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Last night in Tucson, Arizona, a family that we’ve been working with for over two years now, celebrated a wedding anniversary with friends, family and really good food.  The couple, Margaret and Richard were celebrating 20 years of marriage and their children, Isabel and Ivan threw them a party at one of their favorite restaurants, and invited friends and family to join in the celebration.  If you’ve been reading this blog a long time, you may have seen the invitations that we created for Isabel’s wedding in Madrid, Spain in 2009.  If you didn’t, you really ought to check out her invitations here and here, her wedding menus here and photos of her big day and thank you cards here.  It was a stunning wedding with an equally gorgeous set of stationery.  Like her wedding stationery that we letterpress printed a couple of years prior, Isabel designed the invitations and favor tags for her Mom and Step Dad’s anniversary celebration.  You can see the whole suite in the photo above.  It included an A7 size invitation with coordinating orange envelope, an A6 size reply postcard and a #10 extra information card that was digitally printed.

As I mentioned above, the anniversary party invitation itself was an A7 size invitation printed on super-thick Crane Lettra Pearl White Duplex paper in one ink color: a unique greenish-grey.  For the design, Isabel posterized an image of her mom and step dad laughing and having a good time, and then arranged the text of the invitation around the photo.  Generally, photographic images don’t always work well for letterpress printing, but when an image is posterized like this, reducing it to a very textural, but still somewhat photo-realistic image, in black and white, the results of printing it with the letterpress are great!

The invitation envelopes, which you can see below, are an A7 size orange envelope from Green Paper Company.  These envelopes had Margaret and Richard’s return address printed on the back flap, also in grey ink with a little wine glass drawing overlapping the flap of the envelope on to the front.  Isn’t it cute?!?

The reply postcard is one of my favorite pieces Isabel designed for this suite.  It was also printed on Crane Lettra Duplex paper in one ink color, but was double-sided, like a regular postcard.  This postcard was an A6 size, measuring 4.5″x6.25″, which allowed for a lot of space for guests to write.  The front of the card featured a posterized image, similar to the one on the invitation, but this time of Margaret and Richard’s dog.  Pretty cute…

The backside was laid out like a standard postcard with the couple’s address on the right side and all of the information guests needed to fill out on the left.  I just love a postcard RSVP, and I think that the cute little paw prints that Isabel used next to the responses were just adorable!  You can see a closer view of those in the photo below!

In the photo on the right in the grouping above, you can see the one piece in the suite that was digitally printed (everything else was letterpress).  This piece was a letter to Margaret and Richard’s family and friends, from their children, soliciting photos and video clips of the couple so that their kids could put together a video to show at the anniversary party.  I think that this is such a sweet idea and I imagine that the video they showed last night was wonderful!

Last, but not least, several months after we finished the invitations, Isabel contacted me again about printing a small set of favor tags for the anniversary party.  These tags are a 2″ square size with rounded corners that were printed with the couples photo from the invite, and a fancy, handwriting background.  Isabel planned to give small bottles of olive oil away to each of the guests at the party and these tags were to be tied on to the necks of the bottles.  Aren’t they awesome?!?

Thanks so much again Isabel for working with us on this project!  It’s always a pleasure working with you and your family!  All the best!

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