Sew in Love: Bridal Shower Cocktail Napkins

A couple of weeks ago, we printed a set of adorable, letterpress cocktail napkins for a bride-to-be named Ellie who is currently living in Portland.  Ellie was having a sewing-themed bridal shower in California and wanted some cute cocktail napkins for her party.  Ellie chose a light, tangerine-colored napkin and had us print the words “Sew in Love” on them in bright pink ink!  

Aren’t they just adorable?!?  Letterpress printed cocktail napkins are a really fun addition to any wedding, shower, party or other celebration!  Check out a couple of our older posts here and here to see some other napkins we’ve printed in the past.  Thanks Ellie!

Shorewood Lodge Napkins

Check out these really cool letterpress printed napkins I printed recently for a lovely lady named Phyllis, in Salem, Oregon! Phyllis contacted me after seeing this post I did earlier this summer about some similar napkins I had printed for a couple with a sailboat. Phyllis’s son and daughter-in-law recently built a lodge in Minnesota, and Phyllis thought that letterpress printed napkins for their lodge would make the perfect gift! I used photos she gave me of the lodge to make the drawing and then we printed the image as well as their names and the lodge names on the diagonal of the napkins. I think they turned out fabulous!

Letterpress printed cocktail napkins are also wonderful for parties, weddings and other formal celebrations and events. They come in a variety of colors and we can print just about any ink color you can imagine on them, including metallic inks! If you’d like more information about our napkins, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!

Letterpress Printed Cocktail Napkins

Did you know that letterpress printing can be used on other objects besides regular flat paper? One of the more traditional objects that was printed on regularly, other than paper, were square cocktail napkins.  People often used to have napkins printed up for special events or parties such as weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversary parties, etc.  
I recently got a request to print up some of these napkins for a good friend whose adult son is a sailor.  The son and his girlfriend have a sailboat called Santa Magdalena that they travel all over the place on (Caribbean, South America, etc…).  The mom thought it would be a really neat gift to get them custom printed cocktail napkins themed after their boat.  I thought it was a very cool idea too!  You can see a close-up photo of the design for the napkins at the top of this post and a wider shot of them here:  

These napkins are regular, square, 3-ply cocktail napkins that you can find at any party supply store.  They are ivory colored and feature the stick-drawn sailboat design and the names printed in chocolate brown ink on the diagonal of the napkin.  Aren’t they cool?  
If you would like more information about custom letterpress napkins, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!  I’m sure they would be a hit at your upcoming party or other get-together (or they would be awesome to have on your sailboat!).