The OMG-WTF Spectrum

I can’t believe it’s already the last day in August! Seriously, where has the last month/year/summer gone?!? This week is going to be a really busy week between printing an awesome set of promotional greeting cards for a wedding planner in California to keeping up with the design work for some upcoming winter wedding clients before I leave for Seattle on Thursday afternoon. I’m hoping to have a new blog post up later today too to show off some more awesome things we’ve been working on this summer, but in the meantime, I found this online this morning and thought it more than appropriate. If any fellow designers out there are reading this blog, I know that you can appreciate this too. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the OMG-WTF Spectrum:

(via Neatorama)

In my opinion this is very applicable to design work, be it letterpress related or otherwise (way before I opened Twin Ravens Press I worked in marketing for a university bookstore and this was applicable there too). Also sometimes applicable for personal relationships, traffic, and tech support…
There will be more awesome letterpress-related stuff later! In the meantime, have a Happy Monday!


Okay, this one isn’t letterpress, or wedding, or stationery related in the slightest, so if that’s all you’ve come for, you may want to skip it.  However, I saw this photo this morning on ffffound! and thought I needed to share it with you.  It seems like living in a college town you see tons of “Lost Dog” and “Lost Cat” posters up on telephone posts and bulletin boards every spring (well, and all times of the year), but I thought that this poster, even though it probably wasn’t put up in my town, was, in a word: awesome.  

I have lots of awesome new stationery to share with you later this week!  Stay tuned!

Hee hee…

I don’t know why, but I saw this this morning and I must admit that it made me giggle, just a little bit…

Image via ffffound

Good Design

I was blog hopping earlier today and ran across this poster. The first thought that came to my head was, literally: “Dude, that would look pretty cool letterpress printed, with some nice old wood type.” The second thought was “Wow, that’s sad, but painfully true.”

(Image via Design Crush)