New Greeting Cards for Spring & Summer!

Hi all!  In case you haven’t visited our Etsy Store in a while, I wanted to make you aware of three lovely new letterpress cards from our studio that are available now!  Above you will see three new designs I’ve released this spring/summer.  Clockwise from left are our Origami Pigs in Love, Magnolia Thank You Cards & Elegant Calligraphy Thank You Cards.  All three of these greeting card designs were inspired by our fabulous custom printing clients, and we thought they were so fun and/or beautiful, that we couldn’t resist offering them to you as well!

The Origami Pigs in Love cards are available as singles for $4.00 each, and are perfect for Valentines, anniversary cards or just to say “I love you!”.  The two different thank you cards are available as singles for $4.00, sets of 6 for $20.00 or sets of 10 for $28.00.  Each of these cards are 4bar size and were printed on 100% cotton paper.  Each also comes with a coordinating envelope.  Go check them out in our Etsy Store today!

Weddings | Crystal & Jorge

Remember in this post, last week, how I mentioned that I was finishing up a brand new set of magnolia-themed invitations that day?  Well, the invitations  you are about to see in this post are the set I was talking about.  I couldn’t be happier with how this set, for Orlando, Florida couple, Crystal and Jorge, turned out!  The suite features an A7 size wedding invitation with matching invite envelope, and a 4bar size reply card and envelope.  All of the pieces (including envelopes) were printed in two ink colors: a light yellow and a nice medium grey.  The design for these invitations speaks of classic romance with traditional styling and lots of decorative script.  It also feels just perfect for a warm, springtime wedding in the South!

As I mentioned above, Crystal and Jorge’s wedding invitation is a standard A7 size and was printed on Holyoke 100% cotton rag paper in Bone White.  I can’t say enough good things about Holyoke’s line of rag papers – they’re especially made for letterpress printing, and their soft, subtle texture allows the printing to create beautiful impressions every single time!  For the design we used hand-drawn magnolia flowers and buds on their branches.  The flowers were printed in the background of the design in yellow with the text of the invitation centered over the top of them in grey ink.  We used two gorgeous script typefaces for the text of the invite.  One of the fonts was used only for Crystal and Jorge’s names, and the other was used for the main body text.  Isn’t this just gorgeous?!?

Check out the close-up photo below.  The letterpress impression and colors of this invite on the Holyoke paper are to die for!  They’re absolutely beautiful!!

For the invitation envelope, we wanted to continue to use the magnolias in order to tie the design of the whole set together.  For these, I letterpress printed the same yellow magnolias on the flap of Crystal and Jorge’s envelopes and then printed their address in grey in the same script fonts centered on the flap over the magnolias.  The envelopes we used for this suite are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content and were made by Green Paper Company.  They’re a beautiful and eco-friendly option for any wedding suite!

Crystal and Jorge’s reply card and envelope were designed to match the invitations perfectly!  You can see the reply card and envelope in the photo below.  Both are a standard 4bar size, which measures 3.5″x4.875″.  These were also printed in two ink colors: yellow and grey and feature lovely, big magnolia blossoms in yellow with grey text over the top.  The reply card was printed on Holyoke paper, just like the invite, and the reply card envelopes were also from Green Paper Company.

Check out that big, gorgeous, yellow magnolia in the background of this card!  I just love the way these floral drawings turned out!  The text of the reply card is pretty traditional: there’s a line for guest’s to write in their names with a big flourish-y “M” at the front of it.  Just under that are places for guests to indicate whether or not they are attending and then there’s also a section for guests to choose their entrée for the wedding reception.

In the photo below you can see some details of the letterpress impression and of certain design elements on the reply card.  The image on the bottom right of the grouping below shows the envelope for this card, by itself.  For the envelope, I used two lovely magnolia blossoms sweeping in from the top left corner of the envelope to decorate the front and then printed Crystal and Jorge’s return address over the top of them, in the center of the envelope, in grey ink.  I imagine it will be really fun for Crystal and Jorge to start getting these beautiful envelopes back in the mail once they send their invites out!

Thanks so much for working with us on these, Crystal and Jorge!  I absolutely loved designing and printing this suite for you, and I’d love to work with you again!  Congratulations and I’ll talk to you soon!

