?

Check out the close-up photo below.  The letterpress impression and colors of this invite on the Holyoke paper are to die for!  They’re absolutely beautiful!!

For the invitation envelope, we wanted to continue to use the magnolias in order to tie the design of the whole set together.  For these, I letterpress printed the same yellow magnolias on the flap of Crystal and Jorge’s envelopes and then printed their address in grey in the same script fonts centered on the flap over the magnolias.  The envelopes we used for this suite are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content and were made by Green Paper Company.  They’re a beautiful and eco-friendly option for any wedding suite!

Crystal and Jorge’s reply card and envelope were designed to match the invitations perfectly!  You can see the reply card and envelope in the photo below.  Both are a standard 4bar size, which measures 3.5″x4.875″.  These were also printed in two ink colors: yellow and grey and feature lovely, big magnolia blossoms in yellow with grey text over the top.  The reply card was printed on Holyoke paper, just like the invite, and the reply card envelopes were also from Green Paper Company.

Check out that big, gorgeous, yellow magnolia in the background of this card!  I just love the way these floral drawings turned out!  The text of the reply card is pretty traditional: there’s a line for guest’s to write in their names with a big flourish-y “M” at the front of it.  Just under that are places for guests to indicate whether or not they are attending and then there’s also a section for guests to choose their entrée for the wedding reception.

In the photo below you can see some details of the letterpress impression and of certain design elements on the reply card.  The image on the bottom right of the grouping below shows the envelope for this card, by itself.  For the envelope, I used two lovely magnolia blossoms sweeping in from the top left corner of the envelope to decorate the front and then printed Crystal and Jorge’s return address over the top of them, in the center of the envelope, in grey ink.  I imagine it will be really fun for Crystal and Jorge to start getting these beautiful envelopes back in the mail once they send their invites out!

Thanks so much for working with us on these, Crystal and Jorge!  I absolutely loved designing and printing this suite for you, and I’d love to work with you again!  Congratulations and I’ll talk to you soon!

Anniversary Party Invitations | Margaret & Richard

Last night in Tucson, Arizona, a family that we’ve been working with for over two years now, celebrated a wedding anniversary with friends, family and really good food.  The couple, Margaret and Richard were celebrating 20 years of marriage and their children, Isabel and Ivan threw them a party at one of their favorite restaurants, and invited friends and family to join in the celebration.  If you’ve been reading this blog a long time, you may have seen the invitations that we created for Isabel’s wedding in Madrid, Spain in 2009.  If you didn’t, you really ought to check out her invitations here and here, her wedding menus here and photos of her big day and thank you cards here.  It was a stunning wedding with an equally gorgeous set of stationery.  Like her wedding stationery that we letterpress printed a couple of years prior, Isabel designed the invitations and favor tags for her Mom and Step Dad’s anniversary celebration.  You can see the whole suite in the photo above.  It included an A7 size invitation with coordinating orange envelope, an A6 size reply postcard and a #10 extra information card that was digitally printed.

As I mentioned above, the anniversary party invitation itself was an A7 size invitation printed on super-thick Crane Lettra Pearl White Duplex paper in one ink color: a unique greenish-grey.  For the design, Isabel posterized an image of her mom and step dad laughing and having a good time, and then arranged the text of the invitation around the photo.  Generally, photographic images don’t always work well for letterpress printing, but when an image is posterized like this, reducing it to a very textural, but still somewhat photo-realistic image, in black and white, the results of printing it with the letterpress are great!

The invitation envelopes, which you can see below, are an A7 size orange envelope from Green Paper Company.  These envelopes had Margaret and Richard’s return address printed on the back flap, also in grey ink with a little wine glass drawing overlapping the flap of the envelope on to the front.  Isn’t it cute?!?

The reply postcard is one of my favorite pieces Isabel designed for this suite.  It was also printed on Crane Lettra Duplex paper in one ink color, but was double-sided, like a regular postcard.  This postcard was an A6 size, measuring 4.5″x6.25″, which allowed for a lot of space for guests to write.  The front of the card featured a posterized image, similar to the one on the invitation, but this time of Margaret and Richard’s dog.  Pretty cute…

The backside was laid out like a standard postcard with the couple’s address on the right side and all of the information guests needed to fill out on the left.  I just love a postcard RSVP, and I think that the cute little paw prints that Isabel used next to the responses were just adorable!  You can see a closer view of those in the photo below!

