Weddings | Jennifer & Sol

Check out these beautiful turquoise and silver invitations that we created earlier this year for Los Angeles couple, Jennifer & Sol!  I just love turquoise and silver together, as a color combination, and I absolutely love the way we were able to combine modern, center-justified, san-serif type with pretty, swirly script for the names.  The decorative silver flourishes in the top and bottom corners of the invite were also a really nice visual element!  

Jenn & Sol’s invites were printed on super-soft, 100% cotton rag paper.  I just love the way that the thin lettering truly creates a “bite” in the page!

The invitations were paired with a coordinating, shimmery, turquoise envelope that featured the couple’s return address printed on the back in silver ink.  We also printed some more decorative flourishing on the front corners of each envelope!

Jenn & Sol’s gorgeous wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty!  If you’d like to see some totally beautiful photos from their big day, go check them out!

Jenn & Sol were truly a pleasure to work with and I just love how their wedding invitations came out!  If either of you are reading this, thanks so much again for working with us!  If you ever need anything in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


Weddings | Jeremy & Kim

Hi Everybody!  These invitations that we printed last fall for Oklahoma couple, Kim & Jeremy, combine two of my very favorite things: classic elements and contemporary styling, with a fun and funky combination of paper and inks!  When Jeremy first approached me about printing he and Kim’s invitations, they knew they wanted something a little out of the ordinary, and I think these black invitations with metallic gold ink and edge painting, really fit the bill. Their suite included an A7 size invitation printed on duplex-weight black paper with gold ink, a 4bar size reply card printed on shimmery gold, handmade Porridge Paper with black ink, and coordinating envelopes for both!  

I really love Jeremy and Kim’s invitation design, which you can see in better detail above!  Not only is the combination of gold ink on black paper really unique for a wedding, but I love how they were able to incorporate more classic looking flourishes and patterns into a really unique layout for their invite.  I love the large, rustic-looking, scripty names in the center, and the slightly western, serif typeface used for the body text!  They are romantic, rustic, western, classic, and just a tiny bit steampunk all at the same time!  Love it!!

As you can see in the top right photo below, we also edge painted Kim and Jeremy’s invitations with shimmery gold edge paint for an added bit of shiny!  Both the reply card envelope and invitation envelope were designed to match.  Both envelopes were black, printed with gold ink, and featured the bride’s mom’s address inside of a fun rustic border!

For their reply card, Jeremy and Kim wanted to continue using unique colored paper, but they also wanted their guests to be able to write on these easily, so, for these, we just flip-flopped the colors and used a handmade, slightly shimmery, gold cotton paper from Porridge Papers and printed the design in black ink.

Aren’t these invitations just so cool!?!  I just love how unique and interesting they are!  Jeremy and Kim were fabulous to work with this past fall and I imagine that their October wedding was just lovely!

Thanks so much again for working with us Jeremy and Kim!  Many congratulations!

Weddings | Kathryn & Richard


Happy New Year and Happy Friday Everyone!  With the busy-ness of the holiday season, it’s been a while since we actually showed off anything new!  There’s no time like the present to remedy that!  To start off the year, I want to share with you one of my favorite new designs from last summer, that I hadn’t gotten around to showing you yet.  This invitation was created for San Francisco couple Kathryn and Richard, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out!  You can see the full suite in the photo above.  It included an A7 size invitation with corresponding outer envelope, a 4-bar size reply card with corresponding envelope, and a cute, A2-size Welcome BBQ invitation!


When I initially began talking to Kathryn about what she envisioned for her invitation suite, she mentioned really liking this set of invitations that was originally designed by New York City designer, Jihee Wu, for her own wedding and letterpress printed by us.  While Kathryn loved Jihee’s suite, she also wanted her design to utilize some more traditional fonts and to possibly add a few more decorative elements, rather than just relying on the text as decoration.  I think what we came up with was a perfect melding of these two aesthetics!  Kathryn and Richard’s invite was printed in metallic ink colors: gold and silver on Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper!  I love the large, gold script names in the center of the design, as well as the gold flourishes at the top and bottom!  So pretty!

