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The pretty square business cards you see above and below, for Kat & Justin Speyer of Persimmon Images, a wedding, boudoir and portrait photography studio in Seattle, Washington, were in-the-making for quite some time before we completed them at the beginning of December.  Kat and I have been friends for a while, and her and Justin’s wedding invitations (which you can see a few photos of in that rotating masthead directly above this post) were one of the first commercial wedding jobs I completed after starting Twin Ravens Press.  Because of our longstanding friendship and history working together, I was super-excited when Kat decided to quit her soul-crushing office job and start her own photography business.  She poured through a lot of inspirational images when branding her company, coming up with her logo, and designing her business cards, and then I set out to turn them in to a reality.  At the time that Kat designed these cards, Twin Ravens Press wasn’t offering edge-painting and it was at Kat’s encouragement that I set out to learn the technique.  We went through a couple of failed attempts at her cards, while I was learning to edge-paint, before getting the results you see above.  I think these cards turned out so awesome and were well-worth the long wait and multiple failed attempts.  Plus, Kat’s encouragement about the edge-painting has not only allowed us to perfect the technique for use with her design, but if you look back through our archives you will see several other beautifully letterpress printed and edge-painted business cards and wedding invitations that we’ve created this past year!

The cards you see above are printed in one ink color: a lovely persimmon orange.  They are double-sided and feature a blind-embossed logo on one side, contact information in orange on the other, rounded corners, and light blue edge-painting.  They were printed on ultra-thick Crane Lettra Duplex Paper in bright white s.  I love the combination Kat chose of the orange with blind-embossing, and I think the blue edges really complete the card and make them stand out in a crowd!

If you haven’t done so already, click on the link above and check out Persimmon Images’ website! Kat has a great eye for photography and lots of talent and she’s photographed a wide variety of people, places and events.  She studied magazine journalism in college and discovered much of her love for wedding photography when she was a writer for WeddingBee a couple of years ago (She is Mrs. Cherry Pie!).  As I mentioned above, she and Justin are based out of Seattle, but they’ve been known to travel far and wide if there’s an exciting occasion or event that calls for it.

And, just because I know you all love pretty pictures, more of my favorite shots of their letterpress business cards are below!

Thanks so much for working with me on your new cards, Kat!  Keep up the awesome work!

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