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Check out these awesome new business cards we finished earlier this week for UK-based web developer, Nick Barrett of Fanatical Dev.  We’ve actually had the pleasure of working with Nick in the past, when he previously worked for Kerplunc.  You can see the cards we created for Nick and his partner Matt back then here.  I was super-excited when Nick contacted us again recently though to create cards for his new web development company.

Nick’s cards are slightly different sizing-wise than a standard 3.5″x2″ business card.  They are somewhat narrower at 3.5″x1.5″.  We printed Nick’s logo on one side of the card in two ink colors: a bright violet purple and black.  I love how the word “Fanatical”, printed in black, sinks in to the card from the letterpress impression, while the “Dev” is actually raised up on the surface of the card, due to the purple part of the logo being letterpressed in around it.  It’s a pretty neat effect!  The other thing I love about Nick’s cards is the backside.  The back is super-simple: all it has is Nick’s e-mail address, letterpress printed in the same purple ink that we used for the front.  When you’re a web developer, and your clients are going to be contacting you by e-mail, really how much more do you need than that?

Thanks so much Nick for hiring me to print the business cards for your new venture!  You rock!

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