For the invitation envelope, Kathryn chose an awesome, shimmery metallic black envelope and we letterpress printed the same flourishes from the invitation on the upper-left and bottom-right corners of the front in silver ink.  We also printed their return address in silver on the back flap, using the same fonts from the invitation!



One of my favorite things about this suite is the awesome combination of different papers Kathryn chose for the different pieces!  For her reply card envelope, we matched the colors from the invite envelope and simply printed a matching envelope in a smaller size.  For the reply card itself, Kathryn picked out an awesome, shimmery grey (almost dark silver) paper for the actual card, and we printed the design on it in black ink.

Last, but not, least, is their Welcome BBQ invitation.  In lieu of a formal rehearsal dinner Kathryn & Richard held a fun, Welcome BBQ at their home in San Francisco, the evening before their wedding.  For this smaller invitation, we hired the wonderful folks at Porridge Papers to create a custom gold paper for us to print on.  It’s difficult to see in the photos, but this paper is bright and shimmery, much like the envelopes Kathryn chose, but still awesomely soft and perfect for letterpress printing.  For the design of this card, we used a slightly more casual and whimsical font for “Welcome BBQ”, and added two little hearts to the line at the bottom.  Too cute!  These cards were printed with shimmery silver ink.



Check out the detail of the letterpress printing in the image above!  I just love printing on custom papers!

Kathryn and Richard, thanks so much again for working with us last year!  I hope the new year to come brings you both lots of joy!  Thanks again!

Custom Calling Cards | Brittany Horn

Hot off the press this week!  Check out these cool orange and green calling cards we created of soon-to-be journalist, Brittany Horn!  Brittany is the sister of Ally whose business cards we designed and printed about a year ago.  You can see Ally’s calling cards here.  Brittany liked her sister’s cards so much that she hired me to design and print her her very own calling cards.  For Brittany’s cards we used a combination of bright orange and green  inks on Crane Lettra 100% cotton pearl white paper.  I love how the flourish design framing her name leaves both the top and left side of the card.  Both the colors and design of these are a lot of fun.  Check them out!  They’re too cool! 

Thanks so much for working with us on these Brittany!  You rock!

Save the Date | Jen & BG are Getting Married!

If you want a classy and elegant, but not necessarily “traditional” Save-the-Date card for your upcoming wedding, you may want to consider an elegantly designed and letterpress printed Save-the-Date postcard, like the one we created for Jen and BG’s upcoming wedding in April!  We finished printing the lovely save-the-dates that you see above a couple of weeks ago, and I’m still really excited about how they turned out!  These postcards are printed in a deep, rich, black ink on 100% cotton Duplex Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper.  Because the paper is a duplex weight, these cards are super-thick, which allowed for a nice letterpress impression on both sides, without any push-back from one side to the other, and they can also go through the machines at the post office, without getting munched!

These postcards are an A6 size, and feature a gorgeous, super flourish-y text treatment of “April Fools’ Day” on the front and lots of fun flourishes, and a variety of fonts on the backside for all of the necessary Save-the-Date information.  Check out some of the photos we took below!

I just love the mix of fun fonts that Jen had us use for the design of these cards!  There’s nine different fonts, total, in this design.  Using that many fonts is tricky to do well, but I think the design of these turned out just awesome!

Thanks so much for working with us on these Jen and BG!  I can’t wait to start designing your wedding invitations!  Talk to you soon!

Weddings | Micah & Jenn

Last summer we created a lovely green and grey set of wedding invitations for an east-coast couple who were married in Massachusetts last September.  Micah and Jenn were one of my favorite couples from last year, and their invitation suite was rather impressive, so I wanted to take the opportunity today to show it off to you!  In the above photo you can see the main components of their invitation suite.  It included an A7 size wedding invitation, an A2 size accommodations card, rehearsal dinner invitation, celebration card and reply card and envelope.  The main invite envelopes were hand-lined with an awesome, floral screen printed paper and we later created matching wedding programs for them as well!

