Weddings | Shelley & Laurence

Earlier this week we showed off a really beautiful set of pink and grey wedding invitations that we printed for New York City couple Jihee and Isaac.  In that post, I talked a lot about how Jihee designed her own invitations and how it was so much fun to work with her on printing them.  Well, her invitations were actually not the first set of Jihee’s designs that we’ve printed.  A few months prior to working with Jihee on her own invitations, we were hired by Jihee’s sister, Shelley, to print hers.  Jihee designed this lovely suite as a wedding gift to her sister, and we were very excited to work with both of them on printing them!

Shelley and Laurence’s suite included a letterpress printed invitation and reply card, and a folded thank you card.

Below is the invitation all by itself!  I love the different weights of fonts that Jihee used to accentuate Shelley and Laurence’s names, and I absolutely love her tree motif that she carried through all of the pieces in this suite.  All of Shelley’s pieces were printed in navy blue ink on 140# Holyoke Natural Paper.

Shelley and Laurence’s reply card was a 4bar size designed to match the invite.  Again, I love the use of the modern san-serif font in different weights and how the tree motif was included in the design of all of the stationery pieces.

Below is the 4bar size, folded thank you card that we printed to match.  The thank you cards simply had the tree motif in the bottom right hand corner.  They were blank on the inside so that Laurence and Shelley could write a personal message to each friend or family member.

Prior to printing their main invitations, we also got to print Laurence and Shelley’s Save-the-Dates.  Their Save-the-Dates were an A6 size, printed in the same navy ink on Holyoke Natural paper.  They featured Jihee’s tree motif at the top and all of the Save-the-Date information centered below it.

Aren’t all of the pieces in this suite just lovely?!?  It was so wonderful to work with Laurence and Shelley on these, and to get to work with Jihee’s beautiful design work twice in the same year!  Thanks so much again Jihee, Shelley & Laurence!  All the best!

Weddings | Jennifer & Ari

Happy Friday Everyone!  The wedding invitations you see above are easily one of my top 10 favorite invitation suites from last year!  Jennifer and Ari were so entirely awesome to work with and I just love their designs!  Jen & Ari’s suite included a 6.25″ square invitation printed in two ink colors with a coordinating, lined envelope, an A2 size reply card and envelope, an A2 size directions card and a smaller website card.  Everything was printed in a super-fun and unique combination of kelly green and navy blue colors, and the combination of script and modern fonts we used is just awesome!

One of the things that really sets the design of Jen & Ari’s invitation apart from many others is that, while we incorporated some script into their invitation design, we didn’t use it for their names or much of the prominent wording at all.  Instead, Jennifer & Ari’s names were printed centrally in kelly green ink and were done in a stylish, modern, all-caps font with the other invitation text layed out around them.  We printed a small, thin green border about 1/8″ in from the edges of the card and used the same lines to accent and separate other information in the design.  I love the large, decorative flourish coming off of the script “and”.  We managed to incorporate this single flourish into almost all of the other pieces in their suite.

Jen & Ari’s invitation was printed on luxurious, 100% cotton, duplex Crane Lettra paper.  The paper is super thick and soft which makes for a gorgeous letterpress impression!

We designed the return address on their invitation envelope to match the fonts used on the invite and printed it in navy blue.

Jen and Ari’s reply card was an A2 size, also printed on duplex Crane Lettra paper.  The card is double-sided and features a couple of lines for guests to write their names, whether or not they’re attending, a spot to indicate whether or not they need a kosher meal option, and lines to write in requests for the band and the bartender.  We managed to incorporate all of the fonts from the invite on to this card and all of the lines and check boxes were printed in the same kelly green ink.  The back side of the reply card was blank, except for a header at the top.  I hope they got a lot of notes on these reply cards!

We paired Jen & Ari’s reply cards with kelly green envelopes from Waste Not Paper Company and printed their return address on the front in navy blue ink.

In the top left photo in the grouping below you can see an individual image of Jen & Ari’s invite envelope.  The envelope was a 6.25″ square one from Waste Not Paper Company printed with the couples’ return address on the flap in navy ink.  Jen picked out an total awesome, modern, floral decorative paper for her envelope liners.  The envelope liner pattern featured 3 different blues, including navy, kelly green and copper and they were absolutely gorgeous!  I think that adding a liner like this was a great way to add a little bit of floral to an otherwise very modern suite.

Below the photo of the envelopes you can see an image of Jen & Ari’s website card.  We designed this card in two ink colors to match the other pieces.  This was a very small insert measuring only 3.5″x2.5″ – the perfect size for your website information!

Jen & Ari also wanted to include a separate insert with directions to their venue, The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers,  and information on alternative transportation for guests who didn’t wish to drive in New York City.  The directions card was an A2 size and was printed in navy ink.

