Weddings | Simple, Yet Sophisticated: Kristin & Timothy

Last month, Twin Ravens Press had the opportunity to print a very stylish, simple, yet sophisticated set of wedding invitations for a couple in upstate New York!  When Kristin and Timothy contacted me, they already new what they wanted for the design of their wedding invitations, and it was just up to me to customize their specific pieces and do the printing.  Kristin and Timothy’s suite included a 6.75″ square wedding invitation with matching Marquis size envelope, a 4bar reply card, with matching envelope and a small, 2.5″x3.5″ reception card.  You can see a photo of all of the pieces together at the top of this post.   All of Kristin and Timothy’s pieces were printed on Crane Lettra Bright White Paper in light grey and pewter colored inks.  Their envelopes were Crane Lettra Bright White Envelopes with square flaps.  
Here is a photo of Kristin and Timothy’s invitation and invitation envelope: 
Twin Ravens Press currently offers three sizes of square invitations: 5.5″, 6.25″ or 6.75″.  Kristin and Timothy’s invitation was the largest square size we offer and I think that the size really helped add to the nice open, clean, uncluttered look of their design.  I also love how the larger envelope, with the larger flap, allowed us to do some really fun things with the design of their address.  We were able to print the address in two ink colors and have the shape/style/fonts mimic the fonts on the invite.  Click on the photo above if you’d like to see a larger version.  Below is a photo of they’re stylish, sophisticated invite all by itself, and below that is a close-up so you can see the ink colors, fonts and impression a little better.  
Very nice, don’t you think?  
For their reply card, Kristin wanted something simple: no fancy options or check-boxes or blanks to fill in, just a nice, white card that went well with the invitation, had space for the guest’s name(s) and a space for them to write their response.  This is what we came up with: 
And here it is with the envelope:  
For the envelope – we printed the address in the same style, fonts and colors as we did on the flap of the invitation envelope.  I love how clean and crisp it looks – very classy!  
Lastly, Kristin wanted a separate reception card for her suite, since her wedding and reception are going to be held at different locations.  One of my favorite sizes for reception cards is 3.5″x2.5″.  This size is slightly larger than a business card and has just enough room for some brief information about a different reception location.  Once again, we mimicked the design of the invite for this separate card.   
Kristin and Timothy were wonderful to work with throughout the whole process!  Kristin even sent me a very sweet e-mail when she received everything.  Here is what she wrote: 

Thanks so much again for doing such a phenomenal job on these invitations.  Everyone loves them, especially Tim and I.  They definitely are exactly what we were looking for, simple but sophisticated.  … You can be sure I will be recommending you to anyone who will benefit from your services.  Thank you again for adding a special touch to our special day!

Thanks so much again, Kristin & Tim!  All the best! 

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