Custom Laser-Engraved Guitar Stool!

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Today I wanted to show off a recent project that’s quite a bit different than most of the work I do!  You’ve seen some of the laser-cut paper projects and invitations we’ve done before on this blog, but did you know, that we can also cut and engrave wood with our laser cutter?!?  It’s pretty cool…  I recently worked on a collaborative project with Eugene artist and woodworker, Tim Boyden, of Out on a Limb Gallery, on this special commissioned guitar stool for one of his clients.  Tim creates all kinds of unique and eclectic furniture from wood and found objects.  Some of the objects Tim incorporates into his furniture include bowling balls, old shoes, coins, river rocks, lamp shades, and musical instruments.  You can see more of his work on his blog, or in person at Out on a Limb Gallery in Eugene.

This particular project was a commission from one of Tim’s clients.  It’s a guitar stool made from a variety of woods.  It has a bowling ball in between its legs for decoration and weight, and features a green electric guitar on the back.  I used our laser cutter to engrave some custom text in the top of the seat of the stool prior to the stool’s final assembly.  You can see the engraving work in the second photo below.

(All photos courtesy of Tim Boyden)

Isn’t laser-engraved wood super-pretty?!?  I can engrave in just about any type of wood, so long as the surface is flat and can engrave just about any font, text or imagery you might want.  Think of the possibilities!

I love working with Tim and the other artists at Out on a Limb and am looking forward to our next collaborative project!  Happy Weekend!

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