Weddings | Louise & Dagan

Hi all!  I must apologize for my lack of blogging this week, but it’s been crazy – busy around here!  To make up for my absence, I want to show you a really special set of wedding invitations that we created last year for a couple in Indiana who had a destination wedding in Florida last April.  Let me tell you, this is a post I should have written, literally, about a year ago.  The couple I’m going to be writing about, Louise and Dagan, were so awesome and wonderful to work with, and so understanding when situations weren’t ideal, that they have been long overdue for some blogging love.  You see, I worked with Louise last year on her fairly extensive set of invitations that you can see in the photo above.  The invitation suite included an A6 size invitation, A7 size inner and outer envelopes, An A2 size reply card and coordinating envelope, a custom monogram belly band, 4bar size rehearsal dinner and brunch invitations and a smaller website card.  The suite utilized combinations of three different ink colors including chocolate brown and two lovely shades of green.  All of the pieces were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper and the invite envelopes were also from Crane.  The lovely light green envelopes that Louise chose for her reply card envelopes were from Waste Not Paper Company.  Everything went completely as planned with this job, and we were a week away from going to print on it, when I fell hiking and broke my leg last January.  I expected Louise to freak out about the sudden, unplanned delay in her printing, but she took everything with stride and was so completely sweet about it to boot.  Despite the delays, her invitations were amazing, and I’m so excited to finally be showing them off to you on this blog.

In the photos above you can see what the whole “package” looked like together.  Louise and Dagan’s invitation suite came in an A7 size envelope and featured all of the cards I mentioned above tied up with a custom, letterpress monogram belly band.  If you have a lot of different pieces in your invitation suite, and aren’t including something like a pocket folder, this is a really nice way to tie everything together (no pun intended) and make it look really nice for your guests when they pull it out of the envelope.

Louise and Dagan’s belly band was a 2″ round medallion featuring their initials in the darker of their two green inks with two little love birds perched on either letter.  The medallion had two small holes drilled on either side of the initials so that we could thread a 1/4″ wide, green, double-faced satin ribbon through each one.  Each ribbon tied in a small knot behind all of the stationery.

The main piece in Louise and Dagan’s suite was their gorgeous, three-color, A6 size wedding invitation.  The invitation featured a classic roman typeface for the majority of the invite text and then a lovely, playful script in green for their names.  The motif on the top of the invitation, was one that I’ve used before several times, but that I love very much.  It’s a couple of love birds in branches surrounded by clusters of lovely blossoms.  Isn’t this invitation gorgeous?!?

Louise and Dagan’s A2 size reply card was also printed in three colors and was designed to match their invitation.  It featured a smaller bird-in-branches motif in the top right corner and all of their response options below in a mix of the roman and decorative script fonts we had used on the invitation.  For the meal at the reception, Louise had her guests indicate whether they wanted Surf-n-Turf with a cow + lobster icon, or vegetarian, represented by a couple of carrots.  I use little animal and vegetable icons for meal choice options on reply cards all of the time, and let me tell you, for some reason they just never get old.  I love them!

Loise and Dagan’s reply card envelopes were printed simply with one ink color (the darker green) on a light green envelope from Waste Not Paper Company.

There were also two smaller invitations – one to a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding and one for a brunch the morning after the wedding, included in Louise and Dagan’s invite suite.  Both of these invitations were printed on 4bar size cards in one ink color.  The Brunch invite was vertically oriented and printed in the darker green ink and the rehearsal dinner invite was horizontally oriented and printed in the mintier green.  Last, but not least, they also included a small, 3.5″x2.5″ card with their website information and two more little birdies in an even darker green ink.

I just love how everything coordinated so well with this suite!

After we completed their invitations, Louise and Dagan hired me again to do some design work and letterpress printing for their actual wedding ceremony and reception.  We designed and printed for them a coordinating set of thank you cards, some cute monogram favor tags, table numbers and place cards.  Louise’s thank you cards, which you can see in the top photo below, were a 4bar size folded card printed in one ink color that came with matching white envelopes.  The thank you’s featured the same script we used throughout the invitation suite and two little flying love birds across the front of the card.

For their favor tags, Louise and Dagan had me print more of the the little monogram medallions we had used for their belly bands, but instead of drilling small holes in the sides, we drilled a single hole in the top of the medallion instead.  This allowed Louise to run a tiny 1/8″ wide satin ribbon through each medallion and tie them to her favors.

