Weddings | Shanley & Christopher

Check out this elegant set of wedding invitations that were recently completed for a lovely couple in the Atlanta, Georgia area who are having a destination wedding in Colorado this coming April. Shanley and Chris are having a lovely, early spring wedding in the Vail, Colorado area where they will wed and hope to enjoy some spring skiing! Their invitation suite includes an A7 size invitation and an A2 size reply card, both printed in one ink color (chocolate brown) with blind embossed details and envelopes to go with each! Check out the whole suite at the top of this post.

Here is Shanley and Chris’ invitation all by itself.
Shanley chose a simple, classic serif typeface in all caps for the main text of her invitation and we used a slightly more decorative script face for the couple’s names, which were featured prominently in the center of the invitation. We kept the design fairly simple, but created a lacy, blind embossed border around the names to set them apart from the rest of the text. It wasn’t my original intention, but I think that the lacy pattern reminds me somewhat of a mountain range, like where Shanley and Chris will be holding their wedding, as well as formal lace, like on a wedding gown, at the same time. I just love the way clean, crisp letterpress printed type sinks into 100% cotton paper. Check out these detail photos to see it for yourself:

Isn’t that just lovely? We paired the invitation with a matching A7 size envelope from Crane & Co. in Pearl White and created a custom liner for it in a shiny eggplant purple, fabric-weave paper. It’s difficult to see from the photograph, but I love the way the purple liner adds an extra splash of color to this white and chocolate brown invitation suite.
We then letterpress printed Shanley’s parent’s return address on the flap of the envelope.
Shanley and Chris’ reply card was designed to coordinate with the invitation. In order to do this, we enlarged part of the lacy, blind-embossed pattern from the invitation and placed it at the very bottom of the card. We then used the same fonts to create spaces for guests to respond to both Shanley and Chris’ actual wedding ceremony as well as to their Aprés Ski event which will be held the day after.
Isn’t the blind embossing extra pretty when enlarged? I really like it. Here are some more details of the reply card so you can see the fonts, blind embossing, impression, etc. a little bit better.

This card was paired with a coordinating A2 size envelope with Shanley’s parent’s address printed on the front. We had originally wanted the reply envelopes for these to also be from Crane, but a mix up with the supplier over the holiday caused us to have to choose another envelope from a different company. This wasn’t the easiest mix-up to deal with, especially right after my accident, and we couldn’t find an exact match, but the one we found was mighty close. Check it out:
Having to choose an alternate brand for this last piece wasn’t the most optimal situation, but Shanley and Chris were really wonderful with the whole situation and the suite turned out gorgeous just the same!
Thanks so much Shanley and Chris! I know your wedding in Colorado is going to be fabulous and really really fun all at the same time. Congratulations to you both!