Save the Date | Amanda & Matthew are Getting Married!

Just before the New Year, I finished this lovely set of Save-the-Date cards for a couple in Massachusetts who are getting married in Windham, New Hampshire this coming August.  Amanda and Matthew wanted their Save-the-Date to have a formal elegance to it that would reflect their wedding venue.  Amanda had also seen the design and format of a few other Save-the-Dates on this website before she hired me that are similar to the design we created for her, and wanted us to model her’s after those.  Some of the Save-the-Dates that we’ve created in a similar style were for couples Kara & Steve, Jasmine & Kristin, and Cailin & Chris.  (Click on their names to see their respective versions).  I love how changing the motifs, fonts, and colors on this design really changes the “look” of the design, even though the formatting and layout is basically the same on all of the versions that we’ve done.

For Amanda and Matthew’s version, we used one ink color: black, on double-thick Crane Lettra Duplex Pearl White Paper.  The backside of the Save-the-Date, which you can see on the left in the photo above was blind embossed all over with phrases about Amanda & Matthew’s upcoming wedding.  We then printed the words “Save the Date” in an elegant script font centered on the bottom of the back.  On the front side, which you can see in the middle above, we printed all of their relevant Save-the-Date information in black in a mix of script and roman fonts.  We also decorated two of the corners with a beautiful flourish-y pattern.  The envelopes that accompanied these Save-the-Dates was a shiny, metallic white envelope from Green Paper Company.  Amanda and Matthew’s return address was printed with black ink on the flap below three little hearts.  They were pretty cute.

As a finishing touch, Amanda also had us edge-paint her save-the-dates after they were printed using one of their wedding colors: a deep, raspberry red.  I really love how “finished” edge-painting makes a set of cards look, plus, it’s a great way to add an extra color to your paper goods without having extra colors incorporated into your printed design.

We’re already working together on a coordinating design for Amanda and Matthew’s main invitations, and I’m really excited to see how they turn out!  Thanks so much for working with me Amanda and Matthew!  I’ll talk to you soon!

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