New Summery Dahlia Cards are up on Etsy!

I originally printed this design for my very first Bat Mitzvah invitation, which happened to be for a girl named Dahlia, but I loved the big letterpress printed Dahlia flower so much that I thought it would make a lovely greeting card.  I just uploaded these light blue beauties to my etsy shop.  They come in packages of 6 or as singles.  I also printed them in a few other colors, including magenta, light pink and spring green.  Those other colors are not up on etsy yet, but they will be later this week.  I think that they will make great little notes for almost any occasion, and they’re blank on the inside so you can write whatever you want.  

Check out the awesome detail on the fine lines that separate and give detail to the petals. The large plate made such a nice impression, that the white lines are somewhat raised and have a really nice texture to touch.  That’s one of my favorite things about the letterpress process: not only do you get to print really nice, clean images and designs on beautiful paper, but the text and designs that you print have texture that you can feel as well as see.  It’s pretty cool…  Let me know what you think of the new cards!
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