Hee hee…

I don’t know why, but I saw this this morning and I must admit that it made me giggle, just a little bit… Image via ffffound

100 on Etsy

This month sure seems to be the month of Twin Ravens Press milestones on Etsy.  I was out in the shop printing just now and came in to my office for a second to see if I had any e-mail, and low and behold, found out that today I made my 100th card sale in […]

50 People, One Question

An old friend from college sent me a link to this video, this evening. What a beautiful thought… Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Crush + Lovely on Vimeo. In a few words: do what you love, love what you do and be happy where you are, right now. More letterpress tomorrow. Enjoy!

Weddings | Anne-Laure & John

I recently completed another gorgeous letterpress wedding set for a couple in Philadelphia.  John and Anne-Laure contacted me a few months ago about creating a wedding set for them, similar in style to a classic and elegant design I printed earlier last year for another couple, Kiely & Scott.   Anne-Laure and John’s suite included […]

Two Hundred and Fifty

I decided to randomly log on to Etsy this evening just to see what, if anything, was going on in my etsy shop and was pleasantly surprised to see that 250 people have now marked Twin Ravens Press as a favorite. Here is the screenshot to prove it: This is a pretty substantial jump, in […]

Weddings | Danielle & Matt

I must begin this post by saying that the set of stationary that I’m about to write about, is quite possibly the second most complicated set of stationary I’ve ever committed to designing and working on.  For those who are curious, I actually haven’t written about THE most complicated job I’ve had to date on […]

Customize it!

One of the coolest things about letterpress printing, in my opinion, is that each sheet of paper that’s printed, is fed into the press by hand, one color at a time. Each color that’s printed is either a separate metal cut (image), a separate block of metal type, or a separate photopolymer plate. What this […]

Save the Date | Dana & Robert are getting married!

I’ve been really busy printing lately and I wanted to share with you a very cool set of Save the Date cards that were completed for a lovely couple in New Jersey last week.  This is perhaps one of the most unique sets of Save-the-Date cards that I’ve printed lately.  The design for them was […]

Shop Twin Ravens Press in Portland, Oregon!

I have great news today for all of my Portland, Oregon readers, shoppers and aficionados!  If you live in Portland, Oregon you can now buy Twin Ravens Press products locally in a few different retail shops in your area.  The first store in Portland to ever carry Twin Ravens Press products was Broadway Books.  Broadway […]

Featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper!

Today we were delightfully surprised to find one of our Valentine’s Day cards being featured on the blog Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Check out the delightful author, Nole’s, blog post here.  The one at the top of this post is the one being featured on her site.  We have a couple of other V-day designs […]