Save the Date | Gina and Matt are Getting Married!


Check out this gorgeous set of Save-the-Dates that we created for New York City couple, Gina and Matt, a couple of weeks ago!  Gina and Matt live in New York, but will be getting married this summer in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Gina had seen a design that we had printed for another bride last year that was originally designed by Christina Reinersmann of Maré C, on Style Me Pretty, and liked it so much that she hired us to create a similar design, in her color scheme for her own wedding.  The above image shows her Save-the-Date and it’s corresponding envelope.  This Save-the-Date measures 5.5″ square and was printed on 100% cotton rag Holyoke Paper in one ink color: a reddish, aubergine purple.  We matched the purple ink color for the save-the-dates to Gina’s envelopes, which are a 5.75″ square size from Waste Not Paper Company.  The envelopes were then printed using similar decorative elements, and the same fonts, in metallic silver ink.  You can see some closer images of the printing on the envelopes below.


Isn’t the design running up the left side of this card, just beautiful?!?  I really love how these turned out and I think they will do a wonderful job setting the tone of the wedding for Gina and Matt’s guests.  Gina also hired a friend of ours, Lori Raines, of Lori Raines Calligraphy Studio, to do the calligraphy for all of her envelopes.  I’m sure that’s going to be just gorgeous as well!

Thanks so much for working with us on these Gina and Matt!  I’m excited to start working with you on your formal invitations!  Talk to you soon!

Weddings | Lauren & Warren

I have a really terrible habit of often showing off beautiful Save-the-Date cards for weddings shortly after they are printed, and then forgetting to show off the actual invitations for the same couples until a while after the wedding.  My bad.  The suite that I’m going to be writing about in this post was one that we completed towards the end of the summer, for a wedding in November, that I had been meaning to show off then, and didn’t remember to until now.  The couple they were created for though, was absolutely fabulous to work with, and their invitation suite turned out so pretty, that I thought, better-late-than-never, right?

Above you can see all of the pieces from their invitation suite.  The suite was pretty simple, and included an A7 size invitation, 4bar size reply card and corresponding envelopes for both.  The two main pieces were printed in two ink colors: a lovely aubergine purple and metallic copper.  Copper is one of my absolute favorite letterpress colors to print with and I think it looks just stunning with Lauren’s aubergine.

Lauren and Warren’s wedding invitation was printed on super-thick, 100% cotton Crane Lettra pearl white duplex paper.  It featured two lovely fonts in the two colors I mentioned above, and the lovely fall tree motif that we had used previously on their Save-the-Dates.  If you didn’t get to see their Save-the-Dates when I posted about them last April, click on the link one sentence back and check them out.  They were lovely too!  I love how formal, yet whimsical, and classic this invitation turned out.  The letterpress impression was absolutely gorgeous as well.  You can get a better idea of it from some of the detail photos below.
The invitation envelope was printed on matching Crane Lettra paper and we used the same tree motif and fonts from the invitation on the flap for the address.  Both the invitation envelope address and reply card address were printed in copper ink.
Lauren and Warren’s reply card was a 4bar size and was also printed in two ink colors on Crane Lettra Paper (this time the standard 110 lb. weight).  We used some lovely flowing branches to decorate the top right corner of the card and then had the text of the card centered underneath.  This card was paired with a 4bar size, chocolate brown envelope from Waste Not Paper Company that was also printed with copper ink.
About a month before their wedding, Lauren and Warren contacted me again to design and letterpress print a ceremony program that would match their wedding invitations.  This program is a single sheet of paper that folds to an A7 size and is formatted like a small pamphlet.  In the photo below, you can see both the front cover of the program and the backside.  Lauren and Warren’s programs were printed in a single ink color (copper) and this time they chose to go with the Crane Lettra 110 lb. paper in Ecru.  The front cover of the program (left) featured their names, wedding date, wedding location and the small tree motif, much like their invitations.  The back of the program featured a lovely thank you letter that they wrote to their family and friends.
The interior of the program was divided into two sections: one to acknowledge the wedding party, and the other section was a list of all of the ceremony events.  We chose a traditional layout for this, and put all of the wedding party information on the left side of the interior, and the ceremony program information on the right side.  Lauren chose to add an additional script face to the two we had been using all along to distinguish certain headers and other program information from the rest in the design.  You’ll also notice under the wedding party that there is a small hand-drawn image of a chapel.  This is an image that Lauren’s chapel let us use that was drawn for them as a little logo.  I thought it was really cute.
I just love how every piece in this stationery suite turned out, and I’m sure that Lauren & Warren’s November, South Carolina wedding was just beautiful!  Thanks so much again Lauren and Warren and congratulations!

