Programs, Thank You Cards & Favor Tags | Lindsay & Shawn

A lovely couple that we’ve been working with for quite some time, is getting married tomorrow in La Quinta, California!  Twin Ravens Press has worked with Lindsay and Shawn all throughout their wedding planning process on all of their stationery items from Save-the-Dates and invitations, through paper goods for the ceremony, and thank you cards for after.  This really and truly was a complete letterpress package!  If you missed the blog posts I did earlier on their Save-the-Dates or Invitations, you may want to go back and take a look at those, as they were pretty incredible.

Today, however, on the day before they are going to be married, I wanted to show off to you the last of the paper goods we created for their wedding.  We carried the same design elements, colors and theme through these pieces that we used on the save-the-dates and invitations, to really create a gorgeous, cohesive package.

As a favor for their guests, Lindsay and Shawn are planning to give away little bags of cookies from one of Lindsay’s favorite bakeries.  Twin Ravens Press designed and letterpress printed a cute set of 2″ round hang tags for each cookie bag.  These tags are going to have pink and black ribbon threaded through them and the ribbon will tie each glassine bag of cookies shut.  The tag features the couple’s last name, their wedding date and a little letterpress printed heart.  Aren’t these cute?


For their programs, Lindsay and Shawn chose to go with a fairly traditional format.  This program measure 5″x7″ folded and has letterpress printing on all four of it’s panels.  The front panel, or cover, features their names, wedding date, the name of their church and their monogram.  The inside of the program has information about the wedding party on the left side and all of the ceremony information on the right.  The back panel of the program features a sweet message from Lindsay and Shawn to their guests and an “In Loving Memory” section where they name all of their late relatives who will be with them in spirit.


I love how we were able to incorporate both of the fonts from Lindsay and Shawn’s invitations into this program, while still keeping everything very organized and easy to read.

All of the pieces that you’re seeing in this post were printed on Antique White Holyoke 100% cotton rag paper with black ink.

Last, but not least, we created a lovely, formal set of wedding thank you cards for Lindsay and Shawn to use after their wedding.  The front of each card features just their monogram, printed in black ink and the back side has a heart with their last name below it.  Lindsay has been using light pink envelopes throughout her wedding exclusively, but for these cards we chose to instead pair them with a matching white envelope, so that Lindsay could use these cards as personal stationery as well, after all of her thank you’s have been sent out.  I think this is a great idea and gives the cards a lot of versatility!

undefinedundefinedLindsay and Shawn have been a wonderful couple to work with throughout this entire process and I’m so excited for them for their wedding tomorrow!  Congratulations Lindsay and Shawn!  Thanks again for working with us and all the best to both of you!

Weddings | Louise & Dagan

Hi all!  I must apologize for my lack of blogging this week, but it’s been crazy – busy around here!  To make up for my absence, I want to show you a really special set of wedding invitations that we created last year for a couple in Indiana who had a destination wedding in Florida last April.  Let me tell you, this is a post I should have written, literally, about a year ago.  The couple I’m going to be writing about, Louise and Dagan, were so awesome and wonderful to work with, and so understanding when situations weren’t ideal, that they have been long overdue for some blogging love.  You see, I worked with Louise last year on her fairly extensive set of invitations that you can see in the photo above.  The invitation suite included an A6 size invitation, A7 size inner and outer envelopes, An A2 size reply card and coordinating envelope, a custom monogram belly band, 4bar size rehearsal dinner and brunch invitations and a smaller website card.  The suite utilized combinations of three different ink colors including chocolate brown and two lovely shades of green.  All of the pieces were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper and the invite envelopes were also from Crane.  The lovely light green envelopes that Louise chose for her reply card envelopes were from Waste Not Paper Company.  Everything went completely as planned with this job, and we were a week away from going to print on it, when I fell hiking and broke my leg last January.  I expected Louise to freak out about the sudden, unplanned delay in her printing, but she took everything with stride and was so completely sweet about it to boot.  Despite the delays, her invitations were amazing, and I’m so excited to finally be showing them off to you on this blog.