Below are Micah and Jenn’s wedding invitation and invitation envelope by themselves.  For the invitation, we created a lovely flourish to adorn the top of the card and then all of the text was in custom calligraphy by Fran Heider of Little Flower Calligraphy.  In order to do this, Micah and Jenn hired Fran and worked with her to get the calligraphy elements just how they wanted them, then Fran sent us scans of all of the calligraphy, and we turned it into vector images, scaled it down to size and arranged it in the layout of the invitation.  Using calligraphy within the design of your invitations creates a really beautiful effect and it ensures that your design will be entirely unique from any other design out there.

For the invitation envelope, we found a lovely screen printed floral patterned paper that we die-cut into envelope liners and then lined each envelope by hand.  I love how the olive background color on the paper really coordinated with the green ink we used on the invitation, and I think the black and gold, modern, floral pattern is just gorgeous!

Isn’t Fran’s calligraphy beautiful?!?  Before hiring us to do this design, Micah and Jenn discovered us from a previous design that was nearly identical, also using Fran’s calligraphy, that we had featured on this website about six months before.  If you’d like to check out that design, you can here.  We kept the flap of their invitation envelopes simple, and printed their return address in a roman typeface, centered on the back flap, in grey ink.

Micah and Jenn’s celebration was going to last the entire weekend, so they had us design and print a separate card featuring the events that were on different days from the actual wedding ceremony.  They had a get-together with s’mores and beverages on the Friday evening before the wedding, and a post-wedding brunch the Sunday after.  For this card, we incorporated more of Fran’s calligraphy for the dates and the “Celebrate with us” phrase, and we incorporated the green flourish design into the border of the card!

As you can see in the images below, we also created a matching rehearsal dinner invitation (for a Southern Barbecue Rehearsal Dinner – awesome!) and a separate Accommodations card for Micah and Jenn.  Each card was a little bit different, but all of them featured both the green and grey inks, flourishing, calligraphy, and some roman type to balance everything out.  I love how much variety we were able to achieve with one simple graphic and a couple of ink colors!

Several months after their invitations had been sent out, Micah and Jenn contacted me again to create a matching ceremony program for their wedding.  This program was a booklet style that featured a letterpress printed cover and a digitally printed interior page.  The cover was printed using Fran’s calligraphy in grey ink for their names and wedding date, and a bunch of green flourishes to match their other paper goods.  The interior page was a single sheet of paper folded in half to create four booklet pages.  The first page had information about all of the people in Micah and Jenn’s wedding party.  The two middle pages featured information on the different Jewish wedding traditions that Micah and Jenn were incorporating into their ceremony, and the last page had a thank you note from the couple to their guests, and a list of family members who were no longer with them, but who they wanted to acknowledge on their special day.  These programs measured 5″x7″ folded, and were tied together with a piece of green ribbon that was threaded through two holes in each page.  This is a simple, elegant, and fairly inexpensive way to create a booklet-style program for your wedding!

One of the best things about working with Micah and Jenn was getting to work with other members of their family too!  Micah’s mom, Beverly, contacted me a couple of weeks before the wedding and had me create another invitation, in the same style as Micah and Jenn’s invite, but in different colors, for a celebratory brunch that she would be throwing for the newlyweds back in New Jersey a few weeks after the wedding.  This invite was a simple A7 size card printed in two ink colors and was paired with coordinating blue envelopes from Green Paper Company.

I loved working with Micah, Jenn and Beverly last year and I think that all of their paper goods turned out so beautifully!  Thanks so much again Micah, Jenn and Bev!  If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask!  All the best!

Weddings | Jasmine & Kristin

Remember the pretty celadon green and blind embossed Save-the-Dates we created for Jasmine and Kristin who are getting married in May, this past fall?  Well, shortly after we finished their Save-the-Dates, I finished designing and printing their wedding invitations!  Jasmine and Kristin were really on top of it when it came to figuring out what they wanted, so designing for them was an absolute breeze!

Jasmine and Kristin’s wedding invitation suite included a 5.5″ square invite with corresponding envelope, a 4bar size reply card with corresponding envelope and a ribbon belly band with a medallion to hold all of the pieces together.  Both the invitation and reply card were printed on 100% cotton rag Holyoke Paper in their Bone White color and both sets of envelopes were a khaki color from Waste Not Paper Company.

