Laura & Scott are Getting Married!

This is one of the prettiest, most-unique, one-color, wedding sets I’ve completed in the past few weeks and there are several more to come!  A lovely Canadian bride, Laura, contacted me back in January about some Twin Ravens Press designs she had seen on Wedding Bee and a design that she really liked that she had seen on this blog.  The design she really really liked was a design we had printed for another couple, Lindsay and Jordan, back in November of last year.  You can read about that design here.  

For Laura & Scott’s stationery we wanted to stick with the same general idea layout-wise as Lindsay & Jordan’s stationery, but we changed up the color scheme and added in some additional elements.  Laura & Scott’s suite included four pieces: the main invite, the invitation envelope, the reply card envelope and a really cool perforated reply/accommodations card combination.  You can see an image of the full suite at the top of this post.  
Here are Laura & Scott’s invitation and perforated combination card together: 
Both cards are an A7 size and both were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper in navy blue ink.  Both the accommodations section of the combination card and the main wedding invitation were blind embossed with a pattern of diagonal lines.  Blind embossing is one of the best, low-cost, ways to create some extra depth and interest to any letterpress printed design, particularly ones that are printed in a single ink color.  Here is a close up of the embossed pattern we did on the bottom left-hand corner of Laura’s wedding invitation:
Here is a close-up photo of Laura and Scott’s wedding invitation by itself:

I love the way that the blind embossing acts as a frame around all of the centered information on this invite and I absolutely love the beautifully organic border separating the blind embossed space from the invitation wording.  It’s beautiful and classic while still being modern and unique looking! 
 I must say though, that my favorite part of this suite is the combination reply and accommodations card.  It was Laura’s idea to combine the two small card designs into one larger one and perforate the card in the center so that her guests could tear off the reply card to mail back while retaining the information about accommodations.  You can see the full card in a couple of images I’ve already posted above.  The top half of the card I tried to design to be very similar looking to the invitation, except that the frame is horizontal instead of vertical.  We used the same fonts in both designs and we continued the blind embossed pattern around the sides of the frame.  
The bottom half of their perforated card was the reply card portion.  The reply card had no blind embossing, however we continued with the navy blue ink and fonts from the other two pieces to keep all of the elements in the suite consistent.  Laura had a couple of different questions to ask her guests other than whether or not they would attend, including what dinner entree they would like to have at the wedding and what songs would get them out on the dance floor!  Here is an image of the reply card portion: 
For the meal options, we used small icons of a chicken, cow and carrots (to represent vegetables), rather than writing out the meal options with regular wording.  I love using icons to represent different options and think it is a cute and super-fun thing to do on a reply card for a wedding!  
The last (but certainly not least!) element I would like to share from Laura & Scott’s suite is their envelopes.  Laura and Scott ordered two sets of envelopes (one set of A7 size envelopes for mailing out their invitations, and one set of 4bar reply card envelopes for the reply cards).  Both sets of envelopes are a very deep navy blue color from Waste Not Paper Company.   Both sets have European pointed flaps and have the couple’s address printed on either the front (for the reply envelope) or back flap (for the invitation envelope) in a bright metallic silver ink.  Check those out below: 
I love the way metallic inks look on dark papers, and I think this was a gorgeous way to round-out Laura & Scott’s suite!  Laura was a wonderful client to work with and I know she and Scott are going to have a beautiful wedding celebration later this summer!  
Congratulations Laura & Scott and thanks again!
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