Save the Date | Jasmine & Kristin are Getting Married!

A couple of weeks ago I finished a lovely set of Save-the-Date cards for a wonderful couple getting married in Tennessee next May!  When Jasmine contacted me about creating her and her fiancee’s Save-the-Date cards and wedding invitations several months ago, they had seen another Save-the-Date that we had done earlier this year on our site that they liked so much, that they wanted to do something similar for their own.  Jasmine & Kristin’s Save-the-Date is the same style and size as the aforementioned Save-the-Date, but we customized it with their own colors, paper and envelope choices, and Jasmine’s own handwriting for the design.  This Save-the-Date is a long & skinny monarch size (measuring 7.25″x3.75″) and was printed on 100% cotton, super-thick, Crane Lettra 220 lb. Duplex Pearl White paper.  These were printed in one ink color: a light, pretty, celadon green and they came with coordinating light pink envelopes from Green Paper Company.

Here is the Save-the-Date card by itself.  Jasmine and Kristin’s cards are double-sided.  For one side of the design, we blind embossed all sorts of wedding-related phrases including their names, the date and where they are getting married into the background, all over the card, to create some awesome texture.  Then, I had Jasmine write out the words “Save the Date” in her handwriting and we letterpress printed her words in celadon green ink towards the bottom of the back of the card.  The opposite side of the card featured all of their Save-the-Date information, including their names and wedding date (also in Jasmine’s handwriting), the location and the address of their wedding website.  We chose a lovely, modern san-serif typeface for the parts of the Save-the-Date that weren’t in Jasmine’s handwriting to create some contrast within the design.  This is also the same font that we used for the blind embossing on the back.

Aren’t these pretty?!?  I love how Jasmine’s handwriting created such an awesome letterpress impression in the thick cotton paper.  It feels just amazing!

In the photos below you can see the backside with the blind embossing a little bit closer up.  In the image in the top left, you can also see a close-up of the envelope flaps.  I love the light pink color Jasmine & Kristin chose to pair with these cards!  I printed their return address on the envelope flap using the same celadon green ink we had used for the actual card and we used Jasmine’s handwritten names in the address to coordinate with the rest of the design.

I’m so excited about how these cards turned out!  Jasmine and Kristin booked with me super-early and it took a while for me to start their stationery, but now that it’s well underway, it’s turning out so beautifully!  I’m actually going to have their actual wedding invitations finished later this week and I can’t wait to show those to you too!  In case you were curious, here is a photo of the lovely couple that these were created for on the left!  Aren’t they both going to be such gorgeous brides this coming spring?!?  I’m so excited I’ve gotten to work with these two, and their invites are going to be just awesome!  Check back here for those in a week or two!

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  1. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:


    It has been such a pleasure to work with you! You are super talented, and have made this experience painless, and so much fun! Thanks again!


    • Kristin
      Kristin says:

      Jasmine – It’s been totally awesome getting to work with you and Kristin as well! You two are so much fun!

      Deborah – Thanks so much for the compliments! If I can help you out with anything, please do let me know. Thanks for the recommendations as well! : )

  2. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    This is absolutely stunning! I know Jasmine and Kristin could not be more pleased. I will definitely use Twins Raven Press and let my friends know about you as well.


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