For their invitation envelope, we wanted to do something fancy that incorporated one of their wedding colors that we hadn’t used in the save-the-dates: chocolate brown.  In order to do this, Jasmine and Kristin picked a khaki colored envelope and I printed some gorgeous flourishes on the top left and bottom right corners in chocolate brown ink with their return address printed on the back flap.  For their names in the return address, we used Jasmine’s handwriting, just like we did for the Save-the-Date!  I love how personal and unique it is when we use a bride or groom’s handwriting as part of their invitation design.

When you open up their invitation envelope, this is what you would see.  Enclosed are the invite, reply card, and reply card envelope, stacked in order of size, and tied together with a 1/4″ light pink ribbon that has a celedon green medallion in the center of it with Jasmine and Kristin’s initials printed on it in chocolate brown ink.  I make these types of belly bands a lot and I think that they are a lovely way to, literally, “tie-together” an invitation suite! You can see the whole “package”, in greater detail, in the photo below.

For the actual invitation, Jasmine and Kristin chose a design with cascading light pink flourishes and celadon green text.  For the majority of the text on this invite, we used a modern san-serif typeface, and for the names, we used Jasmine’s actual handwriting.  In order to achieve this for the letterpress print, I had Jasmine write out several versions of her and her fiancée’s names on a plain sheet of white paper, then we scanned the names in to the computer, turned them in to vector graphics and made a photopolymer plate of the version they liked best.  I think it turned out great!

Their reply card was designed to match the invite and was also printed in two ink colors: light pink and celadon green.  I used one fancy cascade of flourishes to decorate this card coming in from the top left corner of the card and the same combination of fonts (the modern san-serif and Jasmine’s handwriting) for the text.  It’s so simple, but so beautiful, at the same time.

Last, but not least, we created a reply card envelope in the same colors and style as the invite envelope, but this time in a 4bar size to fit the reply card.  I decorated the front of this envelope with some chocolate brown flourishes and we used a combination of handwriting and regular type for the address on the front.
Jasmine and Kristin were such a fun couple to work with and I’m sure their wedding in Tennessee this upcoming May is going to be just lovely!  Thanks again Jasmine and Kristin!  You are awesome!

Weddings | Kelsey & David

I’m finishing up the printing today for a set of letterpress wedding invitations featuring some lovely scripts and hand-drawn magnolias for a couple in Florida for their upcoming wedding this spring, and I was reminded of another lovely set of invitations, that also featured magnolias, that we did this year and I hadn’t shown off yet.  Magnolias seem to be a really popular motif for southern weddings and they are so lovely, I just had to show you some of the styles that we’ve created with them.  The invitations you see above and below were created this past spring for a couple in North Carolina, Kelsey and David, who were married in July.  They featured a large, 6″x8″ invitation with coordinating inner/outer envelopes and a lovely single-color reply card with envelope.

One of my favorite things about this suite are the large invitation envelopes, so lets see those first!

Kelsey and David’s wedding invitations were large – measuring just over 6″x8″, so they needed a really large, lovely, formal set of envelopes to mail them in.  Kelsey chose to have us create both inner and outer envelopes for her suite.  The outer envelope, which you can see in the top left of the photo above was unlined and was printed in two ink colors: a light, spring green and dark grey.  A large, hand-drawn magnolia flower was printed in the center of the envelope flap with Kelsey’s mom’s return address printed in dark grey over the top of it.

Kelsey and David’s inner envelopes (bottom right in the photo above) were unprinted, but featured a beautiful custom envelope liner made from a light green lokta paper with a gold fern pattern on it.  I absolutely love working with Lokta paper and I think this pattern and color really complimented Kelsey and David’s invitations nicely.

For their actual invitation, Kelsey and David wanted a very formal and classic layout and script fonts for the entire design.  To save a little bit of money, we printed both the invite and reply card in a single ink color, but alternated them, so that both pieces would coordinate with the envelopes perfectly.  The invitation was printed in dark grey ink and features a lot of flourish-y script and one lovely flourish at the top of the design for decoration.

