Custom Calling Cards | Brittany Horn

Hot off the press this week!  Check out these cool orange and green calling cards we created of soon-to-be journalist, Brittany Horn!  Brittany is the sister of Ally whose business cards we designed and printed about a year ago.  You can see Ally’s calling cards here.  Brittany liked her sister’s cards so much that she hired me to design and print her her very own calling cards.  For Brittany’s cards we used a combination of bright orange and green  inks on Crane Lettra 100% cotton pearl white paper.  I love how the flourish design framing her name leaves both the top and left side of the card.  Both the colors and design of these are a lot of fun.  Check them out!  They’re too cool! 

Thanks so much for working with us on these Brittany!  You rock!

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