A Baby Shower for Lauren

It’s been super-cold for several days up here in Oregon, so, today, I’m going to show off some light, warm, cheery baby shower invitations that we did last fall for event planner, Lauren Stewart, in California.  We’ve worked with Lauren and her clients several times before, so I was both honored and excited to be printing the invitations for her own baby shower!  Lauren’s shower invitations were printed on 5.5″ square cards in two ink colors: a lovely pastel peach and a lovely light turquoise.  They were printed on super-soft Holyoke 100% cotton paper and were paired with a matching envelope from Waste Not Paper Company.  I love the mix of whimsical fonts, fun patterns and borders and the cute banners that Lauren used on both the invite and envelope.

Aren’t these cute?!?  Due to the lightness of Lauren’s name in the banner, from printing in such a light ink color, Lauren ended up hand lettering her name into the banner in gold to give it more contrast.  She also hand lined her envelopes with a fun gold-polka-dot paper to match.  So cute!!

The envelopes were designed to coordinate and featured her party’s host’s address on the back flap in peach-colored ink.

Lauren also had us print an adorable, smaller square insert with a cute poem requesting that guests bring a children’s book instead of a card to the shower!  Such a cute idea and a wonderful way to start up a collection of books for your little one!

Thanks so much again for working with us on these Lauren!  I’m sure your little girl is absolutely adorable!


Weddings | Joyce & Tim

I get to work with so many awesome couples during the summer months on wedding-related stationery, that I simply don’t have time to feature them all on this blog in the summer.  I really love the winter months though, because I can take some time to go back and remind myself of all of the beautiful and fun invitations we created over the summer and show off the ones to you that I didn’t quite get to during those months.

The invitations you see above and below, were one of my favorites to design from early summer 2010!  Joyce and Tim of Vancouver, Canada were very fun and had a lot of unique, quirky elements to their wedding that made designing their stationery really fun!

When Joyce first contacted me, she described her upcoming wedding and the stationery she wanted.  Her stationery was to incorporate chartreuse and violet inks on a creamy white paper and she liked the idea of mixing typewriter fonts with fonts that looked handwritten.  She wanted her stationery to incorporate different flight elements, and we chose paper airplane motifs as well as classic “Airmail” stripes to accomplish this.  All of the graphics on these invitations were hand-drawn in a very simplistic style, which I absolutely love.  It’s very cute and quirky and fun!  As we hammered out ideas, we also decided that printing these invitations with all of the pertinent information as one sheet of paper, would be pretty cool, so we designed these as a long accordion folded invite with four separate panels, each of which was printed double-sided, to maximize the space.  Each invitation measures 15.25″x5.75″ unfolded, but folds up to slightly larger than an A2 size card.  Letterpress printing something this large on a platen press can be a challenge, but I love the format and think that it’s a great way to fit a lot of information onto not a lot of paper.

In the image on the left above, you can see the two main panels of the exterior side of the invite.  The small panel at the top folds over the whole package and has the couple’s return address printed on the flap.  The way that this is designed, you could potentially mail them without envelopes.  They actually almost look like they are in an envelope, when they’re folded up, even though they are not!  Because Joyce wanted them to arrive in great shape for her guests though, she also had a us print some A6 size, deep purple envelopes for them to be mailed in.  I do love how the format allows for them to be mailed without envelopes though, and I think this plays into the “airmail” theme in the design really well.  The panel below the one with the address on the backside features an area for Joyce to write in her guest’s names (as well as their address, if she had been mailing them without envelopes).

In the image on the right above, you can see the interior side of the small panel as well as the next two main panels to the right of it.  The two main panels on the inside were the actual invitation panel (left) and a panel with lift ticket, accommodations and directions information all relevant to the wedding celebration (right).  Check out these two center panels closer below!

I just love all of the fun little elements in this design!  The hand-drawn paper airplanes and clouds are so joyful and inviting along with the funky typewriter and handwriting-like fonts, and the airmail stripes!  I also love Joyce and Tim’s unconventional choices in color.  Chartreuse and violet are just awesome together!

