Weddings | Caitlin & Matt

Last month we completed a lovely set of wedding invitations for a Chicago couple who are getting married this May in Cape Cod.  Caitlin and Matt hired us to design and letterpress print their gorgeous single-color invitation suite.  The suite included an inner/outer set of invitation envelopes.  The inner envelope was lined with a pretty green paper that was embossed with a lovely floral-vine pattern.  The stationery suite also included an A7 size wedding invitation, an A2 size events card, a 4bar size reply card with coordinating reply card envelope and a matching belly band to tie everything together.

If you were to have received one of their invitations, the first thing you would have noticed was the beautiful calligraphy on the front of her envelopes.  Caitlin hired a Chicago calligrapher to match the script type we used throughout the suite for her guest addressing.  You can see the letterpress printed script on her outer envelope flap below.  In the photo on the right you can see both the outer invitation envelope and the inner one with the invitation tucked inside.  I love the pretty green embossed paper Caitlin picked out for the envelope liners!  The texture and color of it was just lovely!

When you remove the invitations from their inner envelope, the pretty bundle you see above is what you would see.  All of the pieces in Caitlin and Matt’s invitation suite were stacked in order of size and then wrapped and held together with a custom, letterpress printed belly band.  The belly band featured playful curly lines along the band and a round medallion featuring their names, wedding date and a bucket of hydrangeas graphic in the center.  This central medallion was matted onto a slightly larger circle of the same green embossed paper we used for the envelope liners to tie everything together.

Caitlin and Matt’s wedding invitation is both classic and modern at the same time.  The layout is fairly simple and traditional, featuring a small graphic at the top of the design with the main body of text in a classic roman font below it.  The styling of the names is in a more contemporary, all lower-case script, and is featured prominently throughout the design.  I love the adorable hydrangea graphic we came up with and used throughout the suite!  Caitlin kept buckets of hydrangeas in her bedroom at her parent’s house, and we found these to be the perfect floral, but not too-busy, graphic for their invitations.

Caitlin and Matt’s 4bar size reply card was designed to match their invitations using the same fonts and ink colors.  These reply cards were paired with a matching white reply card envelope printed with their return address in the same sage green ink.  All of Caitlin and Matt’s stationery was printed on 110 lb. Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Pearl White.

Caitlin and Matt also included a separate events card with their invitations.  This card was an A2 size and featured information about the other events they are having in conjunction with the wedding.  We created tiny icons to represent each event.  These events include a clambake rehearsal dinner, a Sunday morning brunch and a sunset beach bonfire the night after the wedding.  It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic weekend!

Above is one more shot of the belly band by itself so that you can see athe beautiful textures from both of the different papers and the letterpress printing.  I just love how this piece tied all of the other pieces together!

We’re currently working on a matching set of place cards and favor tags for Caitlin and Matt and I just love how they’re turning out!

Caitlin and Matt – you’ve been so much fun to work with!  Thanks so much for hiring us to create these with you!  Talk to you soon!  : )

Weddings | Eleanor & Jeremy

Last month I completed a really sweet and summery little wedding invitation suite for an American couple that is living in Tunisia (they work for the State Department), who are getting married in Massachusetts later this month!  How does a couple living in a country that far away find out about Twin Ravens Press, you ask?  She was recommended to us by a previous client, Isabel, who just moved to Tunisia for work as well.  If you’d like to read about Isabel’s stationery (which also turned out really cool!), you can here, here, and here.  

We went through several different ideas in order to get to the lovely set you see at the top of this post.  When Eleanor and I originally started talking about designs she thought that she probably wanted a design with a barn (they are getting married at a family farm), or a barn door.  We came up with quite a few lovely mock-ups of what this design could potentially be, and while I think any of those would have turned out beautifully as well, I think it’s pretty neat that ultimately she ended up choosing to go with this simple,  yet beautiful, summery hydrangea design.  Eleanor and Jeremy’s suite included the invitation, a reply card, an invitation envelope and a reply card envelope.  
As I mentioned before, you can see a photo of all four pieces in Eleanor & Jeremy’s suite together at the top of this post.  Below is a photo of just the invitation, by itself. 
Eleanor and Jeremy’s invitation is an A7 size and was printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra Paper in their Ecru color.  I really like the Ecru paper from Crane – it’s very warm and inviting, and in my opinion, very different from a regular white paper without really being a strong “other color”.  As you can see in the photo, I drew two blue hydrangeas for the design on the left side of the invite and then the text was arranged around them.  For the fonts we chose a very nice, handwriting-like script font for their names and then a very nice classic serif font for the rest of the text.  I really love the texture that both the fonts and all of the small line work in the hydrangeas created for this design.  Here is a close-up photo of part of the invite so you can get a better look at the fonts, ink colors, fine hydrangea details, and the impression:
Very pretty, don’t you think?  Here is the A7 size envelope that accompanied the invitation: 
This envelope is a light blue from Waste Not Paper Company and it features a European pointed flap.  I printed Eleanor’s parent’s address on the flap in the same green ink that I used for the invitation.  I matched the blue ink for their names and the hydrangeas on the invitation, to the blue of this envelope!  It turned out really really nice.  
For their reply card, Eleanor and Jeremy chose a standard 4bar size and we used basically the same design elements for it as we did for the main invitation.  We also decided to go with the same light blue color for the reply card envelope that we used for the main invitation envelope and printed the bride’s parent’s address on the front in green ink.  Here is a photo of the reply card and envelope together: 
Here is a closer photo of just the reply card, by itself: 
If you are working on designing a response card for your upcoming wedding or other event and you have multiple events that your guests could attend, I highly recommend having some sort of way for your guest’s to tell you which event(s) they plan to attend, rather than just giving them the option to accept or decline.  Eleanor and Jeremy are planning to have a barbeque the night before the wedding and reception, so they made an option on their card so that guest’s could indicate whether or not they would attend the barbeque as well as the wedding and reception, or just the wedding.  I think this is a great idea and helps to keep everyone more organized prior to the event.  
Eleanor and Jeremy were really great to work with and I wish them all the best for their upcoming celebration and in the years ahead!  Congratulations Eleanor & Jeremy!