Their table numbers and place cards were really cute!  These weren’t actually letterpress printed, but what we did is took one of the bird designs from the invitation and scaled it up fairly large.  We then found coordinating papers that would match their green inks and custom die-cut several little birdies out of the different green papers.  Louise used one shade of green for the place cards and the other for her table numbers.  She hired a calligrapher to write out the names and numbers on each little card and for the place cards, we drilled holes in the cards so she could hang them from a small tree at the entrance to their reception.  Totally cute idea – don’t you think?!?

Lastly, in lieu of a guest book, Louise and Dagan had me print a run of double-sided postcards in their design in green ink.  The postcards were left on a table, where you might find an ordinary guest book, and guests were instructed to write their well-wishes on a postcard that would be mailed to Louise and Dagan later on in the upcoming year.  I think this is a totally fun idea, not only because it’s more letterpress, but also because then you get wonderfully happy mail from all of the people who attended your wedding throughout the coming year.  Very cool idea.  Very cool.

So, do you want to see some wedding photos from Louise and Dagan’s big day?   I know you do.  Louise sent me these a couple of months after the wedding.  She was such a beautiful bride!  All photos below courtesy of Goode Green Photography in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Aren’t they one of the loveliest couples you’ve ever seen?!?  Thanks so much again Louise and Dagan for working with me last year!  You two were so wonderful to work with and I hope I get to work with you again at some point in the future.  All the best!

Weddings | Lindsay & Shawn

A couple of weeks ago I finished a very beautiful and elaborate set of wedding invitations for California couple Lindsay and Shawn’s upcoming wedding in La Quinta at the end of February.  We’ve been working with Lindsay and Shawn for a while now.  I posted about their awesome, letterpress + photo save-the-dates back in September here.  Lindsay and Shawn have an awesome sense of style and we were able to create several gorgeous pieces using the same colors and design elements that we had previously used for their save-the-dates.  Their wedding invitation suite included an A7 size wedding invitation with coordinating inner/outer envelope sets, a 4bar size reply card with coordinating envelope, an A2 size reception card, and an A6 size map/directions card.  The entire suite was printed in one ink color, black, on 100% cotton Holyoke paper in Antique White.  We created a gorgeous invitation wrap out of light pink, lacy, Japanese Uzumaki paper and tied the package shut with a custom letterpress printed monogram medallion belly band.  We also printed letterpress wedding menus and place cards for Lindsay and Shawn, which you will see farther down in this post.

A beautiful set of invitations often begins with a beautiful set of envelopes, so let’s start there.  Lindsay and Shawn chose to go the traditional route with their envelopes and had us print an inner/outer set.  Both envelopes have pointed flaps and are 100% cotton envelopes from Crane & Co.  The outer invitation envelope is simply printed with their return address in black ink.  The inner invitation envelope features no printing, but a lovely custom lining made from screen printed, floral, lokta paper in black and white that Lindsay picked out.  I really love the pattern she picked and I think it compliments the rest of her suite beautifully!  In the image on the top right above, you can see what the inner envelope looks like, opened with the invitation package inside.  It’s just gorgeous!

Here is what the invitation suite looks like when you pull it out of the envelope.  Lindsay and Shawn’s invitation, reply card and envelope, reception card and directions card are all stacked in order of size and wrapped in a custom-made, light pink, spiral, Japanese Uzumaki paper.  This paper is tissue thin, yet fairly strong and totally beautiful!  When we talked about what their guests would see when opening the invitations, I thought it would be lovely if the pieces were held together in some sort of package, and this is the solution we came up with!  I just love how functional, yet delicate, and beautiful this invitation wrap is!  The wrap is tied closed with a 2″ round monogram medallion that was printed and die-cut from Holyoke paper, and has a 1/4″ wide, black satin ribbon threaded through it.  All of the materials and textures of this suite and just gorgeous together!

Lindsay and Shawn’s wedding invitation is an A7 size and is the largest and most prominent piece in the package you see above.  For the invitation design, we used Lindsay’s damask pattern from her Save-the-Dates to decorate the bottom of the invitation and her monogram at the top.  The text is laid out in a traditional arrangement with the couple’s names in a lovely script font and the other information in a classic serif face!  I just love the impression that letterpress printing this design created in the Holyoke Paper.  It’s just as beautiful to touch as it is to look at!

Lindsay and Shawn’s directions and reception cards were designed to match the invitation and were also printed in black ink on Holyoke paper.  For these two cards we used the damask pattern on the side, rather than the bottom, and continued to utilize the same script and serif typefaces from the invitation.  For the directions card, I created a small map of La Quinta and Indian Wells with Lindsay and Shawn’s church, rehearsal dinner location, and reception location on it.  This card should be a handy little reference for guests who are trying to get from one venue to the next.