Another thing I love about this design is how Joyce gave just enough information in her different informational sections on the right-hand interior panel, without going overboard.  Sometimes I think it’s difficult for couples planning a destination wedding to decide what information is absolutely essential for their guests and what information is extraneous.  Joyce and Tim did a great job of giving just enough information in their informational section, and then directed guests to their wedding website if they needed more info.

The fourth panel of Joyce & Tim’s wedding invitation was a detachable RSVP postcard.  It was also double-sided, and featured all of the important RSVP information on one side (guest’s names, rsvp date, and a place for guests to choose their reception entrée).  I love how Joyce let me incorporate little animal and vegetable icons into the design for the entrée choices.  They’re too cute!

The backside of this reply card/panel was designed to look like a vintage postcard back.  It was divided down the center and featured Joyce & Tim’s address and a place for a postage stamp on the right side and the left side was blank with a little note asking guests to write a message to the couple.  I think this is such a cute RSVP idea and I imagine that they were really fun for Joyce and Tim to receive in the mail in the months before their wedding.

Last, but not least, we also designed a set of coordinating thank you cards for this stationery suite, for Joyce and Tim to send out their guests after the wedding.  These were also printed in two ink colors: chartreuse and violet, and featured many of the same design elements from the actual invitations, including the airmail stripes, handwriting font, and a chartreuse paper airplane.  These cards were an A2 size, folded, and came with coordinating chartreuse envelopes that had Joyce and Tim’s address printed on the back flap in violet.  Aren’t they cute!?!

Thanks so much again Joyce & Tim for working with me on your wedding stationery!  I really enjoyed it!  All the best!

Weddings | Rochelle & André

We printed this lovely set of invitations, that were designed by the bride & groom, Rochelle and André back in May of this year, and even though their wedding has already happened, they were just too cool for me to not show off!

Rochelle and André created a very simple, but beautiful, set of letterpress invitations for their late-July wedding in Glendale, California.  The set featured an A7 size invitation, printed in two ink colors, and a 4bar size reply card printed in a single color on 100% cotton Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper.  I absolutely love Rochelle’s tree design!  It’s organic and whimsical and I love the little heart shape in the trunk of the tree that they carried throughout all three of their pieces.  The ink colors they chose were a nice, deep chocolate brown and a bright, cheerful green.  Check out some of the details closer below!

Another aspect of their invites that I love is how the font for their names that Rochelle chose closely mimics the little flourish at the base of the tree!  It just tied everything together so well.  The reply card, which you can see below on the left was printed in chocolate brown and features the trunk of the tree with leaf shaped “boxes” for guests to indicate whether or not they were attending the wedding.  The envelope we paired with this set was a lovely goldenseal orange color from Green Paper Company and featured their address and tree-trunk-heart in brown ink on the monarch-style flap.

Aren’t those just lovely?!?  Rochelle was a fabulous bride to work with and I’m sure her and André’s wedding a few weeks ago was just fabulous!  Thanks again and congratulations Rochelle and André!

Weddings | Chatie & Hanzy

2010 seems to be just flying by folks!  While we’re still well in the middle of printing wedding invitations for 2010 though, I’m excited to show off our first 2011 invitation to you today!  We designed these lovelies for a couple getting married in the Philippines this coming January and letterpress printed them last week.

I love how warm and tropical this design feels!  Chatie had us design and print her invitation, which is a standard A7 size, and was printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper.  We created a lovely and whimsical starfish/bubble pattern along the bottom and right edge that was blind embossed for a wonderful, textural effect.  We also created and blind embossed a fun interwoven monogram of Chatie & Hanzy’s initials for the top.  All of the wording is handwritten calligraphy by Fran Heider of Little Flower Calligraphy.  We’ve worked with Fran on numerous projects and her work is always absolutely gorgeous!  All of the calligraphy was made into a letterpress printing plate and printed by us, using a light turquoise ink.  Check out some of the details below.

I absolutely loved working with Chatie to create her invitations, and I know that her wedding in the Philippines this upcoming January is going to be just beautiful!  Congratulations Chatie & Hanzy and all the best to you!

