Save the Date | Vi and Lalo are Getting Married!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I LOVE a good, modern design when I see one.  I’ve been so excited to show off these awesomely modern, save-the-date coasters since I printed them last week, that I was even more excited this morning when I got an e-mail from Vi letting me know that she and her fiancé received them yesterday, loved them, and that I could put them up!  Check them out!

We designed Vi and Lalo’s Save-the-Date to be printed on a 4″ square coaster, with rounded corners, in black ink.  The design incorporates a fun mix of über-modern fonts, and all of the text is printed on an angle across the front of the coaster.  The words “Save the Date”, and the date to be saved, are printed entering from the top of the coaster, and the couples name’s, the phrase “Plans are Brewing” (I loved this coaster pun and it was totally Vi’s idea), the location, and “Formal invitation to follow” were printed at an opposing angle coming in from the bottom left.  I love these!  I love the fonts.  I love the angle of the printing.  I love that they are coasters, and I love that they are black and white.  These also came with coordinating little, square 4.25″ black envelopes that have the couple’s return address printed in the same fonts on the back flap in silver ink.

If you’re thinking you want black envelopes or black paper for your letterpress printed piece, silver ink is a fabulous option for printing on it.  White letterpress ink is actually clear, and is very translucent, so it doesn’t show up on black (or other dark) papers.  It’s mostly used as a mixer to lighten other colors.  Instead, printing with a light metallic color, like silver, can help us achieve the same effect, while having your printing be visible and most importantly, readable for the post office and your guests.

Aren’t these awesome!?!  I’m so excited!  Vi and Lalo have been so much fun to work with so far and I’m looking forward to designing and printing their invitations very soon!  Thanks Vi & Lalo!
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