In the photo on the right in the grouping above, you can see the one piece in the suite that was digitally printed (everything else was letterpress).  This piece was a letter to Margaret and Richard’s family and friends, from their children, soliciting photos and video clips of the couple so that their kids could put together a video to show at the anniversary party.  I think that this is such a sweet idea and I imagine that the video they showed last night was wonderful!

Last, but not least, several months after we finished the invitations, Isabel contacted me again about printing a small set of favor tags for the anniversary party.  These tags are a 2″ square size with rounded corners that were printed with the couples photo from the invite, and a fancy, handwriting background.  Isabel planned to give small bottles of olive oil away to each of the guests at the party and these tags were to be tied on to the necks of the bottles.  Aren’t they awesome?!?

Thanks so much again Isabel for working with us on this project!  It’s always a pleasure working with you and your family!  All the best!

Custom Business Cards | Robin Yukiko

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this past weekend, if you celebrated it!

Today I wanted to show off a set of business cards that were printed a while ago for a friend of mine, Robin Yukiko.  During November of 2008, I spent three weeks traveling around Japan and visiting a friend named Joe who had been living there for the past two years teaching English in Tokyo.  Japan was amazing, and I spent my last week there visiting the sites and just generally hanging out in Tokyo with Joe.  One of Joe’s friends, whom he had met there and who was also a fellow English teacher, was Robin.  Robin had been spending time in Japan teaching English, but her real career is as an amazing musician/singer/songwriter.  We (all of Joe’s teacher-friends, my boyfriend and I) went out to Karaoke one night at a little ex-patriot bar in Funabashi, and Robin and I hit it off shortly after she sang what still stands, to this day, as the most amazing karaoke version of Phantom of the Opera that I’ve ever heard.  She now lives in the San Francisco Bay area and shortly after she returned to the U.S. from Japan, contacted me about designing and printing her some business cards.  The cards you see above are what we came up with.

Robin wanted something unique, a little rough around the edges, but still beautiful, sophisticated and professional.  The cards were printed on Pearl White, 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper and the design features a rough, hand-drawn border and a classic, black and white baby grand piano.  I printed her name, tag line and contact information to the right of the piano and we printed one, tiny robin in bright green ink (robin’s favorite color) on top of the piano.  If you’re interested in Robin’s work, you should totally check out her website.  A lot of her music is available via iTunes as well!

I love the way these cards turned out and I had meant to show them off on this blog earlier, but at the time they were printed, I wasn’t much for blogging, and this website wasn’t in existence yet.  I was thinking of Robin and all of the other awesome people I’ve met over the years this past week, and thought that now was just as good of a time as any to show them off.  Thanks so much again Robin!  I’m so glad that I got to meet you in Tokyo, and I look forward to the next time we run into each other again!

Custom Holiday Cards 2010

Since today is the day before Christmas Eve, I thought it would only be appropriate to show off some of the lovely custom holiday cards we designed and printed this season!  Twin Ravens Press offers several lovely, letterpress greeting cards, gift tags and gift cards in our etsy store around the holidays, but we also welcome orders for custom and personalized holiday cards throughout the season.  If you didn’t get a chance to order holiday cards from us this year, but think you may want to in the future, I have one piece of advice for you: please plan ahead.  Creating custom cards takes time and we get a lot of requests starting in October to do them and we can only do so many.  The earlier you plan and order your cards, the more likely you are to be able to get one of our holiday spots and have guaranteed delivery of your cards a few weeks or more before Christmas.  Now that I got that out there, let’s look at a few of the holiday cards we designed and printed for Christmas 2010!

The holiday cards you see above were designed and printed for my mom, Edie, earlier this year.  They are an A6 size and feature a silhouette of the Grand Tetons, the Snake River, cute little green pine trees and Santa and his sleigh flying over the valley.  These were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper in four ink colors and came with coordinating envelopes printed in silver ink.

I always enjoy when wedding clients that we’ve worked with earlier in the year contact us to do holiday cards!  Rachel and Joseph hired us to do their wedding invitations in 2009 and then Rachel had us design the festive, gold holiday cards you see below this November!  These are A2 size flat cards printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper in gold ink.  They came with coordinating kraft brown envelopes that were also printed with gold.  I love the tropical design for Florida!

