Weddings | Alexandra & Simon

I love a classic black & white letterpress invitation so much!  They’re timeless, beautiful, and can work with just about any type of celebration!  Earlier this year we created the invite you see in the photos above and below for Australian couple, Alexandra and Simon.  They wanted something timeless with a little bit of modern flair.  Their invitation is printed in black ink on a gorgeous 100% cotton rag paper.  It features a classic all-caps, serif font for the body text, and a more decorative script font for their names.  The invites also featured rounded corners and copper edge painting.  We paired this invite with a matching envelope, printed with the couple’s return address in the same style, and then lined each one with a more modern and playful blue envelope liner!  The liner featured a fun pattern of different blue and copper dots, which coordinated wonderfully with the edge painting on the invitations!  So awesome!! 

Weddings | Bianca & Paul

The day after Christmas, a lovely couple that we had the pleasure of working with from Paris, France, were married in the Philippines.  Talk about an awesome destination wedding!  Bianca and I designed her invitations via email and Skype, and the results were truly awesome!  She was looking for a classy and sophisticated design that spoke to both their ceremony, and maturity as a couple.  We chose to use a beautiful damask pattern and classic fonts printed in silver ink to achieve this look!  Each invitation was letterpress printed as an A7 size in one ink color (silver) on super-thick, 220# Crane Lettra Duplex paper.  After they were printed, we then laser-cut each invitation out to give it the cool, scalloped edges that you can see in the photos.  To make these invites even more unique and special, we also edge painted all of them with shimmery copper edge paint.  A set of A7 envelopes were also printed with Bianca & Paul’s return address on the flap to compliment the invitation!  I just love how this classy set of invites turned out, and it was such a joy working with Bianca!  Check out more photos of the finished invites below!  Thanks so much again for working with us Bianca!  I’m sure your wedding a few weeks ago was just beautiful!  If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Thanks again!

Custom Holiday Cards | The Boege Family

One of my favorite custom holiday cards from this past season was created for one of my very favorite Chicago families!  If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember Edwina, John and little Elizabeth.  Edwina originally hired me to design and print Elizabeth’s adorable, tri-fold, birth announcements in the fall of 2010, and, my how that little girl has grown!  Edwina also had me create Elizabeth’s 1st birthday party invitations earlier this fall, but I haven’t posted them here yet (just you wait – they’re coming soon).  At any rate, I love this family an awful lot, and I feel like after working with them on so many different projects, I’m really getting to know them, despite the fact that we’ve never met in person.  It was an absolute joy to create their holiday cards this year, which you can see above and below.

The Boege Family’s holiday cards were an A6 size card printed in two ink colors, red and charcoal grey, on 100% cotton rag Holyoke paper.  Holyoke paper is 140# and super-soft, which makes for a deliciously deep letterpress impression.  Edwina wanted to include a photo with these cards, so it was my challenge to design a card that incorporated one.  Above is what we came up with!  This card features a 2.5″ diameter die-cut circle window with the mitten design encircling it.  The front of the card reads “Warmest Wishes”, and the inside has a more personal message from the family, also in red.

Each family photo had rounded corners, and was tipped in by hand, so that it showed through the window on the front of the card.  Their holiday greeting was printed below each photo, and each card came with a matching red envelope with a copper return address printed in the same fonts on the back flap.

Aren’t they sweet?!?  I loved this design so much, that I actually created a non-photo-card version for our etsy shop!  You can find it here.  The Boege’s have been wonderful to me and Twin Ravens Press over the past couple of years and I love every new project that we get to work on together!  I can’t wait to see what projects are in store for us and the Boege’s in 2012!  Thanks so much again for working with us Edwina, John & Elizabeth!  Happy 2012!


Custom Business Cards | Frauke Nelte Photography

Check out these awesome new business cards we designed and letterpress printed for Frauke of Frauke Nelte Photography! Frauke specializes in digital landscape photography and is based out of Eugene, Oregon.  When she and I originally talked, she wanted to incorporate elements of a landscape as well as a camera or an image of other photographic equipment into her card.  She also wanted a card that was unique and would stand out in a crowd.  These are what we came up with!