For the reception, Jen had us print up a set of coordinating place cards with a kelly green border and decorative flourishes.  She then had her calligrapher write each of the guest’s names in navy ink on each one.

The final piece we designed for Jen & Ari was a coordinating set of thank you cards for them to send out after the wedding.  These cards were an A2 folded size featuring the same styling we used in the main invitation suite and both ink colors: green and navy.  For the envelopes, we chose to go with navy this time, and re-incorporated the touch of copper from their invitation envelope liners into the return address color on their thank you card envelopes.  Then, Jen found a totally sweet and playful green paper with white and yellow daisies on it that we used for the envelope liners for her thank you card envelopes!  I think this was a totally cute pairing, and again love the floral + modern combination of styles.

Aren’t Jen & Ari a beautiful couple!?!  The photos above are courtesy of their photographers at 5 West Studios in Manhattan.   If you’d like to check out more photos from their day, you can on their photographer’s blog.

Thank you so much again for working with us Jen & Ari!  I had so much fun working with you last year and would love to work with you again!  All the best!

Save the Date | Alexandra & Ryan

Happy Monday, ladies & gents!  See the cute couple in the polaroid on the tandem bike with the whippets?  That’s Allie & Ryan.  They got married this past fall in Sonoma, California and hired us to print their Save-the-Dates last spring.  Their save-the-dates were pretty awesome and definitely included some things they cherish as a couple in the design:

One of Allie & Ryan’s friends designed these totally cute save-the-dates that you see above featuring both the tandem bike and the whippets!  Isn’t it cool?!?  I love the fresh, modern and hip aesthetic of the design and I totally dig their colors!  Allie wanted to make sure that her printed pieces were as eco-friendly as possible, so we printed these with vegetable-based inks on 100% bamboo paper.  Bamboo is an extremely renewable resource for paper fiber and makes a thick and lovely off-white paper that’s perfect for letterpress printing!  One of the above photos was included with each save the date they sent out and their matching bamboo envelopes were printed with their return address on the flap.

I just love how awesome these are!  I’ve actually been in contact with Ryan’s sister, Jessica, recently too, and may be helping her with business cards for her awesome floral design business!  Stay tuned for those!

Thanks again Allie & Ryan!  Congratulations!

Engagement Party Invitations | Cindy & Brad

I hope everyone out there had a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!  Earlier this month we finished a small, but lovely, set of engagement party invitations for a couple down in Santa Cruz, California.  Not only are engagement parties a super-fun way for friends and family to help celebrate a couple’s recent engagement, but having really pretty letterpress invitations for such an event can make it that much more fun!  You can see Brad and Cindy’s pretty, ampersand engagement party invites above and below!  They were designed by the couple’s wonderful wedding planner, Ashley Dicksa of Creative Events by Ashley.  These were printed in two ink colors: a light pink and navy blue, on Holyoke 100% cotton rag, bone white paper, and they came with matching navy blue A7 size envelopes.

I love the color combination on these, and the simple, san-serif text paired with the big, decorative ampersand!  The ampersand was the only design element that was printed in pink, and all of the text was printed over the top of it in dark navy blue ink.

Check out the lovely impression that both the text and the giant ampersand made in the Holyoke paper.  It’s sometimes difficult to achieve a deep impression on large design elements with letterpress printing, but the Holyoke 100% cotton rag paper is so soft, that achieving that impression, even on a large design element like this wasn’t a problem.  I’m excited to see what Ashley, Cindy and Brad come up with for their save-the-dates and wedding invitations over the next several months.  If you like this design, check back in to see their other paper goods later on!

Thanks so much Ashley, Cindy and Brad!

Weddings | Lindsay & Derek

Here’s another lovely wedding design that we letterpress printed earlier this year, this time for a couple in Indiana.  Derek and his now-wife, Lindsay, are both graphic designers, and they designed their wedding invitations themselves and had Twin Ravens Press do their printing!  Their invitations included a 4bar size rsvp card and a slightly-smaller-than-A7 invitation that was matted onto navy blue card stock and then mounted into a custom, digitally printed invitation folder that had other information about their registry, directions and ceremony.

Below you can see a closer photo of the center invitation panel.  The actual invite was letterpress printed in two ink colors: a bright, chartreuse green and navy blue.  If you look at the bottom of the invite too, you’ll notice some subtle, but pretty, blind embossed circles.  I love all of the little details that Lindsay and Derek put in to the design of these invitations.  After the invite was printed it was mounted onto a matching navy blue invite matte and then that was mounted onto the center panel of their folder.

Aren’t the blind embossing and the branch + love birds details in the above photo just stunning?!?  I really love the way that all of the little details in this design came together!