Lindsay and Shawn’s reply card and envelope, which were also designed to match, are a 4bar size and were printed in black ink.  Like the invitation, we used the damask pattern to decorate the bottom, and Lindsay used my adorable animal and vegetable icons for her reception entrée choices for guests to indicate.  You may have remembered that we used light pink envelopes for Lindsay and Shawn’s Save-the-Dates.  We used the same color of pink envelopes her her reply card envelopes to tie the suite together even more!

Lindsay has a couple of bridesmaids who are taking calligraphy classes, and they offered to do calligraphy for her invitation envelopes and for her place cards.  So that they would have plenty of time to do the place cards, as Lindsay and Shawn get their reply cards back, we designed and printed their place cards at the same time as the invitation suite.  These beauties are traditional, simple, and match the invitations perfectly.  They were printed on Holyoke Paper as well, and feature Lindsay and Shawn’s damask pattern on the fold of each tented card.  The pattern wraps from back to front, as you can see in the photo below, making both sides pretty and perfect for writing guest’s names.  You can also see another image of the belly band and the Japanese Uzumaki paper we used for the invite wrap in the photo below – just ’cause I thought it was pretty!

For the wedding reception, we also designed and letterpress printed a set of lovely wedding menus to go at each place setting.  Lindsay and Shawn’s menus are a #10 size and feature their monogram at the top and damask pattern on the bottom.  We used their script font for the headers of each course and the traditional serif face we’ve been using all along for the descriptions of each dish.  Aren’t these gorgeous as well?!?

Last, but certainly not least, Lindsay and Shawn wanted a nice little rehearsal dinner invitation that would coordinate with their wedding invitations, but not necessarily match them.  For these A2 size invites, we lost the damask pattern and monogram, but kept the same fonts as the other pieces in the suite.  Lindsay wanted to use a small motif that would speak to their southern California location, so we chose a small, vintage-looking palm tree image to decorate the top.  These cards also came with light pink envelopes in the same shade as the envelopes we used for their reply cards and Save-the-Dates.

I’ve absolutely loved working with Lindsay and Shawn so far on all of the paper goods for their wedding!  Lindsay and I are currently working on designing some thank you cards and wedding programs to go with this suite, so I’ll be posting photos of those as well, when they’re done.  Thanks so much Lindsay & Shawn!  Talk to you soon!

Weddings | Brianne & Brandon

(Image Source)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brianne.  Here she is holding a giant box of letterpress printed wedding invitations in pretty pink envelopes ready to go to the post office.  Isn’t she just adorable!?!  Brianne is one of our fabulous custom wedding clients from this spring and is getting married this upcoming July in Arroyo Grande, California.  If the above photo looks familiar, it may be because you recognize her from  She’s Miss Turtle! If you’ve been following her posts there, you may have already seen and heard about these invitations, however, they’re just so pretty that you’re going to have to hear about them again from us.  Brianne actually designed her invitations herself (isn’t she awesome?!?) and hired Twin Ravens Press to do her letterpress printing.  She had us print for her an A7 size invitation, 4bar size reply card and two sets of coordinating envelopes.

Brianne’s wedding invitation suite was printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra Pearl White paper.  She chose a duplex weight (really really thick) sheet for the invite and a standard 110 lb. sheet for the reply card.  Everything was printed in chocolate brown ink.  Here are some close-ups of the invitation: 

I absolutely adore Brianne’s choice of fonts (Feel Script and Academy Engraved) and her totally awesome monogram at the top of the invitation!  It’s a very classic format with some very cool modern touches!  Love it!

One subtle, special detail of these invitations is that Brianne had us paint the edges metallic silver.  Edge-painting and gilding are centuries-old, decorative techniques where color is applied to just the edges of paper.  Edge-painting has a rich history in letterpress printing and bookbinding, with the earliest use of the technique dating back to the 10th century.  For centuries, master bookbinders gilded the edges of books with gold, to show their preciousness.  Today we can use edge-painting to give your invites an extra little bit of pizazz by highlighting an existing color in the printing or by introducing an all new color to the suite (like Brianne did).  Check it out:

I’m really excited to be offering this technique in our studio and I think it’s a really classy way to add a little something extra to a set of invitations or business cards!

