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Shortly after my accident, and with a lot of help from some wonderful friends and volunteers, I completed this lovely set of wedding invitations for a bride and groom in Oakland, California. The bride’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, Mikayle Anderson, lives here in Eugene, and is a fabulous graphic designer! She designed Beckie and Seth’s wedding invitation suite and hired Twin Ravens Press to print it! Check it out!

At the top of this post you can see all four pieces in the suite together. There was a 6.75″ square wedding invitation, a 5″ square reply card and corresponding envelopes to go with both. All of the pieces were letterpress printed in a lovely shade of light blue on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper. We paired the invitation and reply card with matching Crane Lettra square flap envelopes for a gorgeous, totally coordinated suite.
Here is the invitation by itself. I love the large, square size and the gorgeous floral image that Mikayle created to frame the typography. It’s such a pretty use of space, and the impression from both the type and image turned out beautifully!
As I mentioned above, this invitation was paired with a matching, 7″ square, 100% cotton envelope from Crane. We letterpress printed the couple’s return address in the same light blue ink on the flap.
For the reply card, Mikayle created a coordinating floral design and utilized the same typefaces as the invitation to create a card that is both whimsical and totally coordinated with the rest of the suite. This card is also a square shape, and is a bit smaller than the invitation. It also came with a matching Crane & Co. envelope that was letterpress printed with the couple’s address on the front.
Aren’t these just lovely?!? Working with Mikayle was an absolute joy and I look forward to working with her on other potential letterpress projects in the future. She’s a fabulous designer, so if you like the style of these invitations, and would potentially like to work with Mikayle on designing something for you, please contact Twin Ravens Press and I can put you in touch with her.
Thanks so much and congratulations Beckie, Seth and Mikayle!
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