These next cards, that you see below are also flat, rather than folded, and were printed in a single color: a bright, vibrant, holiday red.  They are an A7 size, printed on Holyoke Antique White paper and feature an area on the left for a family photo to be glued on, and a joyful holiday message on the right.  These cards were designed by a talented designer in California that we’ve worked with on and off for several years now, Liz Grant.  I just love the different fonts that Liz used in this design!  If you like Liz’s design and are interested in hiring her for some design work, you can contact her by e-mail.  She designs wedding invitations too and she’s awesome!

Last, but not least, are some cards we designed for one of our longest standing holiday card customers, Natalie.  This year Natalie wanted to do cards with silhouettes of her, her partner and their four-legged family members, so she sent me photos of everyone and I drew their silhouettes, along with a festive, green tree on an A2 size, folded card.

These cards came with matching green envelopes and we also printed their holiday message inside in green!  Aren’t they awesome?!?

Last year, Natalie customized one of the card designs from our regular collection, our holiday hedgehogs, with her own message and we printed her address in brown ink on coordinating pool blue envelopes to go with them.  Check them out below!

Custom letterpress holiday cards send a beautiful message to friends and family during the holiday season!  If you are interested in placing an order for holiday cards for 2011, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We would love to work with you!  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Weddings | Kelsey & David

I’m finishing up the printing today for a set of letterpress wedding invitations featuring some lovely scripts and hand-drawn magnolias for a couple in Florida for their upcoming wedding this spring, and I was reminded of another lovely set of invitations, that also featured magnolias, that we did this year and I hadn’t shown off yet.  Magnolias seem to be a really popular motif for southern weddings and they are so lovely, I just had to show you some of the styles that we’ve created with them.  The invitations you see above and below were created this past spring for a couple in North Carolina, Kelsey and David, who were married in July.  They featured a large, 6″x8″ invitation with coordinating inner/outer envelopes and a lovely single-color reply card with envelope.

One of my favorite things about this suite are the large invitation envelopes, so lets see those first!

Kelsey and David’s wedding invitations were large – measuring just over 6″x8″, so they needed a really large, lovely, formal set of envelopes to mail them in.  Kelsey chose to have us create both inner and outer envelopes for her suite.  The outer envelope, which you can see in the top left of the photo above was unlined and was printed in two ink colors: a light, spring green and dark grey.  A large, hand-drawn magnolia flower was printed in the center of the envelope flap with Kelsey’s mom’s return address printed in dark grey over the top of it.

Kelsey and David’s inner envelopes (bottom right in the photo above) were unprinted, but featured a beautiful custom envelope liner made from a light green lokta paper with a gold fern pattern on it.  I absolutely love working with Lokta paper and I think this pattern and color really complimented Kelsey and David’s invitations nicely.

For their actual invitation, Kelsey and David wanted a very formal and classic layout and script fonts for the entire design.  To save a little bit of money, we printed both the invite and reply card in a single ink color, but alternated them, so that both pieces would coordinate with the envelopes perfectly.  The invitation was printed in dark grey ink and features a lot of flourish-y script and one lovely flourish at the top of the design for decoration.

The reply card featured the same script typefaces, but was printed in green rather than grey.  I love how in this design, the “Kindly reply” has flourishes that leave the edges of the card.  We also incorporated two lovely flourish motifs, similar to the one at the top of the invitation, into the two bottom corners of the reply card.  Isn’t it pretty?!?

Last, but not least, is the reply card envelope.  Like the outer invitation envelope, these envelopes were also printed in two ink colors: dark grey and green.  The front of the envelope featured Kelsey’s mom’s address in dark grey ink and one green flourish entering from the bottom left corner.  The back flap of this envelope featured a tiny, green magnolia encircled by a flourish-y frame in dark grey.  All three sets of envelopes in this suite were from Arturo Fine Stationery and the reply card and invitation were printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb., 1o0% cotton paper in Pearl White.  If you like these invitations, check back on this blog next week to see the new set of magnolia-themed invites we are in the process of creating for a couple in Florida getting married in 2011.  They are yellow and medium grey and are turning out absolutely beautifully!

Custom Business Cards | Creative Events by Ashley

We’ve been working with the fabulous Ashley Dicksa of Creative Events by Ashley on a variety of projects for a while now, and it occured to me earlier today that we have yet to feature her on our website, and that situation just had to be remedied.  The original printing of Ashley’s business cards were letterpress printed by us last year, and Ashley has continued to work with us on other projects for both her company and her clients this year as well!