Weddings | Jackie & Brandon

Right before I left for New York City a few weeks ago, I printed a set of invitations for a couple who are getting married this upcoming August at The Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport, New York.  These invitations are on the large side, measuring 7″x7″ square, but boy does the large size help to show off the awesome designs on the sides and the totally sweet three-color letterpress printing!  

The three colors we used for these invitations were a nice medium grey, bright yellow and a deep magenta pink.  The design was created by an outside designer that we’ve worked with before, Christina Reinersman, of Villa Hills, Kentucky.  We worked directly with Christina for coordinating the printing of these invitations.  If you like this design, get in touch with Christina, as I’m sure she’d be happy to work with you to design an invitation for your upcoming event.  Here are some more photos so you can see the beautiful and very intricate design elements Christina used on the invitation:

Thanks so much for working with us Christina and Jackie!  You are awesome!

Featured! | Junebug Real Weddings

It was lovely to discover that we recently got a lovely little mention over on Junebug Real Weddings for a wedding invitation suite we designed and printed for a lovely couple, Allison & Ryan, who were married on the Oregon Coast this past September. If you missed the post about their invitations on this blog, you should go and check it out here. A friend of mine, Kathryn Speyer, at Persimmon Images, photographed Allison and Ryan’s wedding and it was through her that I discovered the mention on Junebug! I hadn’t heard of Junebug until just recently, but their site seems to be a fabulous source for wedding inspiration, both on the actual site and on their blog. Go check out the feature here to see some of Kat’s fabulous photos and to read more about Allison and Ryan’s awesome wedding! Cheers!

Thirty-Three Pounds of Epic-Win.

From a recent phone conversation I had with one of my favorite paper-makers, Samantha, at Porridge Papers:
Me: So, you remember that huge box of custom seeded paper you made for us that you wrote “33 lbs. of Awesome” on the outside of?
Samantha: Yeah.
Me: Well, I’ve finally finished the project that we needed thirty-three pounds of paper for. Let me tell you, it’s pretty much awesome. I mean, the paper it’s printed on is, in and of itself, thirty-three pounds of awesome…
Samantha: So, now that it’s printed, it’s like, Thirty-Three Pounds of Epic-Win, right?!?
Me: Yeah. Exactly.
So, why am I sharing this all with you? I had posted about the awesome box of paper we received from Porridge Papers a few weeks ago here, and I’m totally excited to say, that the project the paper was for (which was the largest, most complex, project I’ve ever taken on, to date) is finished! And it is, truly, 33 lbs. of epic-win. This project is the reason I’ve been so absent from blogging the past several days, but trust me folks, it was worth it! Below are some sneak-peak photos of the booklets that were created for this project (220 of them in all). They are truly wonderful, I’m totally proud, and the lovely bride that they were created for in upstate New York, was pretty ecstatic as well! I’m going to be sharing more with you on this project in a day or two, but I just had to give you a teaser for tonight. Cheers!

