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It’s always a huge compliment when another design, stationery, or other paper-related professional hires you to letterpress print work for them personally.  Twin Ravens Press began working with very talented calligrapher, Katie Hoffman, of Katie Hoffman Ink, in Corvallis, Oregon, not all that long ago, and we were thrilled when she hired us to letterpress print her first-born daughter’s baby announcements this past fall!



Adelaide’s announcements are simple, beautiful, and classic.  Katie did all of the calligraphy and design herself, including creating the custom monogram at the top.  They were printed in a very light, warm grey ink on light pink Arturo cotton paper.  Arturo paper is mould-made to size (rather than produced in a large parent sheet and then cut to size), so each announcements had authentic deckled edges all the way around!

IMG_6860 IMG_6858

So pretty!!  Thanks so much Katie for working with us to announce and welcome your little girl into the world!!

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