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I recently completed another gorgeous letterpress wedding set for a couple in Philadelphia.  John and Anne-Laure contacted me a few months ago about creating a wedding set for them, similar in style to a classic and elegant design I printed earlier last year for another couple, Kiely & Scott.  

Anne-Laure and John’s suite included the invitation, a reply card with envelope, a separate reception card and a directions card.  Anne-Laure was getting her invitation envelopes done by a calligrapher, which is why you won’t see them in any of my photos.  In the photo at the beginning of this post you can see what all five of the letterpress pieces look like together. 
Here is the invitation by itself: 
We utilized the same typefaces for Anne-Laure and John’s suite as we did for Kiely and Scott’s, but to make the design a little different, we printed all of the pieces in a light grey ink rather than black and instead of going with a classic A7 size invitation, we went with an A6 size, which is a little smaller, just to be unique.  
The directions card had a pretty substantial amount of information to be included, so for this one we decided to stick with just the san-serif typeface that was used in the invitation and not use any of the script face.  This allowed us to put a lot of information on a small card will still maintaining good readability and clarity.  
Below is their reply card and envelope.  Anne-Laure’s invitation envelopes from her calligrapher were from Waste Not Paper in their Gravel Grey color.  We decided to use the same color of envelope for the reply cards, just in a smaller (4bar) size.   Another unique thing about their reply card is that it’s a vertical format, rather than a horizontal one.  
For their small separate reception card, we decided to use the same gravel grey color paper from Waste Not Paper to print on.  This paper comes in several wonderful colors, but isn’t quite as plush as the 100% cotton paper from Crane that we used for the invitation, directions card and reply card.  Because of this, you can’t really see any impression from the letterpress in the same way that you can for the other pieces.  However, the text still looks crisp and beautiful, just the same.  
I really love the simplicity and elegance of both this suite and the suite I printed before for Kiely & Scott.  If your ceremony is elegant and you don’t really have a specific theme that lends itself to graphic or pictorial elements easily, I think that choosing a wedding invitation design with just beautiful typography and colors that you love, with no other graphic-y elements, is a beautiful way to go!
Congratulations Anne-Laure & John!
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