Frauke’s cards are 2.5″ squares with rounded corners and are printed on custom duplex Wausau Eclipse Black paper.  These cards feature two of my favorite, modern typefaces, a vintage 4″x5″ camera imprinted in the background and a lovely tree with leaves floating down amongst the text.  Originally, Frauke wanted to incorporate an image of a tree from her home town in Germany that she had taken into the design of the card, but the tree was so large that we ended up making a smaller, graphical representation of one of its branches to use, rather than the whole tree itself.  As a finishing touch, each of these cards features matching copper edge painting, which really helps make the copper text and tree stand out.  

Aren’t these awesome!?!  Check out Frauke’s photography on her website, and if you’re interested in working with her, you can contact her by email.  Thanks so much for working with me on these Frauke!  Keep up the beautiful work!

Weddings | Lauren & Warren

I have a really terrible habit of often showing off beautiful Save-the-Date cards for weddings shortly after they are printed, and then forgetting to show off the actual invitations for the same couples until a while after the wedding.  My bad.  The suite that I’m going to be writing about in this post was one that we completed towards the end of the summer, for a wedding in November, that I had been meaning to show off then, and didn’t remember to until now.  The couple they were created for though, was absolutely fabulous to work with, and their invitation suite turned out so pretty, that I thought, better-late-than-never, right?

Above you can see all of the pieces from their invitation suite.  The suite was pretty simple, and included an A7 size invitation, 4bar size reply card and corresponding envelopes for both.  The two main pieces were printed in two ink colors: a lovely aubergine purple and metallic copper.  Copper is one of my absolute favorite letterpress colors to print with and I think it looks just stunning with Lauren’s aubergine.

Lauren and Warren’s wedding invitation was printed on super-thick, 100% cotton Crane Lettra pearl white duplex paper.  It featured two lovely fonts in the two colors I mentioned above, and the lovely fall tree motif that we had used previously on their Save-the-Dates.  If you didn’t get to see their Save-the-Dates when I posted about them last April, click on the link one sentence back and check them out.  They were lovely too!  I love how formal, yet whimsical, and classic this invitation turned out.  The letterpress impression was absolutely gorgeous as well.  You can get a better idea of it from some of the detail photos below.
The invitation envelope was printed on matching Crane Lettra paper and we used the same tree motif and fonts from the invitation on the flap for the address.  Both the invitation envelope address and reply card address were printed in copper ink.
Lauren and Warren’s reply card was a 4bar size and was also printed in two ink colors on Crane Lettra Paper (this time the standard 110 lb. weight).  We used some lovely flowing branches to decorate the top right corner of the card and then had the text of the card centered underneath.  This card was paired with a 4bar size, chocolate brown envelope from Waste Not Paper Company that was also printed with copper ink.
About a month before their wedding, Lauren and Warren contacted me again to design and letterpress print a ceremony program that would match their wedding invitations.  This program is a single sheet of paper that folds to an A7 size and is formatted like a small pamphlet.  In the photo below, you can see both the front cover of the program and the backside.  Lauren and Warren’s programs were printed in a single ink color (copper) and this time they chose to go with the Crane Lettra 110 lb. paper in Ecru.  The front cover of the program (left) featured their names, wedding date, wedding location and the small tree motif, much like their invitations.  The back of the program featured a lovely thank you letter that they wrote to their family and friends.
The interior of the program was divided into two sections: one to acknowledge the wedding party, and the other section was a list of all of the ceremony events.  We chose a traditional layout for this, and put all of the wedding party information on the left side of the interior, and the ceremony program information on the right side.  Lauren chose to add an additional script face to the two we had been using all along to distinguish certain headers and other program information from the rest in the design.  You’ll also notice under the wedding party that there is a small hand-drawn image of a chapel.  This is an image that Lauren’s chapel let us use that was drawn for them as a little logo.  I thought it was really cute.
I just love how every piece in this stationery suite turned out, and I’m sure that Lauren & Warren’s November, South Carolina wedding was just beautiful!  Thanks so much again Lauren and Warren and congratulations!

