Nikki McClure

Image copyright Nikki McClure, via
Happy Friday everyone!  I just found this interview online of one of my favorite artists, Nikki McClure.  Nikki lives and works in Olympia, Washington and is best know for her painstakingly intricate paper-cuts.  Nikki uses an exacto knife and a single sheet of paper to cut out complex images that speak to ideas of motherhood, nature and activism.  I know she’s also done some mixed media work with letterpress as well.  The video interview below totally speaks to many of the reasons why I enjoy being an artist myself and to why I love living in the Pacific Northwest.  Anyway, if you aren’t already familiar with her work, you ought to check out the video below, as well as her website.  Have a fantastic weekend!

Spring Beauties

Happy Friday Everyone!  

I have a lot of beautiful new stationery items (both custom and for the etsy store) coming out for spring, which you will be able to see here very soon.  However, because it’s Friday (and just because, really) I thought I’d show off some photos I took of the gorgeous Rainier Cherry Tree that’s in full bloom in front of my house.  I snapped these pictures yesterday, after work.  

I know, I know, totally not work-related in the slightest, but it’s beautiful and I’m happy that spring has finally come to Oregon!  Have a wonderful weekend!    

50 People, One Question

An old friend from college sent me a link to this video, this evening. What a beautiful thought…

In a few words: do what you love, love what you do and be happy where you are, right now. More letterpress tomorrow. Enjoy!

Carlos Lascano

I’m headed up to Portland this afternoon to run a few letterpress-related errands and potentially do some shopping.  While I’m away, you can tide yourself over with this lovely stop motion animation.  I recently discovered Carlos Lascano, and I think that I may be in love (with his work).  As another blogger put it: his talent truly runneth over.  More letterpress tomorrow.  Enjoy!