Weddings | Kelsey & David

I’m finishing up the printing today for a set of letterpress wedding invitations featuring some lovely scripts and hand-drawn magnolias for a couple in Florida for their upcoming wedding this spring, and I was reminded of another lovely set of invitations, that also featured magnolias, that we did this year and I hadn’t shown off yet.  Magnolias seem to be a really popular motif for southern weddings and they are so lovely, I just had to show you some of the styles that we’ve created with them.  The invitations you see above and below were created this past spring for a couple in North Carolina, Kelsey and David, who were married in July.  They featured a large, 6″x8″ invitation with coordinating inner/outer envelopes and a lovely single-color reply card with envelope.

One of my favorite things about this suite are the large invitation envelopes, so lets see those first!

Kelsey and David’s wedding invitations were large – measuring just over 6″x8″, so they needed a really large, lovely, formal set of envelopes to mail them in.  Kelsey chose to have us create both inner and outer envelopes for her suite.  The outer envelope, which you can see in the top left of the photo above was unlined and was printed in two ink colors: a light, spring green and dark grey.  A large, hand-drawn magnolia flower was printed in the center of the envelope flap with Kelsey’s mom’s return address printed in dark grey over the top of it.

Kelsey and David’s inner envelopes (bottom right in the photo above) were unprinted, but featured a beautiful custom envelope liner made from a light green lokta paper with a gold fern pattern on it.  I absolutely love working with Lokta paper and I think this pattern and color really complimented Kelsey and David’s invitations nicely.

For their actual invitation, Kelsey and David wanted a very formal and classic layout and script fonts for the entire design.  To save a little bit of money, we printed both the invite and reply card in a single ink color, but alternated them, so that both pieces would coordinate with the envelopes perfectly.  The invitation was printed in dark grey ink and features a lot of flourish-y script and one lovely flourish at the top of the design for decoration.

The reply card featured the same script typefaces, but was printed in green rather than grey.  I love how in this design, the “Kindly reply” has flourishes that leave the edges of the card.  We also incorporated two lovely flourish motifs, similar to the one at the top of the invitation, into the two bottom corners of the reply card.  Isn’t it pretty?!?

Last, but not least, is the reply card envelope.  Like the outer invitation envelope, these envelopes were also printed in two ink colors: dark grey and green.  The front of the envelope featured Kelsey’s mom’s address in dark grey ink and one green flourish entering from the bottom left corner.  The back flap of this envelope featured a tiny, green magnolia encircled by a flourish-y frame in dark grey.  All three sets of envelopes in this suite were from Arturo Fine Stationery and the reply card and invitation were printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb., 1o0% cotton paper in Pearl White.  If you like these invitations, check back on this blog next week to see the new set of magnolia-themed invites we are in the process of creating for a couple in Florida getting married in 2011.  They are yellow and medium grey and are turning out absolutely beautifully!

Custom Business Cards | Magnolia PR

I realized today that it’s been a little while since I showed off a set of awesome, letterpress printed business cards.  So, here I am to help remedy that.  I designed and printed these lovelies quite a while ago, for Adrienne Dorsey of Magnolia PR in Los Angeles, but they’re just so lovely, I still wanted to share them with you!  These cards are small – only 2″ square, and they have rounded corners.  They were printed double-sided on custom-made, creamy off-white, wildflower seed paper from Porridge Papers in chocolate brown ink.  The back side of Adrienne’s cards features a little magnolia drawing I created for her, and the front side features a smaller magnolia at the top and all of her contact information for Magnolia PR farther down.  Aren’t these pretty?!?

Magnolia PR is a Los Angeles-based boutique public relations company focusing on fashion, baby and lifestyle.  It was launched in 2006 by founder, Adrienne Dorsey, as a way to connect brands with their desired media for optimal exposure.  Magnolia PR’s clients have been featured in magazines such as In Style, Lucky, People, Brides, Parents, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Seventeen, In Touch and others.  They have also been featured on television shows such as the Today Show, Access Hollywood, E! and more.  Adrienne works with all sizes of brands and companies, from small start-ups to large established brands.  Contact her today to discuss your PR needs!