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Back in early June I created a really fun and elegant little set of Save-the-Date cards for a Seattle couple who are getting married in Florida this upcoming January. If you missed out on seeing that post back in August, click on the link above and go check them out!

When I began working with Elyssa on designs for her invitations, she wanted to keep with the same colors we had used on the save-the-dates, but adapt the design to be a little more unique and different. Her suite included a set of A7 size invitations and 4bar size reply cards with corresponding envelopes. Check out the whole suite together at the top of this post!

Elyssa’s invitation and reply card were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White Paper. We utilized the same decorative scroll pattern in the design for her invitation as we used in her Save-the-Dates, but rather than having it adorn one side of the invite, used it just on a couple of the corners for a fresh, new look. The Save-the-Dates were printed in a single ink color (violet), but to dress up the invitation a little more, we added a second ink color: metallic silver. I love these colors together and think they are a beautiful choice for a winter wedding! Like the Save-the-Date cards, we paired Elyssa’s invitation with a purple envelope that had their return address printed on the flap in silver ink. Check out this close-up of the invitation to see the pretty fonts:
Elyssa’s reply card is a 4bar size card printed in violet ink. It features the scroll pattern running down the left side of the card and a couple of lovely scallop shells next to the accepts/regrets options. I love how we were able to include a tiny touch of ocean/beach theme in this suite for Elyssa’s Florida wedding, without making the suite look all-out-tropical. Another thing I love about this card is that the “Please respond by December 8th” line is in French. What a fun little, classy detail, don’t you think?!?
To add just one more splash of a different color to the suite, we chose to pair Elyssa and Justin’s reply card with a metallic gold envelope, printed with violet ink from Waste Not Paper Company. Check it out:
I love how by adding a different colored envelope to the suite, we are able to add an additional color without adding to the total price by adding extra inks. If you’re thinking you want to add an additional splash of color to your invitations, without adding to the price of the letterpress printing, using colored envelopes, colored invitation matting, colorful ribbons or other small colorful details, can make a large impact on your design without putting a large dent in your budget.
I’m currently working on a really fun (and decidedly unique) set of Thank You cards for Elyssa’s wedding, which I will share with you here when they’re done. Check back often if you’d like to see those!
Thanks so much Elyssa and Justin and congratulations!
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