Custom Business Cards | Lisa daCosta

I’m going to be pretty busy this afternoon finishing up a new custom wedding invitation job for a lovely couple in Flagstaff, Arizona, but I thought in the meantime that I would share with you one of my latest custom business card designs.  Right after I posted about a custom set of letterpress printed business cards here for a company called Kerplunc, I got quite a few inquiries from other individuals and companies about creating custom business cards for them.  This is the first card design that resulted from one of those inquiries.  

Lisa contacted me about creating a new business card design for her to use that was both general and beautiful and not-too-specific work-wise.  This is because she is a “girl-at-large” who is involved in many thing from business and political consulting to non-profit fundraising, and she needed a card that was beautiful and unique, while still being able to cover all the bases.  
At the top of this post is a photo of one of her finished cards.  It is letterpress printed in two colors: chocolate brown and emerald green on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Ecru.  This is the same paper stock I use for my Twin Ravens Press business cards and I just love the way it looks: classy and unique without being too over-the-top.  Lisa chose a nice floral design for the card and chose a cursive, somewhat pretty and feminine looking typeface that is still very ledgible.  She kept the information on the card simple by only using her name, e-mail address and phone number.  I think this sets of cards turned out absolutely lovely and will work very well for all of Lisa’s business pursuits!  
If you are interested in having custom letterpress printed business cards designed for you or your company, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!
Thanks again, Lisa! 

Custom Business Cards | Kerplunc

I recently completed a brand new set of business cards for a small Calgary, Alberta Canada-based company that does web design, development and hosting called Kerplunc.  If you’re interested in checking out some of the stuff that Matt Hall and his business partner, Nick, are up to at Kerplunc, they operate two blogs: Resource Pile and Exploding Wumpus.  If you are in need of web hosting, check out their hosting sites SuperBytes and Fanatical Host.  I had mentioned in a previous post that a new site for is in the mix, and I may have to contact Matt about helping me out with it as soon as I figure out exactly what I want.
Matt discovered Twin Ravens Press through our Etsy shop, where he purchased one of our Robot Heart cards for his girlfriend (Awww…).  Shortly after, he placed an order for these custom cards:
I really like the design of the cards – they are really simple and clean and incorporate the red K Logo on one side that Matt already had for his company, and simple, black informational text on the back.  I love how much space Matt chose to leave on the cards – that way if he or the client or potential client need to write something down, they already have space to do it.  These cards were printed on Crane Lettra’s 100% cotton letterpress paper in Bright White.  The softness of this paper left a really great tactile impression for the letterpress work – particularly that raised, white, unprinted K from the logo (check out the close-up photo of it at the top).  Thanks so much, Matt!
If you’re looking into the possibility of ordering new business cards for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]  We would love to work with you!

Weddings | Nataliya & Christopher and Calling Cards Fit for a Gentleman

Here is the most recent custom job from the press!  I think these stylish calling cards for Sebastian St. John: Gentleman of Leisure are downright awesome.  I mean what gentleman doesn’t aspire to a title like that?  These cards were designed by the client as a gift for her fiancee’s best man for their wedding.  They were printed on Crane’s Pearl White calling card stock with silver edging in silver ink.  It’s hard to see from the photos, but the ink nearly matches the edging on the cards and is really nice and sparkly.  

I also had the pleasure of printing the wedding invitations for this same client right before I got this blog up and rolling.  Nataliya, the bride, is a photographer and part-time graphic designer in New York, who designed her invitations herself and then hired me to print them.  You can check out some of her photography work here.  The suite included a square two-color invitation, two-color RSVP card, white invitation envelopes with turquoise ink for the return address and turquoise response card envelopes with black ink for the address.  Check out the photos of the suite below:  
Here is the whole suite all together.  It included a 5 inch square invite, a reply card and two sets of envelopes.  
Here is the RSVP Card by itself.  

And the Invitation by itself.

And, here is a detail of the invitation so you can get a closer look at the design.  Beautiful, don’t you think?  Stay tuned because there will be more photos of new custom work later this week.

Espresso Colored Calling Cards

I finished up a unique little calling card job on Thursday right before I went out of town to Portland.  The client already had the design, so this was a quick, just-print-it, sort of job.  What made it unique though was that I got to try out a new paper stock.  These calling cards are printed on Crane’s Palette Espresso Brown Cover Stock.  This paper is 100% cotton like a lot of the other papers I use, 134 lb. and very, very stiff… but it’s brown, which is cool.  I was trying to match a very light, creamy, off-white for the ink.  The off-white ink almost looks slightly silver on the brown paper, but I really like how the color turned out.  I really like them because they’re so different.  Let me know what you think!

Custom Business Cards | Finch Metal

Generally speaking, the majority of the custom work that I do currently is for wedding invitations and other social stationary.  One of my favorite other types of custom work to do though is business stationary.  I often think that with all of the “get way more business cards than you would ever need for $19.95” offers out there on the internet, that most people don’t really consider letterpress or custom printing when it comes to ordering paper products for their businesses.  On the one hand, I find this a little disappointing that so many people are willing to sacrifice true quality and uniqueness for super-savings, but on the other hand it makes it really exciting when you do find a business (or a business finds you) that wants to do something really special, unique and high-quality for their paper products.  

Jill Antonishak of Finch Metal Jewelry Studio in Washington D.C. recently contacted me about creating some unique, high-quality paper products for her business.  Jill creates a line of awesome, whimsical and unique sterling silver jewelry.  Those who know me know that I don’t ever really wear a lot of jewelry, but despite that I really like Jill’s work and may have to order a piece or two for myself.  Check out this awesome kite necklace:
She also has some other really playful and whimsical designs including a jack, pinwheels and a paper airplane!
Besides making really beautiful jewelry, I also like Jill’s work because she tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible, which I feel is something we have in common.  Twin Ravens Press generally buys only 100% cotton rag (tree free!) paper or paper that has been recycled and contains at least 30% post-consumer content.  I also recycle all of my misprints and off-cuts by donating them to paper-making students at the University of Oregon (my Alma mater).  I am also proud to be taking advantage of  the new Boxcar Press Photopolymer Plate Recycling Program (BPPPPRP, for short).  When I’m not printing from antique lead type I buy all of my photopolymer from Boxcar.  They are an awesome company to work with and are really proud of their sustainable practices.  I mean they plant a tree for every order anyone makes over $100… how cool is that?!?  I’m proud to do business with them and I like to attempt to do my part sustainability-wise, because honestly, printing isn’t historically the most environmentally friendly industry ever.  
Anyway, back to Jill: she uses recycled and reclaimed silver in the creation of her work, and she also strives to minimize the environmental impact of her business and promote sustainability by using recyclable recycled packaging and other materials as much as possible.   She also donates part of her proceeds to various charities that help to alleviate poverty and focus on getting resources and services to those in need.   Way to go, Jill!
When I started working on her business products, she already had her business logo from another designer, so creating designs for Jill was all about incorporating her existing logo design into a beautiful and functional business card that could be printed on the letterpress.  This is what we came up with:

Aren’t they pretty?  Her logo’s colors were a lighter chestnut brown and a light sky blue.  She also wanted some folding cards  to send out to customers, clients and galleries using a variation of her logo that she also uses as her avatar on her website. Both the business cards and folding cards were printed on Crane Lettra’s 100% cotton Pearl Lettra letterpress paper and the folding cards come with some pretty 30% post-consumer recycled sky blue envelopes. Check them out:
Thanks so much Jill for your business and for making such awesome work!  All the best!