Ethan's Bar Mitzvah

Earlier this summer we created a totally charming set of Bar Mitzvah invitations for a kid named Ethan, and his family, here in Eugene.  Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah (or Jewish coming-of-age ceremony) was to be held in early August at the local temple, with a separate celebration at the family’s home to follow in the evening.  When Ethan and his mom, Jocelyn, came to visit me, we talked about what kind of theme or imagery Ethan wanted for his invitations and party.  He told me all about how he was really into The Lord of the Rings and fantasy stories in general, and wanted his Bar Mitzvah invitations to reflect that.  Now, this got my wheels turning quite a bit, and for a while, Jocelyn, Ethan and I planned to come up with Bar Mitzvah invitation wording that was similar to the start of the first chapter of The Lord of the Rings.  You know, “When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton…”, but instead of it being the literal text from the novel, we would alter it to have Ethan’s name and have the “party of special magnificence” be the Bar Mitzvah celebration.  Well, we worked on that for a while, but since we were on a pretty short timeline for this project, we didn’t get the fancy wording all figured out.  We still kept with the theme and style for the design though, and the invitations turned out totally awesome!

Ethan’s invitations were one piece of paper, but included both the actual invite and a perforated reply post card for guests to mail back.  In order to do this we printed the invitation and reply card together and then added a perforation right above the reply card part of the design so that guests could fold and detach just the reply card.  These invitations were mailed in bright, shimmery, copper envelope that you can see in the photo above, and had the family’s return address printed in black ink on the flap.

To really play up the Lord of the Rings/fantasy novel feel of the invitations, we chose some really decorative, old-fashioned fonts for all of the text.  Ethan’s name was the most prominent text element of the invitation, so I made sure to find a script that was super-decorative.  Lettering this fancy isn’t for every design, but I absolutely love when it works out – the way it letterpress prints is just so cool!  The other two fonts we used also had an old-fashioned, celtic feeling to them, which I think also tied in with the design really really well.

The other totally awesome design element from these invitations is the celtic knot, medieval manuscript-inspired dragon.   The dragon was printed in chocolate brown and green inks and I think it added the perfect, whimsical touch to these invitations!  For the text, we printed Ethan’s name and the little round, decorative element in the middle of the design in copper ink and all of the rest in chocolate brown.

For the reply card portion of the invite, we used a fancy copper border to decorate the card and a copper “M” in the same font as Ethan’s name for guests to write in their names.  The rest of the text of the reply card was printed in chocolate brown ink and included places for guests to indicate whether they were attending the luncheon, party or both.  The back of the reply postcard (which you can see in the bottom right photo below) was simply printed with the family’s return address in brown ink.  The photo on the bottom left below shows the same address printing on the back of their invitation envelopes.

Aren’t these just too cool?!?  I had so much fun working with Ethan and his mom, Jocelyn, this summer on these Bar Mitzvah invitations!  It’s so much fun when a family comes to me with an original idea or theme and we can just run with it!  Thanks so much Ethan, Ed, Jocelyn and Claudia!  You rock!

Weddings | Kara & Steve

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember a post way back in October of last year, about some very, very cool, modern Save-the-Date cards that featured some awesome blind-embossed details and letterpress printing of the handwriting of the bride.  Don’t remember that one?  You really ought to check it out here – it was just too cool to miss.  For their Save-the-Dates, awesome Seattle couple, Kara & Steve, had me blind emboss a bunch of wedding-related text on the backside of their long & skinny, monarch size, save-the-date card and then letterpress print their website and names over the top of it in aubergine ink.  On the reverse side, we still included details in Kara’s handwriting and used a modern, san-serif font for the rest of the text.  We paired the Save-the-Date with a light green (Balsam Fir) envelope from Green Paper Company.  For their actual wedding invitations, Kara & Steve wanted to keep with the same “theme” and general look that we had used for their Save-the-Dates, but really wanted to step the “cool factor” up a few notches.  The wedding invitations that we created for them definitely accomplish that goal, and, in my opinion, are quite possibly one of the coolest invitation suites we’ve printed this year (if not ever).

The above photo shows two of Kara & Steve’s long & skinny T-length invitations (which is about two inches longer than their monarch size save-the-date), one of which is open in the center and the other is all tied up on the left-hand side, the chartreuse string-and-button envelope that they were mailed in, and their 4bar size reply card and corresponding envelope.  This suite truly utilized many of the different design elements and options Twin Ravens Press has to offer.  The set incorporates blind embossing, metallic inks, belly bands, letterpress printing and something brand-new: laser cutting!!

Allow me to walk you through what it would be like to receive one of these awesome invitations in the mail.