The reply card featured the same script typefaces, but was printed in green rather than grey.  I love how in this design, the “Kindly reply” has flourishes that leave the edges of the card.  We also incorporated two lovely flourish motifs, similar to the one at the top of the invitation, into the two bottom corners of the reply card.  Isn’t it pretty?!?

Last, but not least, is the reply card envelope.  Like the outer invitation envelope, these envelopes were also printed in two ink colors: dark grey and green.  The front of the envelope featured Kelsey’s mom’s address in dark grey ink and one green flourish entering from the bottom left corner.  The back flap of this envelope featured a tiny, green magnolia encircled by a flourish-y frame in dark grey.  All three sets of envelopes in this suite were from Arturo Fine Stationery and the reply card and invitation were printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb., 1o0% cotton paper in Pearl White.  If you like these invitations, check back on this blog next week to see the new set of magnolia-themed invites we are in the process of creating for a couple in Florida getting married in 2011.  They are yellow and medium grey and are turning out absolutely beautifully!

Weddings | Theresa & Dermot

Sometimes, during the summer, when it’s really busy around here, I have a terrible habit of showing off a couple’s awesome Save-the-Dates and then taking forever to actually show you, my lovely blog readers, their invitations.  You may have noticed recently, that while I’ve been showing off new work, I’ve also been recapping a lot of my favorite invitations from earlier in the year, that I just didn’t get to blogging about when they were hot off the press.  The invitations you’re about to read about in this post, were one such set of invitations and one of my favorite sets from earlier in the summer.

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite a while, you may remember Theresa and Dermot’s awesome save-the-date coasters with tiny little square envelopes that we created way back in November of 2009.  If you haven’t been following us that long, you should go back and check out the link, as they were pretty awesome.  A few months after her Save-the-Dates were sent, Theresa hired me again to design and print her wedding invitations.  She wanted the styling of these to be a little more formal and classic than her save-the-dates, but still whimsical and elegant.  We used two ink colors for her pieces: a lovely turquoise blue and a metallic silver.  The suite included an invitation and reply card, both of which were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper and coordinating envelopes for both pieces that were printed with silver ink on pool blue envelopes from Waste Not Paper Company.

Theresa and Dermot’s wedding invitation is a standard A7 size and was printed in two ink colors.  The decorative motifs on this design were printed in a light turquoise blue and all of the text was printed in silver ink.  For these invitations I created an array of gorgeous, flowing, flourishes that stretch across the top and bottom of the card.  I love how the flourishes are slightly calligraphic and really formal, yet whimsical looking.  For the couple’s names, I used a script font with lots of flourishing that I thought mimicked the decorative flourishing of the design well.  Isn’t this beautiful?!?

Their reply card was a 4bar size and utilized the same turquoise flourishing motif and silver type.  I used a little less flourishing on this card, but I think that it still coordinates perfectly with the invitation!  We used script to emphasize important snippets of text, like the response date and the “M” on the line where guests would write in their names.

The impression the letterpress printing created in the paper for this design, for both the decorative motifs and the typography, was just lovely.  You can get a closer look at it in the image below!

Both the reply card and envelope for this suite were a lovely turquoise color from Waste Not Paper Company called “Pool”.   Often we just print the addresses on envelopes for wedding invitations and call it good, but for these we wanted to do a little more decoration on the envelopes themselves.  You can see the reply card envelope with the actual card itself in the photo above.  I printed Theresa’s mailing address in the center of the envelope in silver ink in the same fonts we had been using for the reply card and invitation, and then created a small flourish motif that could be printed in the top left corner of the envelope in silver.  I think this is a lovely way to make the envelope coordinate with the stationery, besides just matching the color.  It really makes the envelope a lot more elegant and fancy too!

Theresa and Dermot’s outer invitation envelopes were beautifully adorned as well.  I printed a small flourishing motif on the bottom right corner of these envelopes and then a larger one that matched the one from the reply card envelope in the upper left corner.  The return address of these envelopes was printed on the back flap and you can see that the decorative flourishing cascades over the top of the envelope from the front to the back.  I think these turned out just beautifully and working with Theresa and Dermot on this suite was fantastic!

Congratulations Theresa & Dermot!  Thanks again!