Busy, Busy, Busy!

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Well, Hello, there!  Holy cow, you guys, I can’t believe that it’s been over eight (8!!) weeks since my last post.  Man, time flies.  As much as I hate to admit, the cute little cartoon above is not so far from the truth.  There has been so much awesome happening here though, I don’t even begin to no where to start.  So, with the half-hearted promise that my regular blogging will return this afternoon or tomorrow, here’s the bulleted list of all of the stuff that’s been going on here, since I last saw you:

  • I visited old friends and made a few new ones during my annual early-June weekend trip to Seattle.
  • I bought my first house!!  (I’m supposed to close on 6/27 and man, it just can’t seem to come fast enough).
  • Twin Ravens Press is moving into a brand new studio space at the end of the month that is going to be AWESOME.  Photos coming soon.
  • Twin Ravens Press began offering custom laser-cutting, in-house, in April.  It rocks.  Photos and info coming soon.
  • When I graduated from college, I had quite an extensive background in screen printing, as well as letterpress.  We recently completed our very first wedding invitation suite which combined both printmaking methods.  It’s gorgeous.  I can’t wait to show it to you.  There will most definitely be more screen printing in our future.
  • We’ve turned out too many awesome new wedding invitations this spring to count.  You’ll be seeing them shortly.
  • We’ve also begun collaborating with Don Jeter on his newest venture, Oregon Strong Brand.  You’re going to be seeing some very awesome laser-cut, letterpress printed, packaging coming out of here for them.

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something, but, you get the picture.  It’s been crazy-busy, but in one of the awesomest ways possible.  I can’t wait to show you pictures of all of the coolness that has been going on around here.  Stay tuned.  We’re returning to our regularly-scheduled blogging shortly!

Visit Us at the 4th Annual Letterpress Printer's Fair in Portland!

We’ve been super-busy this week preparing for the 4th Annual Letterpress Printer’s Fair in Portland, Oregon tomorrow!  If you’re in Portland, come down to 323 SE Division Place, next to the Em Space Book Arts Center and visit us!  This is an annual fair featuring local and regional Letterpress printers and book artists, suppliers of letterpress equipment and type, ephemera, rarities, broadsides, cards and more!  Twin Ravens Press will be showing off new items from our custom printing portfolio, and we will also have cards, coasters and other art prints for sale.  This is a great event to come and hang out with us and meet lots of other wonderful artists and printers too!

Other fair participants include:

Alisa Walton, American Amateur Press Association, Art Bureau, Autumnattic Press, Bedouin Books, Cathemeral Press, Caitlin Harris, Cindi Pedersen, Em Space Book Arts Center, Independent Publishing Resource Center, Ink in Tubes, Keeganmeegan & Co., May Day Press, One O.A.K. Book Arts, Painted Tongue Studios, Phillip Stewart, Platemark X, Power and Light Press, Red Bat Press, Rendij Studio, Tiger Food Press, Triangular Press, Zebra Press and more.

You won’t want to miss it!  Hope to see you there!

Donna Boucher Photography

Check out these awesome business-related items we printed for Donna of Donna Boucher Photography in Madison, Wisconsin last month!  Donna found out about Twin Ravens Press from Crystal Kluge (thanks Crystal!).  Donna had hired Crystal to design a logo for her photography business and then needed a letterpress printer to print the design on business cards, thank you notes and on some signage.  Above you can see all of the pieces we created for Donna together.

The large print that you see in the top left above is just of Donna’s logo.  The logo features a camera (hand-drawn by Crystal Kluge) and her name in calligraphy, also done by Crystal.  Donna loved the logo that Crystal created for her so much that she wanted some signage to use for her business, or just to frame and keep as a keepsake, so we printed these on 5″x7″ paper, so that they would be suitable for hanging and framing.  

We also designed and printed some simple, yet lovely business cards for Donna using her new logo.  The logo was printed in black letterpress ink on one side of the card and her contact information was printed on the back.  The font we chose for the contact information was also designed by Crystal Kluge (it’s called Silverstein).  I just love the way that these cards are playful and contemporary, yet professional all at the same time.  Donna does mostly children’s and portrait photography, so we needed a little bit of both (playfulness and professionalism) to really convey the nature of her business, and I think these cards do an excellent job of it! 

Last, but certainly not least, Donna also had us create a set of matching thank you note cards for her to send out to her clients.  The notecards are a 4bar size, letterpress printed in black ink on 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper and come with coordinating pool blue envelopes from Waste Not Paper Company.  Aren’t they just too cute?!?

I had a wonderful time working with Donna on this project and working with Crystal Kluge is always awesome!  If you like the look of Donna’s logo and wish to have a similar one designed for your own business contact Crystal!  And, if you’re in the Madison, Wisconsin area and are looking for a wonderful Children’s and Portrait Photographer, get in touch with Donna.  You can also check out Donna’s website and blog to see more of her gorgeous photography!  Thanks so much Donna and Crystal!

