Custom Business Cards | Soul Restoration Project


(Image Courtesy of The Soul Restoration Project)

Happy Friday, Letterpress Lovers!  Today, I wanted to share with you a really awesome set of business cards we created for Eugene’s most awesome soul band, Soul Restoration Project!  With most of their repertoire in ’60s and ’70s soul tunes, SRP “provides the foundation for grooving, shaking, dancing, and widespread pleasure through adult, yet family-friendly, music.”


Soul Restoration Project’s business cards were printed on a custom duplexed turquoise-ish blue paper stock with a laid (ie. paper that has a finely ribbed appearance) finish.  (There’s all kinds of innuendo there that I want to take advantage of, but won’t).  Their logo was printed on the front side in black ink with accents of white and shiny gold foil!



The backsides of the cards feature the logo and white accents from the front and has their Facebook page and email address info.

SRP has a sweet gig coming up tomorrow: Eugene’s 3rd Annual Winterfest Music Festival at the Eugene Veteran’s Club.  They also play at Mac’s at The Vet’s Club every other Thursday night.  You can check out Mac’s calendar for more details on that.  They also play for festivals, weddings, dance parties, and more!  Eugene: if you aren’t familiar with this band, you seriously need to check them out!  Also, they have rad business cards.  😉

Thanks, SRP!

Business Cards | Kathryn Malone


I really love it when friends and family design business cards for the people they love!  It’s such a fun, personal, and highly useful gift.

The cards you see above were a Christmas present this year from a boyfriend (Geordie) to his girlfriend, personal chef, Katy Malone.  Geordie created the hand drawn vegetables and fruits for the decoration on these cards, and then worked with me to select fonts, ink colors, and a paper that she would like.  The above cards were printed in a deep chocolate brown ink on handmade paper from Porridge Papers‘ Blue Collar line.  The paper we selected is called “Brewhaus”, which is a handmade, super-soft, recycled paper with spent grain inclusions of wheat and barley from a brewery in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I just love how eco-friendly and totally thematically appropriate they are for a chef working in the Pacific Northwest!