Weddings | Kirk & Christy

Check out these cute, modern wedding invitations we made last summer for California couple Kirk and Christy!  Kirk and Christy were married in the Oregon Coast town of Cannon Beach last August, and I had a ton of fun working with them to create these invites!  Above is the full set, which included a monarch size invitation and envelope, a 4bar size reply card and envelope, a smaller website card and a custom, laser cut belly band.  Let’s look at all of the pieces individually!

When Kirk originally contacted me, he and Christy wanted to do something fun and quirky with the motif for their invitations!  When they had first started dating, one of the first photos they took together was of their hands with tiny octopus and squid finger puppets (see original photo below on the right).  I think it’s so cool (and adorable!) that they wanted to somehow incorporate this into their wedding invitations!  To do this, I created the drawing you see at the top of the octopus and squid holding hands, and we carried this through all of the pieces in their invitations suite!  Their invite is a modern monarch size, measuring 3.75″x7.25″ and was printed in a nice light blue ink on 100% cotton paper.  I love the combination of the cute octopus/squid drawing with the simple, serif font we used for the text!

The other pieces in the suite were designed to match the invitation!  Below you can see Kirk and Christy’s reply card and envelope as well as their small website card.  Additional information could be found on their website, so they didn’t need a bunch of extra insert cards, just a small one directing guests to the website.  

The thing that sets this suite apart, in my opinion, from a lot of others, is the awesome way we tied everything together!  Kirk and Christy had me design a custom, laser-cut belly band to wrap around the individual pieces in their suite.  Because we had been using the “squid and octopus holding hands” theme for the motif, I thought it would be really nice (and awesome) to have their belly band be of the tentacles of the squid and octopus holding hands around all of their stationery.  This was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to draw, and then cut, but they turned out so cool!!  The belly bands were laser cut in-house out of a shimmery blue paper and they secured all of the pieces in Kirk and Christy’s suite together!

I think everything in this suite turned out so cool!  I love the adorable simplicity of the main pieces, and then the totally unique belly band that tied everything together!  If you’re interested in adding something really different to your invitation suite, ask us about laser cutting!  There’s so much we can do with it that will add just that extra bit of uniqueness to your invitations!

Thanks so much again for working with us Kirk and Christy!  I hope you’re having a Happy New Year!

Weddings | Kate & Antony

The week before Thanksgiving, I finished a lovely set of wedding invitations for a couple in Tasmania, Australia, that incorporated our origami crane designs that we’ve been using for greeting cards for quite some time.  If you’ve never checked out our origami crane cards, you totally should, in our etsy shop.

I still get really excited when a couple contacts us from really really far away!  The internet is just too cool like that.  I find it really awesome that from my tiny little shop in Oregon, I can work with people all across the country and around the world on invitations and other gorgeous paper goods.  It’s really a privilege and is one of the things that makes my job really exciting.

Kate had seen our other crane designs when she contacted me early this fall, and wanted to incorporate them into her wedding invitations.  She and Antony’s invitations featured the cranes and were printed in two ink colors: a deep, almost burgundy red, and black.  The design is very modern, but whimsical at the same time.  The invite itself is a long, skinny #10 size card and the reply card is a monarch size, which is also long and skinny, but not quite as long as the #10 invite.  Both cards were printed on super soft, 100% cotton rag Holyoke paper in Bone White.  We paired both cards with matching red envelopes from Green Paper Company.  The invitation envelope featured the couple’s return address on the flap and the reply card envelope featured their same address on the front, both in black ink.

Above you can see the invitation and invitation envelope by itself.  I love the mix of red, decorative script fonts in this design, paired with black, classic copperplate fonts for the regular information.  Something that is very different about this invite, in comparison to other invitations we’ve done, is that you’ll notice a blank line in the center of the invite for Kate to write in her guest’s names.  Generally, for U.S. couples, we don’t incorporate a space for guest’s names to be written on the invitation, but I thought this was a really neat, unique and personal idea, and think it would be great if one of my future U.S. couples wanted to incorporate this into their design.

Below you can see some more detail photos of the invitation itself.  I just love red and black as a color combination and I love how all of the little decorative crane motifs and fonts just sink into the 100% cotton paper we used.  It’s just gorgeous!

For Kate and Antony’s reply card, we incorporated a lot of the same design elements from the invitation.  This card still features our lovely origami cranes and the decorative lines from the invitation (this time at the top of the card rather than the bottom).  This card is slightly shorter than the invitation.  It is a monarch size, which measures 3.75″x7.25″, whereas the #10 invite measures 3.75″x9.25″.  This card is also oriented horizontally, rather than vertically, for some variety.

Kate had a lot of information on her reply card, which is why we decided to go with the larger size.  Check out her response options!  Have you ever heard the phrase “… will be there with bells on”?  Well, Kate gave her guests all forms of response options, both with and without bells.  It’s pretty cute!  On the right side of the card, there’s also a space for guest’s to write a little note to the bride and groom with their response.

The other thing this card features is a place for guests to respond about bus requirements.  Kate & Antony’s ceremony site doesn’t have parking, so they are having a bus take their guests from the ceremony site to the reception site and back.  Because of this, there’s a small area on their response card for guests to write how many seats on the bus need to be reserved for them.  I used a tiny VW Bug motif for this response (vintage VW’s are quite possibly my favorite car ever, and Kate thought the drawing I did for it was really cute too).

Isn’t this set just lovely?!?  I had so much fun working with Kate and Antony and I’m sure that their upcoming wedding this spring is going to be just beautiful!  Thanks so much again, Kate & Antony, for working with us, and congratulations!

Save the Date | Cailin & Chris are Getting Married!

