Crane String Cards featured on Little Grey Pixel

I want to give a quick shout-out to a blogger who recently featured one of our Crane String Cards on her blog in a holiday card round-up! Head over to Little Gray Pixel and check out the feature here. It’s not too late to order holiday cards, so if you are interested in the Crane String or other holiday designs from Twin Ravens Press, check them out in our etsy store!

Holiday Meet Your Maker Show & Sale this Sunday!

Happy Friday Everyone! If you’re in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area this weekend and are looking for something fun to do, come out to the Meet Your Maker Holiday Show + Sale this Sunday at the Fenario Gallery in downtown Eugene! The Fenario Gallery is located at 881 Willamette Street and the show will run from 11:00-5:00. The Fenario Gallery is a much larger space than the show has been in before, so there will be many more vendors and lots of holiday goodies to check out! I’ve been busy this week printing up lots and lots of holiday cards, all of which will be available on Sunday!

In other (related) news, I was recently interviewed by the ladies of Meet Your Maker about letterpress, Twin Ravens Press, how we got our start, etc. If you’d like to read the interview, it’s posted on their blog here.
Have a Happy Weekend and I hope to see you Sunday!

Twin Ravens Press Holiday Cards Now Available!

Happy November everybody! I hope everyone out there had a very Happy Halloween weekend! Now that the holiday season is on its way, I thought I take a moment to show off some of the Twin Ravens Press holiday cards that are available now or are going to be available over the next few days in our etsy shop! All of these cards are available as singles or come in sets of six or 12 cards. I’m going to be adding a few more designs to this collection in the next couple of weeks and will let you know more about those very soon! All of the designs in this post are either general holiday or Christmas-related, but we are also going to be adding a few Hanukkah designs in the coming weeks as well. We will also have holiday coasters and small gift cards available in late November, so keep an eye out for those too!

The following designs are available now for those who want to get an early start! If you don’t see them in our etsy shop, keep an eye out over the next few days and they will be up shortly. If you just can’t wait to get your hands on them, though, you can always e-mail me, and I would be glad to set up a special listing just for you! If you are a retailer and would like to carry any of our holiday designs in your store, please e-mail me and I would be glad to send you a .pdf of our wholesale catalog!
The image at the top of this post is of our Holiday VW Bug card. It is a 4bar size (measuring 3.5″x4.875″) and comes with coordinating red envelopes.
This is Poinsettia Mouse. It is also a 4bar size and comes with coordinating red envelopes.
Below is an image of our Crane String card in red, copper and green. You’ll notice that this design is available all year round and also comes in other color combinations. I think this design makes a lovely holiday card though as well! It is an A2 size, measuring 4.25″x5.5″ and comes with red envelopes.
The design you see above is one of our oldest greeting card designs. Holiday Cardinals is an A2 size card, now printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper in red and black inks and comes with matching red envelopes.
This cute Holiday Cat with Lights card is sure to brighten anyone’s holiday! The A2 card features a mischievous orange kitty and a long strand of tangled, green christmas lights that reach around from the front to the back of the card. It comes with coordinating green envelopes!
Here is another oldie-but-goodie! Our Holiday Hedgehogs card features four ink colors, and coordinating pool blue envelopes. These cards are 4bar size.
The two cards above are our Peace Dove card and our “Let it Snow!” holiday card. They are both 4bar size and come with coordinating pale blue envelopes.
As I mentioned above, all of these designs will be available in our Etsy Shop over
the next few days. If you can’t wait for a design to show up in the shop, please feel free to e-mail me and I would be happy to set up a special listing just for you! More designs will be available in the coming weeks as well, so keep your eyes out! Happy (early) Holidays!

Merry Christmas (One Day Late…)!

