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I wanted to show off a really neat set of pieces I finished last week for a couple just north of us, in Portland, Oregon.  This is one of only a few pieces that I’ve printed in only metallic inks, but if done right, I think they effect can be absolutely stunning!  In order to save some money, the bride and groom, Audrey and Eric, decided to have many of the pieces in their stationery suite flat printed, but hired Twin Ravens Press to print their actual invitation and invitation envelopes letterpress.  Both pieces turned out absolutely beautiful (as you can see from the photo at the top of this post)!

Audrey’s fiancee, Eric, drew the lovely border artwork for their invitation.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I must admit, I was a little worried that it might not print evenly since the border was so large (covered a large portion of the sheet), but it turned out great!  Audrey had me help her layout the actual text portion of the invite within the gorgeous border, and I think it turned out really pretty too.  The invitation was printed in metallic gold ink on Crane Lettra 100% cotton pearl white paper.  Here is a close-up photo so you can see the details in the border and the impression of the typography a little bit better:
For the envelopes, Audrey chose a light pink color called “Luxe Blush” from Waste Not Paper Company.  I letterpress printed her return address in the same fonts as we used for the invitation on the back flap.  For a little extra special touch, we also printed a round chinese double-happiness character on the point of the flap.  The small round character almost looks like a gold seal – the texture and sparkly-ness of it is fabulous!  You can see the envelope in the photo at the beginning of the post, and here is a close-up of the letterpress printed parts, so you can get a better look: 
Audrey was an absolute joy to work with and I would be more than happy to work with her again.  She also had some lovely things to say about working with us on her wedding blog, which you can read here and here, if you wish.  
Thanks so much Audrey & congratulations to both you and Eric! 
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