In the photos above you can see what the whole “package” looked like together.  Louise and Dagan’s invitation suite came in an A7 size envelope and featured all of the cards I mentioned above tied up with a custom, letterpress monogram belly band.  If you have a lot of different pieces in your invitation suite, and aren’t including something like a pocket folder, this is a really nice way to tie everything together (no pun intended) and make it look really nice for your guests when they pull it out of the envelope.

Louise and Dagan’s belly band was a 2″ round medallion featuring their initials in the darker of their two green inks with two little love birds perched on either letter.  The medallion had two small holes drilled on either side of the initials so that we could thread a 1/4″ wide, green, double-faced satin ribbon through each one.  Each ribbon tied in a small knot behind all of the stationery.

The main piece in Louise and Dagan’s suite was their gorgeous, three-color, A6 size wedding invitation.  The invitation featured a classic roman typeface for the majority of the invite text and then a lovely, playful script in green for their names.  The motif on the top of the invitation, was one that I’ve used before several times, but that I love very much.  It’s a couple of love birds in branches surrounded by clusters of lovely blossoms.  Isn’t this invitation gorgeous?!?

Louise and Dagan’s A2 size reply card was also printed in three colors and was designed to match their invitation.  It featured a smaller bird-in-branches motif in the top right corner and all of their response options below in a mix of the roman and decorative script fonts we had used on the invitation.  For the meal at the reception, Louise had her guests indicate whether they wanted Surf-n-Turf with a cow + lobster icon, or vegetarian, represented by a couple of carrots.  I use little animal and vegetable icons for meal choice options on reply cards all of the time, and let me tell you, for some reason they just never get old.  I love them!

Loise and Dagan’s reply card envelopes were printed simply with one ink color (the darker green) on a light green envelope from Waste Not Paper Company.

There were also two smaller invitations – one to a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding and one for a brunch the morning after the wedding, included in Louise and Dagan’s invite suite.  Both of these invitations were printed on 4bar size cards in one ink color.  The Brunch invite was vertically oriented and printed in the darker green ink and the rehearsal dinner invite was horizontally oriented and printed in the mintier green.  Last, but not least, they also included a small, 3.5″x2.5″ card with their website information and two more little birdies in an even darker green ink.

I just love how everything coordinated so well with this suite!

After we completed their invitations, Louise and Dagan hired me again to do some design work and letterpress printing for their actual wedding ceremony and reception.  We designed and printed for them a coordinating set of thank you cards, some cute monogram favor tags, table numbers and place cards.  Louise’s thank you cards, which you can see in the top photo below, were a 4bar size folded card printed in one ink color that came with matching white envelopes.  The thank you’s featured the same script we used throughout the invitation suite and two little flying love birds across the front of the card.

For their favor tags, Louise and Dagan had me print more of the the little monogram medallions we had used for their belly bands, but instead of drilling small holes in the sides, we drilled a single hole in the top of the medallion instead.  This allowed Louise to run a tiny 1/8″ wide satin ribbon through each medallion and tie them to her favors.

Their table numbers and place cards were really cute!  These weren’t actually letterpress printed, but what we did is took one of the bird designs from the invitation and scaled it up fairly large.  We then found coordinating papers that would match their green inks and custom die-cut several little birdies out of the different green papers.  Louise used one shade of green for the place cards and the other for her table numbers.  She hired a calligrapher to write out the names and numbers on each little card and for the place cards, we drilled holes in the cards so she could hang them from a small tree at the entrance to their reception.  Totally cute idea – don’t you think?!?

Lastly, in lieu of a guest book, Louise and Dagan had me print a run of double-sided postcards in their design in green ink.  The postcards were left on a table, where you might find an ordinary guest book, and guests were instructed to write their well-wishes on a postcard that would be mailed to Louise and Dagan later on in the upcoming year.  I think this is a totally fun idea, not only because it’s more letterpress, but also because then you get wonderfully happy mail from all of the people who attended your wedding throughout the coming year.  Very cool idea.  Very cool.

