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One of the coolest things about letterpress printing, in my opinion, is that each sheet of paper that’s printed, is fed into the press by hand, one color at a time. Each color that’s printed is either a separate metal cut (image), a separate block of metal type, or a separate photopolymer plate. What this should mean to you, my wonderful readers, is that each part or color of everything we print can be 100% customizable to your liking, without a whole lot of extra work…

For example, remember those cool scroll pattern thank you cards?  I’ve made them in several different colors for the etsy shop including red, yellow and blue.  Well, a shopper in Boston, Massachusetts contacted me a while back wanting to know if she could order several of the blue ones to use as thank you cards for her wedding.  I told her absolutely and that she could even get a bulk discount on them, and that we could print her return address on the flap of the envelope at no extra charge.  How cool is that?  Check them out below:

Another way to customize one of our designs is to ask for it in another color.  Here are the same thank you cards that I customized for the aforementioned Boston bride, printed in green for a customer in Florida.  This customer wanted white envelopes instead of colored ones which also wasn’t a problem at all.  The photos of these were taken right after I finished printing them, which is why they are sitting on the press.  If you were ever curious what a printing press from 1912 looks like, here you go: 

Want another example of how we can customize just for you?  Okay.  Lets say you’ve seen something on our website that you really like, but want to use it in an entirely different format for an entirely different purpose.  We can probably do that too…  Below are some photos of some awesome paper goods I made last spring for a commitment ceremony in New York.  I used that same scroll pattern from the last two examples, but printed it on a light grey 100% cotton paper in a slate grey ink so that it looked kind of like decorative iron metal work.  I then created a T-length program, thank you cards with envelopes, table numbers and a set of menus using the same motif.  You can see pictures of those below: 

We can also customize many of our other designs, other than the scroll pattern one.  For example, remember those pretty wildflower thank you cards that I printed in yellow and orange or pink and magenta last spring?  My mom really liked them, but wanted them to have her name on them instead of “Thank You” and she wanted them in a different color.  This is what hers looked like: 
Pretty, don’t you think?  (By the way, those blue floral ones at the top of this post were custom made just for her too).  
So, if you happen to see a Twin Ravens Press design on this blog that you like, but maybe you want there to be something different about it, let me know.  Maybe you want it in a different color or a different size.  Maybe you want different colored envelopes or you want the envelopes to have your return address on them.  Maybe you see a design that we’ve done but want to use it for a different type of card, event or purpose all together.  Let me know!  I love customization and I would love to hear your ideas and then see what we can do to make one of our designs uniquely you!  
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