Brianne also designed a matching 4bar-size reply card to go with her gorgeous invites, and we paired them with a light pink envelope from Waste Not Paper Company, also printed in chocolate brown ink.

The invitation envelope was also pink (as you saw above) and had Brianne’s parents’ address letterpress printed on the back flap, also in chocolate ink.  

If you like the way these invitations turned out, you really ought to go and check out Brianne’s posts about them over on WeddingBee here, here and here.   After receiving the invitations from us, she added some more awesome embellishments herself, including envelope liners, a custom belly band with a wax seal, and some super-cool vintage stamps!  Brianne is super-creative and was really fun to work with on this project and I’m sure the rest of her wedding is going to be amazing.  Thanks so much Brianne and Brandon, you rock!

Weddings | Katie & Matt

Photo Courtesy of Bishop Photography
Earlier this year I letterpress printed a really sweet set of wedding stationery for a really sweet bride-to-be in Baltimore named Katie. Katie works for Baltimore Magazine and contacted me about printing a really fun set of wedding invitations that she had designed herself for her then-upcoming June 27, 2009 wedding. Katie recently got back in touch with me about potentially printing some wedding stationery for one of her friends and at the same time sent me some totally fun photos from her wedding in June. Since I hadn’t had a chance to blog about Katie’s wonderful paper goods, I thought this would be a fabulous opportunity to not only show off her stationery, but also show off a few photos from her wedding.
The photo at the top of this post as well as the next two are photos Katie sent me from her wedding. I love the shot on the steps of them with their wedding party in the background and I LOVE the shot on the park bench where you can see Katie’s orange heels.
Photos Courtesy of Bishop Photography
Don’t Katie and Matt just seem like one of the cutest couples you’ve ever seen? Anyway, on to the stationery!
Like I mentioned previously, Katie designed the invitations for her wedding herself and hired Twin Ravens Press to print them. Katie and Matt’s suite included the invitation and corresponding envelope, a reply card with corresponding envelope, a reception card and a lovely hand-drawn map card. You can see an image of the whole suite above. Katie’s colors were navy blue, orange and chartreuse and I absolutely love the way she managed to incorporate all three into the suite! Here is an image of Katie & Matt’s invite and invite envelope separately:
All of the pieces in Katie and Matt’s suite were letterpress printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in their Pearl White color. The invitation envelope was also Crane Lettra Pearl White and featured a pointed flap with their return address printed in navy blue ink. I love what Katie came up with for her invitation! Rather than spending extra money on printing multiple ink colors for her pieces, Katie used a different color from her wedding palette for each piece. In order to make the invitation stand out a little more from the others, she had us matt the invitations onto navy blue card stock, leaving a 1/4″ border, and then she secured an orange ribbon around the middle of the invite, with the ends being hidden by the card stock matt. I love the way the ribbon creates a natural visual separation between the actual invitation portion of the text and the text that explains where the event was taking place. I also love how the ribbon added an extra “splash” of color and texture to the piece without adding additional costs to their printing. Here is a closer look at the invite and a detail of the printing with their names and the ribbon:
Another thing I absolutely love about Katie and Matt’s invitation is the fun mix of script and roman fonts that Katie chose to use in the design. She also created a simple and playful, but elegant, monogram of her and Matt’s initials that was featured at the top of the design. Below is a detail of it. The letterpress impression turned out fabulous!
Since Katie and Matt’s wedding was held in a church and their reception was being held in a different location
(The Baltimore Museum of Art), Katie designed a separate reception card to include in the suite. The reception card was also printed on Crane Lettra and this time we used orange ink to coordinate with the ribbon from her invites.

Katie’s reply card was also printed in another ink color. In order to incorporate all three of her wedding colors, it was printed in chartreuse! Again Katie did an excellent job coordinating all of the pieces by keeping the “look”, fonts and layouts fairly consistent while switching up the colors on the different pieces. Here is the reply card by itself:
Katie’s reply card (as well as her reception and map card) was a 4bar size and came with a coordinating 4bar envelope from Waste Not Paper Company. The reply envelope was a light blue color with a European pointed flap and we letterpress printed the address on the front of it in navy blue ink. Here are the reply card and reply card envelope together:
The last (but certainly not least!) piece in Katie and Matt’s suite was their map card. Over the last few years I’ve seen and done map cards several different ways. Some map cards for weddings have a map and directions, some just have written directions with no map and others just have the visual map. Katie’s map card didn’t feature any written directions, however, the drawing was so self-explanatory and, needless to say, absolutely adorable, that I don’t think anyone could have gotten lost. Katie drew the map herself and I letterpress printed it in navy ink.
Isn’t it sweet?!? Katie and Matt were one of the sweetest and from the looks of it, cutest, couples I got to work with this spring. I’m very excited to potentially be working with Katie again on some stationery for one of her friend’s upcoming weddings. I’m also very excited that she let me share some of her wedding photos and photos of her stationery with you! Everything turned out fabulously and I wish them all the best!
Congratulations Katie & Matt!