Kara & Steve chose to send out their invitations in a chartreuse #10 size string-and-button envelope from Waste Not Paper Company.  I personally find this style of envelope kind of fun and whimsical, particularly because most envelopes you see these days don’t have the little string-and-button detail anymore. Upon first opening the invitation, this is what you would see:

For Kara & Steve’s invitations I got to design a unique, totally awesome sleeve which acts as a wrap for the actual invite.  This piece is both functional and decorative, and I’ve never designed anything quite like it before.  The chocolate brown sleeve wraps all the way around Kara & Steve’s invitation.  It features Kara’s signature handwriting of her and her fiancee’s names as well as a brand-new allium flower design, laser-cut into chocolate brown cover stock.  Kara wanted to keep with the ultra-modern feel from her Save-the-Dates with these invitations, but she also wanted to incorporate something rustic and Montana-esque into the design, without everything feeling too “Western”.  As the wedding is taking place in Kara’s hometown of Billings, Montana, we chose to create a modern design of allium flowers (a native flower to that region) and carry it through not only the above sleeve, but all of the pieces in the suite.  The sleeve was sealed shut with a small, letterpress printed medallion belly band that had the couple’s wedding date printed on it in aubergine ink and was threaded with natural jute twine.  Check out a closer view of the laser cutting:

Having seen some laser-cut paper products prior to this project, I knew that laser-cutting was an awesome option, but this is the first time I ever had the opportunity to design a laser-cut piece for a client!  I am totally blown away and completely stoked by how awesome this turned out!  The allium flower design is super delicate, while retaining quite a bit of detail.  There is literally a window cut into the sleeve with our small flowers branching up out of it.  Laser-cutting is definitely a technique that has to be well thought out and planned with great detail, and it certainly isn’t the cheapest option available, however, the results are absolutely stunning!  If you have the means, it’s definitely worth considering for your own project.

Below on the left you can see what the sleeve looks like from the back-side.  I tied the jute twine of the belly band in a small bow to seal the sleeve shut.  When the belly band is untied and the sleeve opened, the right image below is what you would see.

In order to create a “background” behind the laser cut window, each invitation was wrapped in a handmade, green, Thai Mango Leaf Paper.  I love how soft and textural this paper is, while still working with the modern, earthy feeling of the invitation suite, and I love how it adds another splash of another color to this piece without adding additional inks!  The ecru colored piece you see in the middle is the actual invitation.

One side of Kara & Steve’s invitation features a blind embossed allium flower and all of the relevant details of their wedding printed in aubergine ink.  We printed these on 220 lb. Duplex Crane Ecru paper for a super-thick card and an ability to print a fairly deep impression double-sided without a lot of show-through from one side to the other.  The back side, which you can see on the right above, features Kara & Steve’s names in Kara’s handwriting and their wedding website address in aubergine ink printed over the top of a bunch of blind embossing – just like their save-the-date.  The blind embossing has phrases like “Kara and Steve are getting married!”, the wedding date, “Billings, Montana”, and so on and so forth.  It created a really awesome texture for the back side!

Aren’t these just too cool?!?

To accompany this magnificent invitation, we also created a matching 4bar size reply card.  This card was printed on standard 110 lb. Crane Lettra ecru paper and features the same blind-embossed allium design, the word “reply” in Kara’s handwriting, and a spot for the guest’s names and their response.  I love the super-clean look of this card, which I think makes it fit in perfectly with the look of the rest of the suite.

Each of these cards comes with a corresponding reply card envelope.  The reply envelopes Kara chose are the same chocolate brown color that we used for the laser-cut sleeve and they were printed with copper ink.  I love how the copper stands out on the chocolate brown paper – it’s one of my favorite color combos!  I also love how we continued to use Kara’s handwriting and the allium design even on the envelope!  This whole set ties together so well!

Kara and Steve have been so much fun to work with!  I love Kara’s elegant, modern, and slightly-rustic, natural style and I’m so excited that we’re working with her already on more awesome paper goods for the actual wedding.  If you like this suite and are interested in learning more about letterpress and/or laser-cutting please contact us, and keep an eye out in the next month or so to see the menus, programs and coasters that we’re creating for Kara & Steve’s big day!

Thanks so much Kara & Steve – you guys rock!