Ashley is a wedding and event planner based out of the San Francisco Bay area and started Creative Events by Ashley in 2008 after a decade of working in marketing, design and corporate event planning.  If you are planning an event in the bay area, check out her website or e-mail her.  I’m sure she’d love to work with you!

Ashley’s cards are double-sided and were printed in two ink colors: a light blue and a deep evergreen on Crane Lettra 110 lb. 100% cotton pearl white paper.  One side features her logo and a lovely, modern, full-bleed floral pattern, while the other features a light blue border and all of her contact information in green.  These business cards are fairly tricky to print due to their tight registration, full-bleed and small graphic elements being very close to the edges (like the blue border on the back), but they look just beautiful!

We also recently worked with Ashley on a set of engagement party invitations for a couple in the Bay Area that were featured on this blog last month here.  If you missed those, go check them out!  They’re pretty cute.

I’m really looking forward to working with Ashley and her clients more in the New Year.  As I said, if you’re looking for a planner in the Bay Area, contact Ashley.  Her work is beautiful and I know she’d love to work with you!

Weddings | Lauren & Warren

I have a really terrible habit of often showing off beautiful Save-the-Date cards for weddings shortly after they are printed, and then forgetting to show off the actual invitations for the same couples until a while after the wedding.  My bad.  The suite that I’m going to be writing about in this post was one that we completed towards the end of the summer, for a wedding in November, that I had been meaning to show off then, and didn’t remember to until now.  The couple they were created for though, was absolutely fabulous to work with, and their invitation suite turned out so pretty, that I thought, better-late-than-never, right?

Above you can see all of the pieces from their invitation suite.  The suite was pretty simple, and included an A7 size invitation, 4bar size reply card and corresponding envelopes for both.  The two main pieces were printed in two ink colors: a lovely aubergine purple and metallic copper.  Copper is one of my absolute favorite letterpress colors to print with and I think it looks just stunning with Lauren’s aubergine.

Lauren and Warren’s wedding invitation was printed on super-thick, 100% cotton Crane Lettra pearl white duplex paper.  It featured two lovely fonts in the two colors I mentioned above, and the lovely fall tree motif that we had used previously on their Save-the-Dates.  If you didn’t get to see their Save-the-Dates when I posted about them last April, click on the link one sentence back and check them out.  They were lovely too!  I love how formal, yet whimsical, and classic this invitation turned out.  The letterpress impression was absolutely gorgeous as well.  You can get a better idea of it from some of the detail photos below.
The invitation envelope was printed on matching Crane Lettra paper and we used the same tree motif and fonts from the invitation on the flap for the address.  Both the invitation envelope address and reply card address were printed in copper ink.
Lauren and Warren’s reply card was a 4bar size and was also printed in two ink colors on Crane Lettra Paper (this time the standard 110 lb. weight).  We used some lovely flowing branches to decorate the top right corner of the card and then had the text of the card centered underneath.  This card was paired with a 4bar size, chocolate brown envelope from Waste Not Paper Company that was also printed with copper ink.
About a month before their wedding, Lauren and Warren contacted me again to design and letterpress print a ceremony program that would match their wedding invitations.  This program is a single sheet of paper that folds to an A7 size and is formatted like a small pamphlet.  In the photo below, you can see both the front cover of the program and the backside.  Lauren and Warren’s programs were printed in a single ink color (copper) and this time they chose to go with the Crane Lettra 110 lb. paper in Ecru.  The front cover of the program (left) featured their names, wedding date, wedding location and the small tree motif, much like their invitations.  The back of the program featured a lovely thank you letter that they wrote to their family and friends.
The interior of the program was divided into two sections: one to acknowledge the wedding party, and the other section was a list of all of the ceremony events.  We chose a traditional layout for this, and put all of the wedding party information on the left side of the interior, and the ceremony program information on the right side.  Lauren chose to add an additional script face to the two we had been using all along to distinguish certain headers and other program information from the rest in the design.  You’ll also notice under the wedding party that there is a small hand-drawn image of a chapel.  This is an image that Lauren’s chapel let us use that was drawn for them as a little logo.  I thought it was really cute.
I just love how every piece in this stationery suite turned out, and I’m sure that Lauren & Warren’s November, South Carolina wedding was just beautiful!  Thanks so much again Lauren and Warren and congratulations!