Save the Date | Whitney and Naysa are Getting Married!

Check out these absolutely adorable Save-the-Date cards we printed recently for a lovely couple in New York City who are getting married in Connecticut this September! Naysa and Whitney already had their design (it was designed by the bride’s brother) when they contacted me, but were looking for someone to letterpress print it! I absolutely loved their design and had a wonderful time bringing it to fruition.

Naysa & Whitney’s Save-the-Date cards are a #10 size, which measures 3.875″x9.25″ and were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White 100% cotton paper in two ink colors: chocolate brown and a deep violet-burgundy. These were paired with corresponding #10 square flap envelopes, with the couple’s return address, also printed in two ink colors on the back flap.
I’m sure most all of you have read Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” (or at least had someone else read it to you) at some point in your life. I don’t know for sure if Naysa and Whitney’s Save-the-Date idea took inspiration from this book at all, but I have a hard time looking at the design and imagining that it didn’t.* In the book, Silverstein’s illustrations of The Giving Tree are very similar in style to the tree featured on Naysa & Whit’s Save-the-Date. They also incorporated a very sweet use of a handwriting-like typeface, to give the design a more fun, casual and playful vibe. I also LOVE all of the small violet-burgundy accents throughout the design: the leaves on the tree, the circle around their wedding date on the calendar, and the heart around their initials that were “carved” into the tree trunk. The whole design is just so thoughtful and cute. Check out the detail photos below to see the colors, type, letterpress impression and cute little details of the design even better!
*Edit: After putting up this post, Naysa e-mailed me to say that yes, their design was, in fact, inspired by The Giving Tree, and actually, while her brother modified the design a bit for them, they found the original idea on, here. I haven’t seen much else from Merriment Design, but based on how this turned out, it seems like a great place for inspiration!
Aren’t they just too cute?!? I almost can’t get over it… I totally LOVE them! And, as if they couldn’t get any sweeter, the envelopes that Naysa chose to pair with her cards are perfectly complimentary, and the design of their address totally matches the design of their Save-the-Date.
As I mentioned above, the envelope they chose is also from Crane and is a #10 Lettra envelope with a square flap. The fact that it’s a nice, soft 100% cotton envelope allows us to get the letterpress impression to show, even on a surface as thin as the envelope flap. For the address, Naysa’s brother used the same handwriting-like font from the card and used one single tree leaf as an accent motif below the actual address. We printed the type in chocolate brown and the leaf in the violet-burgundy color for a perfectly matching set.
These turned out so beautifully
and I’m so excited to show them off! Naysa and Whitney are also working with us on the design and printing for their actual invitations, so you’ll get to see those in a few months as well! Thanks so much Naysa & Whitney, you guys are awesome!
If you’d like more information about our custom letterpress printing and design services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
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