Save the Date | Lauren & Warren are Getting Married!

Check out this gorgeous set of Save-the-Date cards we designed and printed for a North Carolina couple back in January! Lauren and Warren’s Save-the-Dates are fairly simple, but feature all of the necessary information (names, date, place and web address) in a very clean and gorgeous design. Lauren and Warren are using a tree motif on this piece and throughout the rest of their invitation suite, so we decided to make that a very central element on the Save-the-Date card. This card is an A2 size, measuring 5.5″x4.25″ and was printed in two ink colors: copper and aubergine, and paired with a purple envelope from Waste Not Paper Company.

Above is the Save-the-Date card all by itself. I love how simple, yet elegant this design is, and the tree motif we used turned out just stunning. The copper ink that was used for their names and the tree gives the design a little extra sparkle, without being overwhelming. The paper Lauren chose is 100% cotton Crane Lettra Duplex, which is twice as thick as standard Lettra. This made for a really thick and substantial card, and a fantastic letterpress impression. Here are some close-ups so you can see all of the little details better:

For the envelope, as I mentioned above, we chose to go with purple shade from Waste Not Paper Company. Lauren and Warren’s address and a much smaller version of their tree motif were letterpress printed on the back flap using copper ink and a small, framed motif with an infinity symbol and their upcoming wedding date was printed in the top left corner on the front of the envelope.

Aren’t those just stunning?!? I’m currently in the process of working with Lauren and Warren on the designs for their main invitation suite, so if you like this design, check back soon to see their actual invitations! Thanks so much Lauren and Warren!

Custom Business Cards | Mark Aikens

One of my favorite things about owning and operating a letterpress shop is getting to work with a variety of very talented and incredible graphic designers in and around Eugene, as well as across the nation. At Twin Ravens Press, we do a vast majority of our design work in-house, but I always welcome the opportunity to work with outside designers and artists who are looking to have their designs or designs they are creating for their clients letterpress printed.

Back in October, I was contacted by one such, very talented, graphic designer, in Eugene who was working with a client to create a set of really unique business cards. The designer, Mary Susan Wheldon, had met me at a local Meet Your Maker Show, where I was selling letterpress greeting cards. Mary Susan saw my work and was interested in working with me to letterpress print design work for her clients. The cards you see above and below were our first collaboration.
Mary Susan’s client, Mark Aikens, makes and installs hand-cast, original wall papers with original stone textures. I’ve never actually seen any of Mark’s work in person, but from the photographs that Mary Susan showed me, his work seems truly beautiful and absolutely a labor of love. Mary Susan wanted the business cards she was designing for Mark to reflect his artistry, ingenuity and the awesome texture and colors that are present in his wall papers. She figured that in order to convey this texture, letterpress printing might be her best choice. I agreed.
Mark’s business cards are just a smidgeon larger than a standard 3.5″x2″ business card size. The design features a column on the left hand side featuring six “bars” of color, all the same width, but in different lengths. These simulate single sheets of Mark’s handmade wallpaper. The cards were printed on 220 lb. Duplex Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Pearl White for a super thick, lush impression and a very stiff, substantial card. We printed five of the six bars on the left hand side in a sparkly metallic copper ink and printed the sixth bar, as well as all of the text in a light, crisp blue. The thick cotton paper combined with deep letterpress imprints made for an already amazing texture, but to add something even more unique and special, we ran these cards through the press a third time and blind embossed a stone-texture pattern that Mary Susan created over the top of the metallic copper bars. Click on the above image for a larger view. This was a challenging effect to create, but the results are absolutely stunning!
If you’re looking for a fabulous free-lance designer to work with in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area for an upcoming project, and you like Mark’s cards, contact Mary Susan. She’s amazing, has some fabulous ideas, and has an ever expanding portfolio that includes designs for a variety of items from business cards, logos and corporate stationery to books, posters, and invitations.
And, if you are looking in to having some gorgeous, custom wallpaper made for your home or business in Eugene or Springfield, contact Mark Aikens, who’s information is on the business cards in the pictures. Like I said before, the pictures I’ve seen of his work look amazing!
Lastly, if you’re interested in having your very own set of letterpress business cards designed and/or letterpress printed, contact us for more information. We would love to work with you!
Thanks again Mark and Mary Susan!