Custom Business Cards | Creative Events by Ashley

We’ve been working with the fabulous Ashley Dicksa of Creative Events by Ashley on a variety of projects for a while now, and it occured to me earlier today that we have yet to feature her on our website, and that situation just had to be remedied.  The original printing of Ashley’s business cards were letterpress printed by us last year, and Ashley has continued to work with us on other projects for both her company and her clients this year as well!

Ashley is a wedding and event planner based out of the San Francisco Bay area and started Creative Events by Ashley in 2008 after a decade of working in marketing, design and corporate event planning.  If you are planning an event in the bay area, check out her website or e-mail her.  I’m sure she’d love to work with you!

Ashley’s cards are double-sided and were printed in two ink colors: a light blue and a deep evergreen on Crane Lettra 110 lb. 100% cotton pearl white paper.  One side features her logo and a lovely, modern, full-bleed floral pattern, while the other features a light blue border and all of her contact information in green.  These business cards are fairly tricky to print due to their tight registration, full-bleed and small graphic elements being very close to the edges (like the blue border on the back), but they look just beautiful!

We also recently worked with Ashley on a set of engagement party invitations for a couple in the Bay Area that were featured on this blog last month here.  If you missed those, go check them out!  They’re pretty cute.

I’m really looking forward to working with Ashley and her clients more in the New Year.  As I said, if you’re looking for a planner in the Bay Area, contact Ashley.  Her work is beautiful and I know she’d love to work with you!

Engagement Party Invitations | Cindy & Brad

I hope everyone out there had a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!  Earlier this month we finished a small, but lovely, set of engagement party invitations for a couple down in Santa Cruz, California.  Not only are engagement parties a super-fun way for friends and family to help celebrate a couple’s recent engagement, but having really pretty letterpress invitations for such an event can make it that much more fun!  You can see Brad and Cindy’s pretty, ampersand engagement party invites above and below!  They were designed by the couple’s wonderful wedding planner, Ashley Dicksa of Creative Events by Ashley.  These were printed in two ink colors: a light pink and navy blue, on Holyoke 100% cotton rag, bone white paper, and they came with matching navy blue A7 size envelopes.

I love the color combination on these, and the simple, san-serif text paired with the big, decorative ampersand!  The ampersand was the only design element that was printed in pink, and all of the text was printed over the top of it in dark navy blue ink.

Check out the lovely impression that both the text and the giant ampersand made in the Holyoke paper.  It’s sometimes difficult to achieve a deep impression on large design elements with letterpress printing, but the Holyoke 100% cotton rag paper is so soft, that achieving that impression, even on a large design element like this wasn’t a problem.  I’m excited to see what Ashley, Cindy and Brad come up with for their save-the-dates and wedding invitations over the next several months.  If you like this design, check back in to see their other paper goods later on!

Thanks so much Ashley, Cindy and Brad!