Out of Town | Minneapolis, Minnesota

To all of my wonderful clients and readers: I wanted to let you know that I am going to be out of town this week, Thursday (today) through Sunday. I am traveling to Minneapolis to go to one of my younger cousin’s weddings. This trip is both kind of exciting and making me a little nervous, because I haven’t seen this particular part of my family for 15 years. I spent a little bit of time last weekend going through some old photos and found the photo at the top of this post. This photo was taken during the summer of 1995, which was the last time that I saw any of them in person. I’m the girl in the pink shirt on the far right, and was 11 years old at the time. My cousin Heidi who is getting married on Saturday is the one standing right behind me in the plaid shirt and overalls. She was 9 when this photo was taken, and the other three girls are also cousins who are in Minneapolis, who I will get to see at the wedding.

Aside from seeing my family that I haven’t seen in a while and attending Heidi’s wedding, I’m hoping to do some awesome Minneapolis work-related things while I am there, including meeting the uber-talented calligrapher/illustrator/designer, Crystal Kluge, in person. Crystal and I have been working together for a little while now on a few different collaborative projects including a few wedding invitations suites and some really cute holiday gift tags this last Christmas, but have never actually met in person, so I’m super-excited to finally meet her! (Click on the tag at the bottom of this post to see some of these projects! They are awesome!) A trip to one of the letterpress studios that I idolize, Studio On Fire, may also be in order, as they are located in Minneapolis as well.
If any of you out there are waiting to hear back from me on a print job or design work, or have recently made an inquiry about my services, I will be back to work on Monday morning (March 1st) and will answer your e-mails as soon as I can! Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

October Special: Business and Calling Cards

Happy October Everyone! I’ve been pondering the idea of doing semi-monthly specials for a while now on certain retail products that we print or on custom printing, and I’ve decided that we’re going to give it a shot! I know I write a lot on this blog about all of the awesome wedding-related stationery that we design and print, but you should know that we also print some wonderful business-related cards and stationery as well!
So, for the month of October, our special will be (drum roll, please): 10-20% Off on all Business or Calling Card orders!
You heard me right! If you are a current business or calling card customer of Twin Ravens Press, place an order with a deposit for reprints of your current business card design between October 1 and October 31, 2009 and receive 20% off of your printing!
If you are a new business or calling card customer, don’t worry, you can get in on this deal too! If you haven’t ordered business or calling cards from us before, but would like to, place your order with a signed contract and deposit between October 1 and October 31 and receive 10% off of the printing of your cards. This discount does not apply to design work or platemaking.
If you have any questions, or would like to place your order, please contact us at [email protected]!

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Where, o where, has July gone?

To all of my dedicated blog readers out there, I owe you an apology.  I can’t believe it’s been over a month (seriously!), since my last update and show-and-tell-ing of awesome and beautiful things.  Don’t worry, the lack of blogging hasn’t been because I haven’t been around, and it certainly hasn’t been because I haven’t been making awesome things.  It’s quite the contrary really…  You see, I have been so uber-busy the last few weeks with making awesome things, that I haven’t even had a chance to share them with you.  Don’t worry though, this is the first post of many that will catch us up on the Twin Ravens Press happenings of the summer.  Before I get on to posting about awesome work though, I’d like to thank Helen of DESIGNbyHELEN for featuring one of our Etsy shop’s greeting cards in her online treasury entitled “Next Stop…Japan!”.  My design is the very cute, red, origami crane card.  You can see a screenshot I took of it at the top of this post.  Check it out for yourself by clicking the link above!  Thanks Helen!  There will be more to come very soon!  

Shop Twin Ravens Press at Finch!

Great news for Twin Ravens Press fans in and around Austin, Texas!  I’m currently in the process of finishing up and getting ready to ship off an order of Twin Ravens Press cards to a little retail shop in Austin called Finch!  

Finch is located in the heart of downtown Austin at 417 West 2nd Street.  Their shop offers a lovely collection of gifts, and hand-crafted furnishings for the home. Finch specializes in independent design (like us!), and carries handmade ceramics, textiles, lamps, glassware and other items from around the world.  Twin Ravens Press is very excited to have our cards at Finch, so if you’re living in or close to Austin, go down and check them out!  

100 on Etsy

This month sure seems to be the month of Twin Ravens Press milestones on Etsy.  I was out in the shop printing just now and came in to my office for a second to see if I had any e-mail, and low and behold, found out that today I made my 100th card sale in my etsy shop.  Check it out: 

I sometimes feel just a little nerdy about all these little milestones, but I feel excited about announcing them to you anyway.  I promise to post more photos of awesome printing soon!  Have a great day!

Two Hundred and Fifty

I decided to randomly log on to Etsy this evening just to see what, if anything, was going on in my etsy shop and was pleasantly surprised to see that 250 people have now marked Twin Ravens Press as a favorite. Here is the screenshot to prove it:

This is a pretty substantial jump, in my opinion, because we had just reached 200 favorites right before Christmas. If you are one of the now 250+ people calling us a favorite on Etsy, thank you, it’s nifty to see how many of you are out there!