So, do you want to see some wedding photos from Louise and Dagan’s big day?   I know you do.  Louise sent me these a couple of months after the wedding.  She was such a beautiful bride!  All photos below courtesy of Goode Green Photography in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Aren’t they one of the loveliest couples you’ve ever seen?!?  Thanks so much again Louise and Dagan for working with me last year!  You two were so wonderful to work with and I hope I get to work with you again at some point in the future.  All the best!

Anniversary Party Invitations | Margaret & Richard

Last night in Tucson, Arizona, a family that we’ve been working with for over two years now, celebrated a wedding anniversary with friends, family and really good food.  The couple, Margaret and Richard were celebrating 20 years of marriage and their children, Isabel and Ivan threw them a party at one of their favorite restaurants, and invited friends and family to join in the celebration.  If you’ve been reading this blog a long time, you may have seen the invitations that we created for Isabel’s wedding in Madrid, Spain in 2009.  If you didn’t, you really ought to check out her invitations here and here, her wedding menus here and photos of her big day and thank you cards here.  It was a stunning wedding with an equally gorgeous set of stationery.  Like her wedding stationery that we letterpress printed a couple of years prior, Isabel designed the invitations and favor tags for her Mom and Step Dad’s anniversary celebration.  You can see the whole suite in the photo above.  It included an A7 size invitation with coordinating orange envelope, an A6 size reply postcard and a #10 extra information card that was digitally printed.

As I mentioned above, the anniversary party invitation itself was an A7 size invitation printed on super-thick Crane Lettra Pearl White Duplex paper in one ink color: a unique greenish-grey.  For the design, Isabel posterized an image of her mom and step dad laughing and having a good time, and then arranged the text of the invitation around the photo.  Generally, photographic images don’t always work well for letterpress printing, but when an image is posterized like this, reducing it to a very textural, but still somewhat photo-realistic image, in black and white, the results of printing it with the letterpress are great!

The invitation envelopes, which you can see below, are an A7 size orange envelope from Green Paper Company.  These envelopes had Margaret and Richard’s return address printed on the back flap, also in grey ink with a little wine glass drawing overlapping the flap of the envelope on to the front.  Isn’t it cute?!?

The reply postcard is one of my favorite pieces Isabel designed for this suite.  It was also printed on Crane Lettra Duplex paper in one ink color, but was double-sided, like a regular postcard.  This postcard was an A6 size, measuring 4.5″x6.25″, which allowed for a lot of space for guests to write.  The front of the card featured a posterized image, similar to the one on the invitation, but this time of Margaret and Richard’s dog.  Pretty cute…

The backside was laid out like a standard postcard with the couple’s address on the right side and all of the information guests needed to fill out on the left.  I just love a postcard RSVP, and I think that the cute little paw prints that Isabel used next to the responses were just adorable!  You can see a closer view of those in the photo below!

In the photo on the right in the grouping above, you can see the one piece in the suite that was digitally printed (everything else was letterpress).  This piece was a letter to Margaret and Richard’s family and friends, from their children, soliciting photos and video clips of the couple so that their kids could put together a video to show at the anniversary party.  I think that this is such a sweet idea and I imagine that the video they showed last night was wonderful!

Last, but not least, several months after we finished the invitations, Isabel contacted me again about printing a small set of favor tags for the anniversary party.  These tags are a 2″ square size with rounded corners that were printed with the couples photo from the invite, and a fancy, handwriting background.  Isabel planned to give small bottles of olive oil away to each of the guests at the party and these tags were to be tied on to the necks of the bottles.  Aren’t they awesome?!?

Thanks so much again Isabel for working with us on this project!  It’s always a pleasure working with you and your family!  All the best!

Wedding Favor Tags | Tatiana & Philip

Check out these pretty little favor tags I finished printing yesterday for a couple getting married in Florida this upcoming February.  These tags measure 3.5″x2″ and feature rounded corners and silver ink on 110 lb. 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper.  I love the big, decorative flourish-y “Thank You” at the top of these – it would be a really pretty motif for thank you cards as well.  I have no idea what kind of favors Tatiana and Philip are having at their wedding, but I’m sure these little tags, tied on with a little ribbon will look just lovely on them!

Thanks so much for working with us Tatiana & Philip!  Congratulations!