Weddings | Julie & Todd

Earlier this year we did some printing for a lovely couple up in Maryland, Julie and Todd.  Julie’s sister designed her wedding invitations and she hired Twin Ravens Press to do her letterpress printing!  We didn’t print Julie’s entire suite of paper goods, but we did letterpress print her wedding invitation, Save-the-Date postcards and reply cards (she did her envelopes herself)!  All of Julie and Todd’s pieces were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper in either one or two ink colors.  You can see their invite above, but let’s take a look at their Save-the-Dates first.

Julie and Todd’s Save-the-Date cards for their October wedding in Maryland were A2-size postcards printed in one ink color, a nice Aubergine purple.  Julie’s sister designed the lovely type treatments for all of these pieces as well as the two cute little birdies that you see on both these postcards and their invitation.  The front of the postcards was predominantly decorative, while the backside was set up like a regular postcard, with the wedding information on the left-hand side and a place for a stamp and recipient address on the right.  Aren’t these cool?!?

Their wedding invitation was designed in a similar style and featured the same, sweet, long-legged birdies on the left side of the A7-size card with the rest of the invitation information in a variety of fonts completing the rest of the design.  The invitation was printed in a slightly redder aubergine purple than the postcard save-the-date, and black ink.  I love how the use of two colors in this design really makes the couple’s names, Julie’s parent’s names and the wedding date stand out!  Their reply card was a simple 4bar design featuring the same fonts as the invitation, printed entirely in purple ink.  Check out more awesome close-ups below!

Julie and Todd were a really great couple to work with and I’m sure their wedding last month in Maryland was just lovely!  Thanks so much for working with us Julie & Todd and congratulations!

Kelly & Wai's Cute Wedding Thank You Notes

Hi all!  Almost a month ago I blogged about some really pretty aubergine and grey wedding invitations with blind embossing that we created for a couple in Massachusetts, Kelly & Wai, who were married over Labor Day weekend.  Shortly after Labor Day, Kelly contacted me again about designing a set of custom thank you notes to match their wedding stationery.  Aren’t these cute?!?

To create these awesome little cards, we re-used the printing plate for the embossed honeycomb pattern that we had created for the reply cards and blind embossed the same pattern in the upper right corner of their thank you cards.  We then created a new printing plate for the aubergine bee, honey with dipper, and for the words “Thank You” and printed it on top!  These cards were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton pearl white paper and are a 4bar folded size measuring 3.5″x4.875″.  I just love the way we were able to re-use printing plates as well as several of the design elements from their other wedding stationery!  Thanks so much Kelly & Wai!  You guys are awesome!

Weddings | Kelly & Wai

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, we worked with three different couples earlier this summer who were married this past Labor Day weekend.  Kelly & Wai were one of those three couples and, boy, did we really enjoy getting to work with them!  Both the bride and groom were so excited about their wedding and about our work, that it made designing the set of stationery that you see above really, really exciting and fun.   Kelly and Wai had a pretty short timeline for these when they contacted me in late June, but they had such a clear vision of what they wanted out of their designs that it was pretty easy coming up with these for them!  Kelly & Wai’s invitation suite included an A7 size invite in one ink color (Aubergine) with blind embossing, a 4bar size reply card, also in one color with blind embossing and two sets of envelopes, one for the invitation and one for the reply card, both in a nice medium grey with aubergine ink.

Kelly & Wai were married in an outdoor ceremony in Newport, Rhode Island.  Their ceremony took place overlooking the ocean under an arbor and they new that they wanted the arbor image to be a focal point of the design of their invitation.  Kelly and Wai sent me some photos of what their arbor was going to look like and I drew the tiny arbor image at the top of this invite.  We also incorporated some subtle floral elements in the border of the invitation and continued the outdoor/garden wedding theme even more with the blind embossed honeycomb pattern that ran down the top left corner of the invitation.  Their invitation envelopes were a nice medium grey and also featured aubergine purple ink.  We wanted these envelopes to be decorative and reflective of the design of the pieces on the inside, so for these envelopes we used the honeycomb pattern again and also had a little bee flying up from the bottom of the flap of the envelope towards the couple’s return address.  Isn’t that cute?!?