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I finished a lovely set of Save-the-Date cards for a Washington D.C. couple who are getting married in Arcata, California next spring.  This set of Save-the-Dates combines a lot of elements that I love from designs I’ve created previously, and I think it turned out great!  Cailin & Chris’ Save-the-Dates are a double-sided monarch size printed in one ink color on 140 lb. Holyoke Natural 100% cotton rag paper.  The color they picked was a lovely shade of green and one side of the Save-the-Dates featured some decorative blind embossing.  These cards came with coordinating light green envelopes from Green Paper Company.

Below you can see just the Save-the-Date card all by itself.  Monarch size cards measure 3.75″x7.25″, which I think is a really fun and unique size for a Save-the-Date.  One side of this card features a tall evergreen tree and the handwritten words “Save the Date” printed in green ink.  Both “Save the Date” and the names on the reverse side were handwritten by the bride and then letterpress printed by us as part of the design.  We’ve done a few different Save-the-Dates and invitations now that feature different bride’s handwriting, and I think it’s a really fun way to personalize a design!  We also created some lovely texture on the back of the Save-the-Dates by blind embossing various phrases related to Cailin and Chris’ wedding in a repeating pattern in the background.

The other side of the Save-the-Dates features the bride and groom’s names in Cailin’s handwriting at the top and then all of the other information (date, place, website) in a modern san-serif font below.  For her envelopes, Cailin picked out a nice, light green color and we printed their return address in the same green ink on the flap.  We also decorated the front of the envelopes a little by having a small evergreen tree on the front to the left of where Cailin will write her addresses.

Aren’t those lovely?!?  I think they’re just perfect for a northern California wedding in the spring!  Cailin and Chris have been wonderful to work with so far and I’m really excited to start working with them on their main invitation suite right after the holidays!  Thanks so much Cailin & Chris!  Talk to you soon!

Save the Date | Heidi & Derek Are Getting Married!

Check out these pretty Save-the-Date cards we finished a couple of weeks ago for a lovely couple right here in Eugene!  You may remember the totally cute baby announcements that we created for Heidi and Derek’s daughter, Veronica, that we posted here back in September.  They are such an awesome family and I’m so excited to be working with them now on wedding-related stationery!   Heidi and Derek’s save-the-dates are a monarch size (measuring 3.75″x7.25″) and were printed in three ink colors: blue, green and yellow on awesome 100% cotton rag, bone white, Holyoke paper.  They were paired with some pretty yellow monarch envelopes from Green Paper Company that have the couple’s return address printed in blue ink on the back flap.

Aren’t these pretty?!?  I love how they incorporate all three ink colors Heidi wanted, without being over-the-top or busy.  I also love all of the playful little vines shooting out from the flowers on the right side, they were really fun to draw and print.  In the photos below you can see some close-ups of the impression the letterpress printing made in the Holyoke paper.  Holyoke is quickly becoming one of my favorite papers to print on because it’s so soft, yet has some weight to it, and takes the letterpress impression beautifully.

If you like this design, keep checking back in a few months, because we’re currently working with Heidi and Derek on a set of coordinating wedding invitations and reply cards.  Thanks so much Heidi & Derek!   I’ll be talking to you soon!

Save the Date | Jasmine & Kristin are Getting Married!

A couple of weeks ago I finished a lovely set of Save-the-Date cards for a wonderful couple getting married in Tennessee next May!  When Jasmine contacted me about creating her and her fiancee’s Save-the-Date cards and wedding invitations several months ago, they had seen another Save-the-Date that we had done earlier this year on our site that they liked so much, that they wanted to do something similar for their own.  Jasmine & Kristin’s Save-the-Date is the same style and size as the aforementioned Save-the-Date, but we customized it with their own colors, paper and envelope choices, and Jasmine’s own handwriting for the design.  This Save-the-Date is a long & skinny monarch size (measuring 7.25″x3.75″) and was printed on 100% cotton, super-thick, Crane Lettra 220 lb. Duplex Pearl White paper.  These were printed in one ink color: a light, pretty, celadon green and they came with coordinating light pink envelopes from Green Paper Company.

Here is the Save-the-Date card by itself.  Jasmine and Kristin’s cards are double-sided.  For one side of the design, we blind embossed all sorts of wedding-related phrases including their names, the date and where they are getting married into the background, all over the card, to create some awesome texture.  Then, I had Jasmine write out the words “Save the Date” in her handwriting and we letterpress printed her words in celadon green ink towards the bottom of the back of the card.  The opposite side of the card featured all of their Save-the-Date information, including their names and wedding date (also in Jasmine’s handwriting), the location and the address of their wedding website.  We chose a lovely, modern san-serif typeface for the parts of the Save-the-Date that weren’t in Jasmine’s handwriting to create some contrast within the design.  This is also the same font that we used for the blind embossing on the back.

Aren’t these pretty?!?  I love how Jasmine’s handwriting created such an awesome letterpress impression in the thick cotton paper.  It feels just amazing!

In the photos below you can see the backside with the blind embossing a little bit closer up.  In the image in the top left, you can also see a close-up of the envelope flaps.  I love the light pink color Jasmine & Kristin chose to pair with these cards!  I printed their return address on the envelope flap using the same celadon green ink we had used for the actual card and we used Jasmine’s handwritten names in the address to coordinate with the rest of the design.

I’m so excited about how these cards turned out!  Jasmine and Kristin booked with me super-early and it took a while for me to start their stationery, but now that it’s well underway, it’s turning out so beautifully!  I’m actually going to have their actual wedding invitations finished later this week and I can’t wait to show those to you too!  In case you were curious, here is a photo of the lovely couple that these were created for on the left!  Aren’t they both going to be such gorgeous brides this coming spring?!?  I’m so excited I’ve gotten to work with these two, and their invites are going to be just awesome!  Check back here for those in a week or two!