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I really love it when friends and family design business cards for the people they love!  It’s such a fun, personal, and highly useful gift.

The cards you see above were a Christmas present this year from a boyfriend (Geordie) to his girlfriend, personal chef, Katy Malone.  Geordie created the hand drawn vegetables and fruits for the decoration on these cards, and then worked with me to select fonts, ink colors, and a paper that she would like.  The above cards were printed in a deep chocolate brown ink on handmade paper from Porridge Papers‘ Blue Collar line.  The paper we selected is called “Brewhaus”, which is a handmade, super-soft, recycled paper with spent grain inclusions of wheat and barley from a brewery in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I just love how eco-friendly and totally thematically appropriate they are for a chef working in the Pacific Northwest!

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