The design for Kelly and Wai’s reply card was similar to the design for their invitation.  We used the same floral border and honeycomb embossing – this time coming into the card from the top right side.  We used small fish and beef icons on the card for guests to indicate their meal preference.  We also had one of the honeybees flying towards a hand-drawn jar of honey with dipper on the bottom right side.  Kelly and Wai gave away small jars of honey for their wedding favors, so Kelly wanted to incorporate bees and honey into their invitation and reply card designs as well!  I think they’re pretty adorable, myself.  The reply envelope featured their address on the front in aubergine ink as well as some more of the honeycomb pattern on the top left side.

Check out the additional photos below to see some of the more subtle details from these pieces!  I love the blind embossed honeycombs and all of the little details they had me incorporate, from the bees and small flowers in the border, to their lovely choices of type!  All of these little details really came together for a gorgeous set!

After I posted the above photos yesterday, Kelly e-mailed me with a couple more that you can see below.  After the invitations were well on their way, Kelly and Wai had me design a few more pieces for their wedding, which they had digitally printed and assembled themselves.  These were programs for the ceremony and a set of super-cute honey jar labels for their favors.  The program that you see below is a #10 size and was comprised of two pages that were printed.  The printed pages included elements from the invitation designs such as the bees, honeycomb pattern (this time printed in a light grey, since blind embossing can’t be done digitally) and the arbor.  Kelly cut and assembled these herself with a pretty vellum overlay and aubergine ribbon at the top.  Super cute!!

As I mentioned above, Kelly and Wai gave out little jars of honey for their wedding favors.  Kelly tied each tiny jar with a fabric top (I love the varying plaid and polka dot patterns she found for the different jars!).  They sent me all of the text and ingredients and I designed a small label that could printed on adhesive-backed paper so Kelly could stick them right on to the jars!  I think this was a totally cute way to personalize their favors and make them coordinate with the rest of their paper goods!

Kelly and Wai were so much fun to work with and I’m sure that their wedding last Friday was a blast!  Congratulations and thanks so much again, Kelly & Wai!

Wedding Programs & Coasters | Kara & Steve

Before I show off stationery that we created for couples who were married just this past weekend, I have to do one more post for one of my favorite couples from this year so far: Kara & Steve.  You may remember their awesome, blind embossed Save-the-Date Cards that were featured on this blog back in October of last year, or their even more awesome wedding invitations that we showed off in here in June.  Well, their wedding happened a week ago and while I haven’t heard from Kara & Steve, I did hear from their planner and photographer that the event was just magnificent, and I honestly can’t imagine any way that it could have been otherwise.  We created a few additional paper goods for Kara & Steve’s big day after completing their invitations, that I wanted to show you.  Those included a set of coasters and a set of ceremony programs, both of which you can see in the photo above.

We kept both pieces fairly simple, design-wise, but they were still very much in the same style as all of their other wedding stationery.  Kara & Steve’s coasters were a 3.5″ round size and featured their Allium flower motif blind embossed in the background.  We printed their names (in Kara’s handwriting) over the top of the allium, with their wedding date, year and location below, all in Aubergine ink.  I imagine these made a lovely edition to their cocktail hour and/or dinner!

Kara and Steve’s ceremony programs were a lovely, simple, single-fold style and were printed on standard 110 lb. Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Ecru (to match their other stationery).  This program was smaller in size than many of the others I’ve done in the past, but I think the small size was really nice and gave a much more personal feel to the piece.  These programs measured 5 7/8″ x 3 5/8″ when folded.  The cover, which you can see in the photo above, featured two blind embossed floral elements and Kara and Steve’s hand-written names, as well as the date, time, and location of the wedding in Aubergine ink.

The interior of the program also featured blind embossed flowers and had the wedding party information on one side of the program, and the ceremony events on the other side.  I love how nice, modern and simple Kara kept all of her wording for the party and ceremony information.  It really helped keep the style and “look” of this piece consistent with all of the other stationery we created for their wedding!

Kara and Steve were a fabulous couple to work with and I truly enjoyed getting to create so many different pieces for their wedding!  Thanks so much again Kara & Steve and Congratulations!  : )