Julian's Bar Mitzvah

In case you haven’t noticed, this week I’ve been featuring tree-themed invitations on the blog. This wasn’t totally intentional, I just happened to realize earlier this week that we’ve been doing a lot of tree-themed designs lately and I figured it would be a good opportunity to show them off, all together, so you could see how many different possibilities can come out of one, simple theme. The designs I’ve been showing off so far have been for wedding invitations and Save-the-Date cards, but we also recently printed a fabulous set of Bar Mitzvah invitations, for a young man named Julian, in the Los Angeles area.
For those of you who are unfamiliar, a Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony celebrating a boy’s coming-of-age in the Jewish community. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is typically an ordinary Sabbath service in which the boy participates for the first time as an adult. Typically a boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13. There is also an equivalent celebration for Jewish girls, called a Bat Mitzvah, which happens typically when the girl turns 12. Following the service there is often a celebratory meal or other type of party with family, friends and other members of the Jewish community. If you’d like to read more about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, you can here.
Julian and his mom, Suzanne, had seen some of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations I had designed and printed, here, on this blog, and decided to contact me about designing and printing Julian’s. Julian and his family wanted some sort of Tree of Life theme and imagery when it came to the invitations, but were open to having that tree image be fairly modern and more organic than other more traditional depictions. Julian also expressed to me when we talked that he liked more antique-looking typefaces, so I made sure to take that into account when coming up with his design. Julian’s Bar Mitzvah invitation suite, which you can see all together at the top of this post, included an A7 size invitation, a 4bar size reply postcard and an A7 envelope.
Julian’s invitation was printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Ecru paper in two ink colors: a very light, sagey green and chocolate brown. I created a very organic, natural, Tree of Life that surrounds the text of Julian’s invite and bleeds off of both the left-hand side and top of the invitation. If you look at the detail photo below you can see all of the amazing detail that went into this tree – particularly in the leaves. It turned out so great letterpress printed! All of the text was printed in chocolate brown ink. I used a classic, serif typeface that reminded me of old wooden letterpress type for Julian’s and his parent’s names, and a different, classic, roman typeface for the rest of the text. Julian’s family chose to include information about both the actual service at the temple that is going to happen in the morning, and information about the evening party at a downtown hotel, on the invite.
Julian and his family chose to pair the invitation with a simple, matching, ecru, square-flap envelope, also from Crane. The envelope had their return address letterpress printed in chocolate brown ink on the back flap.
For the reply card, Julian and his family chose to do a postcard, rather than a traditional card with an envelope. This is an awesome option as it saves both money on printing, as well as paper. The reply postcard was double-sided and looked like this:
Like the main invitation envelope, we kept the back of the postcard very simple and printed just the family’s address on it in brown ink.  The front of the reply postcard was very similar to the invite, and featured the Tree of Life image on the left-hand side, with text printed in chocolate ink to the right of it.  Like the reply card for a wedding, Julian’s Bar Mitzvah reply card featured a line where guests could write in their names and a place to indicate whether or not they planned to attend. This particular reply also included a portion where adult guests could choose an entree selection for the party in the evening. Isn’t it just great?!? I love the way this set turned out!!
Julian and his family were really fun to work with. I honestly loved getting phone calls from Julian about the designs when we were in the middle of the design process, especially because most of my clients are quite a bit older. It was especially fun to get to work with someone so young, who was so interested in having a say in how his invitations came out! If you’d like to see some more examples of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations I’ve designed and printed in the past, you can check them out on this blog here, here and here. Thanks so much again, Julian, Suzanne and Randy! You guys are awesome!!

Weddings | Joanna & Ian

Over a month ago (wow – I can’t believe it’s been that long already), I finished this lovely wedding invitation suite for a couple currently living in New York City, who are getting married in Hawaii this upcoming May. The bride, Joanna, is originally from Hawaii and her fiancee, Ian, is originally from New Zealand. They wanted to incorporate a little bit of their roots into their invitations, without the invitations seeming too tropical. You can see the entire suite at the top of this post. It included a 5.5″ square invitation and 4bar reply card both printed in one ink color (a sagey, turquoise-y green) and blind embossing on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Ecru Paper and corresponding, matching envelopes for both pieces, also from Crane.

Here is the invitation and invitation envelope together.
Joanna chose a cute, square shape and square flap envelopes for her design. The envelopes were printed with her return address in the center of the flap.
For the design of the invite itself, we chose to keep things pretty traditional and elegant, but add a few modern and whimsical elements to make it unique.
Joanna had liked the blind embossing she had seen on some of our other invitations, so in order to incorporate this into her design we chose to do a pretty simple blind embossed border all around the design. For the text we used a pretty and modern script face that wasn’t too flourish-y for their names and a nice serif typeface in all-caps for the rest of the information. In order to incorporate a little of their roots I mentioned above, Joanna had us create a small palm tree and kiwi bird graphic element for both the invite and reply card. The palm trees were meant to represent Joanna’s Hawaiian background and the kiwi was meant to represent Ian’s roots in New Zealand. Here is a close-up of the motif:
Isn’t that cute?!? Below are a couple of other detail photos that I took so you can see the blind embossing, impression from the letterpress, fonts and colors a little bit closer.
For the reply cards, we chose to go with a matching design that incorporated both the palm trees/kiwi motif and the blind embossing. This card is a traditional 4bar shape and incorporated both the script and roman fonts we had used previously on the invitation.
This card also came with a matching ecru envelope that was printed with Joanna & Ian’s address on the front.
This suite came together so beautifully and Joanna and Ian were an absolute joy to work with! I know that their tropical Hawaiian wedding in May is going to be just spectacular! Congratulations Joanna & Ian!

