How Letterpress Works

When I first begin working with clients and often when I’m just talking to potential clients about a potential letterpress project, I am often asked “how does letterpress work?” or “how does working with your studio work?”.  These are fair questions, and ones that I’ve been meaning to address here (as well as the more formal website for Twin Ravens that I’ve been working on) for quite some time.  I still plan to eventually put this out, in my own words, in the near future, however, I came across this video this morning and thought that it would be a great basis for explaining what it’s like to work with a letterpress studio.  At Twin Ravens Press, I print from both antique lead type and from photopolymer plates. My studio does a few things different from Starshaped Press, like we always offer several rounds of digital proofs of our designs, prior to printing, etc.  All in all, though, I think that their video is a great, short, demonstration of how working with a letterpress studio works.  If you are a potential client and are curious about the process of creating your future letterpress printed piece, or if you are just curious, watch this video.  It’s pretty cute too! 

A New Kind of Publishing

Hello blog world, here I come!  

After several years in college of being strictly a blog lurker on the internet, I have finally decided to start my own adventure in blogging for my design + letterpress studio and business, Twin Ravens Press.  Here you will find all sorts of stories, anecdotes and images about the letterpress world and the work that I do, as well as stories about what it’s like to be a brand new business owner in your 20’s, shortly following college.  
The next few posts will be some back story: how I got my press, why I decided to start a design + printing company, and some of the early projects that I’ve done.  If you can’t wait until the next post to check out what I’ve been doing lately, head over to my etsy site and check stuff out for yourself at:!