Spurcycle Coasters


I’ve had a busy day, so this post is going to be brief, but I wanted to tell you all about a really cool promotional product that we did back in December for an awesome little company in Sausalito, California called Spurcycle!  Spurcycle was founded in 2012 and specializes in designing and producing beautiful bicycle products.  Owners Nick & Clint Slone are engineers who embrace clean, quality designs that serve well understood cycling needs.  Their main product is the gorgeous brass and stainless steel bike bell that you see below.  They are made in the USA and guaranteed for life!


Aren’t they beautiful?!?

At any rate, back in December Clint contacted us about letterpress printing a promotional product that they could write notes on and slip in with their orders.  We worked with them to produce the beautiful black hot foil stamped coasters that you see at the top of this post and below.  These coasters were letterpress printed with a shiny black foil and die-cut from Sirio Ultra Black cover stock.  They are 3.5″ in diameter and feature the company logo on one side and space to write (in white, metallic or gel pen) on the back!  They’re so clean and crisp and I just love how the black-on-black combination turned out!



Here’s a candid photo we took that you may have seen on our Instagram back in December of all of the coasters in a giant stack after they came off of the press.


Thanks so much for working with me Clint, Nick, & Adisti!  I really enjoyed working with you on this project and hope we can collaborate again in the future!

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