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it!  I meant to post this yesterday, but in all honesty I was lounging around enjoying the holiday instead of paying attention to my blog.  We had a very nice Christmas filled with good food, fun presents and not doing too much of anything.  Last weekend we decorated our tree – we got a live tree in a pot this year so that we can potentially use it again as a Christmas tree next year, or plant it in the backyard this spring.  Here it is the night that we decorated it:  
My cat, Oliver, thoroughly enjoyed the tree decorating process.  
At least the laying in the tissue paper that the ornaments were wrapped in part.  Isn’t he cute? At the top of this post is a picture of our tree on Christmas morning, with all of the presents under it.  
In work related news, we had a small, but exciting event happen just before Christmas.  Our etsy shop, which has only been online since December 14th of last year, now has 200 people who are calling it (us) a favorite!  That’s a pretty good milestone I think for only one year of being online.  See the screenshot I took of the favorites below.  I don’t know how many of them are reading this blog, but if you are one of those now 200+ favorites, thank you, it’s really neat to see how many of you there are out there.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone!  I’m working on finishing up a big custom job today, which I will tell you all about soon, but in the meantime, I thought I should let everyone know that the last of this year’s holiday cards (what’s left of them, anyway) are now available in the Etsy shop.  I can’t guarantee that they will reach you before Christmas this year, but it’s never a bad idea to stock up early for next year.  Here are some photos of the last of them:

This one features a string of three origami cranes.  It’s printed in red, green, copper and black inks and was inspired by our recent trip to Japan.  It is an A2 size (4.25″ x 5.5″) and comes with matching red envelopes.  You can purchase them in packs of 12, packs of 6 or as singles.  The Christmas Volkswagen card at the top of this post was printed in 6 colors (that’s a lot for letterpress!!) and is also available in packs of 10, packs of 6 and as singles.
Lastly, this cheerful mouse holding a Poinsettia flower card is a 4bar size (3.5″x4.875″) and was printed in 5 colors (grey, green, red, pink & black).  It is also available in packs of 10, packs of 6 or as singles.  Go check them out!

Let it Snow!

A couple of days ago an unusual occurrence happened in Eugene.  We got snow!  That stuck on the ground… for more than a couple of hours!  (See my feet standing in it above outside of the shop.) We have been planning to release a new set of snow related holiday cards for a while, but now that we actually have snow on the ground it seems a little more fitting.  So here you are: there are now some very fun and festive letterpress printed snowflake cards in our etsy shop.  You can purchase these as singles and in sets of 6 or sets of 10.  

Also new in the shop as of today are some simply elegant Peace Dove cards.  I really love the way this script face looks stretching across the whole front of the card.  
These are also available in sets of 10, sets of 6 and as singles.  Both card designs are a 4bar size, come with really light blue coordinating envelopes and are blank on the inside for your own personal message.  All of our cards generally ship within one business day of order, so if you’re running short (or haven’t gotten around to sending out any holiday cards yet), head over to etsy and snatch some of these up!  

Cat & Lights Holiday Cards

My sources indicate that there are some very adorable holiday cards now available in the Twin Ravens Press Etsy Shop featuring an orange tabby cat and a long string of tangled up Christmas lights.  The lights loop around the whole card from the front to the back, and the inside is left blank for your own personal message.  These cards are an A2 size (4.25″ x 5.5″) and come with matching pine green envelopes.  They are available in packs of 12, packs of 6 and as singles.  Go check them out!

They're back!

Hello everyone!  I just thought that I would make a quick post to let you all know that the first of the holiday cards are (finally) back up in the etsy shop.  There will be more designs added later this week, but if you would like a set or a single of the hedgehog holiday cards they are now available for purchase via etsy.  You can find sets of 10 here, sets of 6 here, or the singles here.  Go check them out!

It's beginning to look a lot like…

Happy December Everyone!    Because we were away and closed for a good portion of November we’re a little behind on getting our 2008 Holiday card designs out, but if you’ve been waiting, I think you will find that they’re worth the wait.  Below you will find pictures of the computer-ized designs for this year’s holiday cards.  All of these designs will be available in my etsy shop, one by one, starting tomorrow, and all of them will be available by the end of next week!  I’ll also be offering the cute holiday hedgehogs that you see at the beginning of this post from last year again as well.  They’re going to be $4 for singles, $20 for a box of 6 or $24 for a box of 10.  The larger boxes of 10 are new, and they’re a great deal, which is pretty exciting!  If any of you wonderful readers out there would like to pre-order any of the designs you see below (available for shipment or delivery next week), please send me an e-mail at [email protected] with the Subject line “Holiday Cards” and I will get back to you soon!  Happy Holidays everyone!