Custom Business Cards | Steel Bloom Flowers


Hi everybody!  I apologize for my long blogging absence last week, but things have been super-busy around here.  The great thing about that though, is that it means I have a lot of new, very cool work to show you in the coming days.  Today I want to show off a very unique and cool set of business cards for a little floral design business in Bend, Oregon, called Steel Bloom Flowers.  Steel Bloom’s owners, Stephanie & Mark McKinley, hired me to design and letterpress print their cards as well as come up with their logo and branding, and I’m super-excited about how all of it turned out!

In the photo above you can see Stephanie’s business cards (front and back) on the left and her tags for bouquets, arrangements and such on the right.  These cards are really unique and exciting!   They were printed on a custom duplexed, black, 180 lb. Wausau Eclipse Black stock.  We used silver ink for the main information and logo text on these cards, and then printed the Dahlia logo in the background using a slightly shiny black ink to create a varnish effect.  All of the cards feature rounded corners and all of them were were edge-painted with metallic silver.  Aren’t they awesome?!?


You’ll very rarely see my fingers in the photos on this blog, but for these cards I needed to show you how cool the black on black printing for Steel Bloom’s flower motif was.  When held in the sunlight, the flower really shimmers on each card.  I love the contrast too of the silver ink on the black.  We often have customers ask us if we can print white on black.  White on black really isn’t an option for letterpress printing since white letterpress ink is actually clear.  It doesn’t show up well on dark stocks.  I think that using silver though, creates a beautiful effect and is definitely a lot more readable than a non-opaque white ink ever could be.


In the photos above, you can see the backs of Stephanie’s business cards.  The backs have a slightly smaller dahlia motif, centered, and Steel Bloom’s logo on the back.

Below is a close-up of the tags.  Steel Bloom’s tags are a 2.5″ square shape with rounded corners printed on the same custom duplexed, Wassau Eclipse Black stock we used for their business cards.  These were printed single sided with the black-on-black dahlia in the background and silver text over the top.  Each of these cards was also edge-painted in metallic silver, which you can see in the bottom right photo below.  It’s such a cool effect!


Stephanie also ordered several adorable enclosure cards from us in different designs to pair with her arrangements.  Some feature the dahlia on a small, white folded card in either black, grey or silver, and others feature small hearts in the center of white cards in red, pink or silver.

I actually got to visit Steel Bloom Flowers and meet Stephanie and Mark in person over President’s Day weekend and it was so much fun to see their shop and actually meet them in person.  If you are in Bend, definitely stop by Steel Bloom Flowers on Arizona Avenue!  Stephanie and Mark are awesome!


New Dahlia Gift Cards available on Etsy!

Check out these brand new Magenta Dahlia Gift Cards that are now available in the Twin Ravens Press Etsy Shop! These cards were created on the suggestion from another etsy seller, mudpuppy, who liked our normal size Dahlia cards, but wanted a smaller size to use as small thank you cards for his customers. I thought it was a great idea!

These cards are a very small, 3.5″x2″ size, letterpress printed with a magenta dahlia on the front. They are blank on the inside for your own personal greeting. These small cards come in sets of 6 for $5.00 and are accompanied by coordinating rhubarb pink envelopes! They would be great for gift giving, escort cards, as fancy place cards for a special event, or just about any occasion where you might need a beautiful and small little note.
If you need more than six, I am more than happy to give bulk discounts on larger orders! I’m also planning to offer this small card size in a few brand new holiday designs for the upcoming holiday season! Those will be available in a couple of weeks. Keep your eye out for them!

Etsy Treasury Feature: Magenta Dahlia Cards

My Magenta Dahlia cards were featured in an etsy treasury this morning!  You can find the treasury here and the cards here or here!  Go check ’em out!

New Summery Dahlia Cards are up on Etsy!

I originally printed this design for my very first Bat Mitzvah invitation, which happened to be for a girl named Dahlia, but I loved the big letterpress printed Dahlia flower so much that I thought it would make a lovely greeting card.  I just uploaded these light blue beauties to my etsy shop.  They come in packages of 6 or as singles.  I also printed them in a few other colors, including magenta, light pink and spring green.  Those other colors are not up on etsy yet, but they will be later this week.  I think that they will make great little notes for almost any occasion, and they’re blank on the inside so you can write whatever you want.  

Check out the awesome detail on the fine lines that separate and give detail to the petals. The large plate made such a nice impression, that the white lines are somewhat raised and have a really nice texture to touch.  That’s one of my favorite things about the letterpress process: not only do you get to print really nice, clean images and designs on beautiful paper, but the text and designs that you print have texture that you can feel as well as see.  It’s pretty cool…  Let me know what you think of the new cards!