Weddings | Brad & Katie

I’ve been pretty excited to show off this suite since I finished it a few weeks ago!  This suite is a fun little “package” that I’m sure the couple’s guests are going to love receiving!  The bride-to-be, Katie, contacted me last fall and was looking for an invitation suite that was fun and playful and would reflect their town square wedding in Flagstaff, Arizona this June.  Katie told me that for their wedding, the groomsmen would be wearing linen suits and driving caps and the bridesmaids would be carrying parasols.  Their colors were light pink, light green and chocolate brown and she wanted a design that would go well with their semi-vintage wedding theme while still being fun, playful and unique.  I ended up creating a sweet little package design for them that included a square invitation and invite envelope, a polka dot reply card and a fun little monogram tag with a green ribbon to tie everything together.  You can see all of the pieces in the suite (except the invite envelope) at the top of this post. 
Katie and Brad’s suite has a lot of unique and fun little elements to each piece, so I’m going to briefly go through each one.  Let’s start with their invitation envelope: 
Katie and Brad chose a square design for their invitations, and because of this, needed a fun and beautiful, square invitation envelope to go with them!  They chose to use a square envelope with a European pointed flap from Waste Not Paper in Khaki for the envelope and I printed their return address in chocolate brown ink on the back flap.  To add a little color and fun to their envelopes, Katie had me line them with a really fun and quirky polka dot paper.  The paper is a light green with an irregular pattern of different sized pink polka dots.  I love this paper as a liner for these envelopes and think it added a lovely and playful splash of color to the suite!  
The main piece inside those beautiful envelopes was their invitation: 
Katie and Brad’s invitation is a 5.5″ square shape printed in chocolate brown and light pink inks on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Pearl White.  You can see the invite with the envelope and polka dot lining in the photo above.  We chose to use a really fun and playful script font for Katie & Brad’s names in light pink and then used a classic serif typeface for the body of the invite text, printed in chocolate brown.  Here is a close-up so you can see the pretty fonts: 
The vintage-looking, chocolate brown designs in the corners were images I made that were inspired by some floral lace.  They are fairly abstract, but still reflect the intricate lacy pattern.  Here is an image of the full invite: 
The tiny lines and dots of the floral-lace patterns give the invite a really pleasurable texture from the letterpress, as well as being really fun for the eye!  
Sticking with the polka dot + vintage theme for the reply card, Katie chose a design with a wide chocolate brown border with white polka dots.  We thought that this piece tied both the polka dots from the envelope liner together nicely with the chocolate brown and pink vintage looking design of the invite.  
The reply card is a standard 4bar size, once again printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper in chocolate brown and light pink inks.  It turned out beautifully!  The card was paired with a 4bar Khaki envelope, also from Waste Not Paper, with their address letterpress printed on the front in chocolate brown ink.  
While the designs, patterns, colors and textures of this suite already make it fun and unique in and of themselves, one of my favorite parts of this set is the chocolate brown monogram tag belly bands that we made to tie the whole thing together (literally!).  Katie wanted to somehow incorporate a small monogram into her suite, but didn’t necessarily want to use it on the actual invitation.  So, in order to do this, we came up with these small, 2″ round, chocolate brown tags printed with their monogram in light pink ink.  
Each tag had two 1/4″ round holes punched across from one another through which we thread a 1/4″, double-faced, light green, satin ribbon.  I then layered one invitation with a reply card and the monogram tag belly band and tied the ribbon in a small overhand knot behind each invite.  Here is what the package looks like put together: 
The reply card envelope was slipped into the package on the backside, behind the knot, like so: 
And here is what it looked like put together with the envelope:
Pretty cool, don’t you think?  I love the way that the monogram tag belly band tied the whole package together while keeping with the fun, playful, vintage theme.  I also love how we managed to incorporate some sort of polka dot element into each piece without making it too overwhelming.  Katie and Brad’s suite turned out absolutely gorgeous and I know their wedding this June is going to be just as fun (if not more so) than their stationery!  
Congratulations Katie & Brad!