Weddings | Erin & Andrew

It always amazes me how time does fly here at Twin Ravens during the early parts of spring. It seems like almost all (not all, but almost all) of our clients this time of year are having us design and print stationery for their upcoming weddings in the early spring and summer. We do have quite a few other projects in the works this time of year, including some very sweet baby announcements, an awesome set of Bar Mitzvah invitations, and several different sets of business cards and other business-related stationery, but by and large, this time of year seems to be dominated by weddings. While I truly enjoy this time of year and getting to work with so many amazing people, I must admit, it does make things very busy, which would explain my extremely inconsistent blogging. However, I do have some absolutely lovely things to show you in the next few weeks, starting with this.

Nearly a month ago we finished a really fun, yet classic set of invitations for a couple in North Carolina who are getting married at the end of April. Erin and Andrew had seen some invitations I had designed and printed previously on this blog and chose to combine/modify a couple of them to create their own unique invitation suite! Their suite included an A7 size invite with matching envelope, a 4bar size reply card envelope and a combined A7 size reply card and accommodations card that were perforated down the middle so that the reply card could be detached and mailed back. You can see all of the pieces in this suite together at the top of this post.
Erin and Andrew’s wedding colors are navy blue and a light green and we chose to incorporate these into her suite with both her ink colors and her paper choices. Here is Erin and Andrew’s invitation all by itself:
This invitation is an A7 size, measuring 5″x7″ and has a fun, organic frame surrounding a mix of a classic serif typeface and a fun, modern script, all printed in navy blue ink. To give the invitation some additional texture, we blind embossed a series of vertical lines in the background behind the framed portion of the invitation. I love how a little bit of blind embossing can add some wonderful texture to a design, without being too overwhelming! Below are some detail images so you can see the texture of the embossing and printing better.

We had originally planned to pair this invitation with a green envelope (Erin and Andrew’s other wedding color), but due to a very long backorder of the green from our supplier, we ended up going with a matching white envelope, printed with navy ink instead. Check out the cute heart detail below their address! Isn’t that adorable?!?
For their reply card envelopes, we did end up using the green. This green is a light green color called “Balsam Fir” from Green Paper Company. Not only are these envelopes a fabulous green color, because they are made from 30% post-consumer waste, they are also “green” environmentally-speaking too!
For Erin and Andrew’s two insert cards, we did something that I absolutely love, but have only done a few times before: we combined them. There are, in fact, two separate cards here, but they were designed and printed to be mailed as a single card (5″x7″), but perforated down the middle so that the reply card could be detached and mailed back.
As you can see in the above photo, an accommodations card that is similar in design to Erin and Andrew’s wedding invitation is the top half of the joined card, and a cute, navy-blue-on-white reply card is the bottom half.
The accommodations portion of this card also featured some blind-embossing: this time diagonal lines behind our cute frame. The interior of the frame featured information about where to stay and were to find Erin & Andrew’s website. If you look closely at the above photo, you can see the perforation in the card right below where the blind embossing ends. Isn’t this just cool?!?
The lower portion of this card is their detachable reply card.
Erin and Andrew included a space for guests to write in their names, check-box options for the actual response and an area for guests to initial what their meal preference is for the reception. I just love this combined-card idea. It saves money for the couple on printing (by printing effectively one card instead of two) and it’s a great way to keep all of the enclosure information together until the reply is ready to be sent back.
Erin and Andrew were wonderful clients and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them on this suite! Thanks so much Erin and Andrew and congratulations on your upcoming big day!