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Last week I finished a gorgeous set of wedding stationery for a New York City couple who are getting married in sunny Boca Raton, Florida this upcoming January. Jaimi and Scott wanted a unique, yet traditionally elegant design for their stationery suite and this is what we came up with! Jaimi and Scott’s suite included an A7 size invitation, an A2 size accommodations card, a 4bar size reply card with corresponding envelope and a custom lined A7 invitation envelope! All pieces were printed in a deep eggplant purple ink on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper.
Here is Jaimi and Scott’s invitation by itself:
To keep with the style of a very beautiful and traditional invitation suite, Jaimi chose to hire a calligrapher to calligraph each of the lines of her invitation for us to letterpress print. I work with a handful of very talented calligraphers and am happy to recommend them to any of my clients who are seeking to do something like this for their invitations, or for clients who simply want calligraphy for their envelopes. The calligrapher who did Jaimi and Scott’s lettering though, is the very talented Fran Heider of Little Flower Calligraphy. Fran and I have worked together now on a handful of different projects for a few different clients and we enjoy working together so much, and her calligraphy is so stunning, that if you’re looking for calligraphy I would highly recommend getting in touch with her! She is fabulous! In order to turn Fran’s calligraphy into letterpress printing for Jaimi and Scott’s invitations, Fran wrote out each line for each piece individually and then we scanned the images of the calligraphy in to the computer, resized and layed them out in our design program and then created printing plates from the subsequent images. To add just a little more elegance and whimsy to the design, we also came up with some beautiful scrolling flourishes for the top of each piece! Isn’t it just gorgeous?!? Here is a close-up of the calligraphy so you can get a better look:
For the invitation envelope, we printed Jaimi and Scott’s return address in a very simple and classic roman font on the back flap and then custom lined each envelope with a deep, eggplant purple Shizen paper with an Indian-tile-inspired pattern.
I love that Jaimi chose this paper for her envelope liners! It really just compliments her whole suite so well!
Here is Jaimi and Scott’s accommodations card. Since this card has a fair bit of information on it, we chose to do just the word “Accommodations” in calligraphy and use our roman font for everything else. This card is an A2 size card, which measures 4.25″x5.5″. We included a smaller version of the scrollwork from the invitation on the top of this piece.
Their reply card and envelope kept with the original invitation design: scrollwork and all calligraphy, printed in eggplant purple ink.
I love how elegant and fancy using hand-calligraphy for each piece made the suite look! I also absolutely love that we used the calligraphy for Jaimi & Scott’s names on their reply envelope and the roman font for the address. Sometimes using a combination of fonts like this, for something as simple as an address, can really dress up an envelope more than just using one font does.
Jaimi and Scott were fabulous clients to work with and I love that their job allowed me to collaborate with one of my favorite calligraphers as well! The suite turned out absolutely gorgeous, and I know that their wedding this coming January will be gorgeous as well!
Congratulations Jaimi & Scott! Thanks again!
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