Below, you can see images of the other two panels of the invitation folder.  This folder was digitally printed on an 80 lb. Gravel Grey card stock from Waste Not Paper Company.  The left panel was much smaller than the other two, and included a note from the couple about their ceremony and reception, as well as their registry information.  The right panel was the same size as the center, and included an awesome map that Derek and Lindsay designed with the birds representing the location of the church where they were married, and the champagne glasses representing their reception location.  They also had written driving directions for how to get from one location to another on this panel.  When folded, this piece fit into a chartreuse green A7 envelope.

The other piece for their stationery that we printed, was a 4bar size reply card.  These cards were also paired with chartreuse envelopes  and were printed in navy blue ink with blind embossing.  I love how the reply card is much simpler than the invitation, but still coordinates so well with their choices of fonts, ink color, design elements (like the little love birds) and the blind embossing!

Lindsay and Derek were so much fun to work with on this project and I’m really excited  to be working with them again on some business cards for their design business!  Congratulations and thanks so much again Lindsay and Derek!

Weddings | Alyssa & Justin

It feels like it’s been a while since we showed off a set of floral invitations on this blog, so today I wanted to show off some really pretty ones that we did for a couple from New York City earlier this summer.  These invitations were designed by the bride and groom and letterpress printed by Twin Ravens Press.  Alyssa & Justin’s invitation suite included an A7 size invitation with matching inner/outer invitation envelopes, and a 4bar size reply card with matching envelope.  They were printed in two ink colors: a deep navy blue and a bright golden yellow on 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper and envelopes.

Here is their gorgeous invitation all by itself!  I love the colors that they chose and I think the bright yellow blossoms and buds decorating the bottom of the invitation are just stunning!  The layout of this invite is fairly classic, but I think their colors combined with their more modern floral motif really makes this design stand out.

Alyssa & Justin’s reply card was designed to match, but was printed in one ink color instead of two.  They chose the dark navy blue and had the same floral motifs decorating opposing corners of the card with the actual reply information printed in the middle.  Both sets of envelopes were Crane Lettra Pearl White Pointed Flap envelopes and had the bride’s parent’s address printed on them in navy blue ink.  I love the combination of script and the more modern san-serif typeface in these designs, but I think above all, their colors and floral motifs are my favorite part of this set!

If you are interested in designing your own letterpress wedding invitations and hiring Twin Ravens Press to print them, please contact us.  We would love to work with you!  Thanks so much Alyssa & Justin!

Weddings | Theresa & Matt

Here is another lovely wedding invitation suite I completed last month for a couple in South Carolina!  Matt and Theresa are getting married next month in Greenville, South Carolina and wanted a classic, elegant and beautiful set of stationery for their wedding.  You can see a photo of all of the pieces from their invitation suite at the top of this post!

Above is a photo of their invite.  Matt and Theresa chose a standard A7 size for their invitation and wanted to stick with classic black ink and two beautiful typefaces.  They chose Crane Lettra Pearl White paper for all of the pieces in their suite, because it’s beautiful, soft and takes the letterpress impression really well.  Here is a close-up photo of part of the invite so you can see the pretty typefaces they chose: 
Their reply card is a standard 4bar size, printed on the same 100% cotton paper and in the same fonts.  I really love the beautiful swash “T” at the top for the “The” in “The favor of a reply is requested…”  I also really like how Theresa chose to have her guests indicate which event(s) they planned to attend.  If you are having multiple events happen on your wedding day, in many cases it’s nice to know which event(s) guests will be attending and who will be at what, especially if, say, the reception doesn’t immediately follow the wedding.  Here is a photo of the reply card by itself: 
And another close-up to show off the letterpress impression and the pretty fonts: 
Prior to hiring me, Theresa had seen this suite that we did several months ago for Kiely & Scott that style-wise is fairly similar.  I sent her a sample in the mail of Kiely & Scott’s invitation when we first started working together, and Theresa really liked the envelopes that Kiely had chosen for her suite and decided to use the same ones.  Both the reply envelope and the invite envelope are from Green Paper Company.  Green Paper Company is an awesome Chicago-based paper company that produces beautiful, colored papers and stationery items, all of which are made of at least 30% post-consumer recycled waste.  I enjoy working with them because they are both beautiful for letterpress and great for the environment!   Here is a photo of Theresa’s reply card with it’s corresponding reply envelope from Green Paper Company, printed by us: 
If you read the post about Kiely and Scott’s invitations, you’ll recall me talking about a pretty shiny paper in blue that is almost like fabric that we used to line Kiely’s invite envelopes.  Theresa really liked that paper, but she’s incorporating evergreen and chocolate brown into the accent colors of her wedding.  Lucky for her, the same liner paper also comes in an evergreen!  Here is a photo of her invite envelope lined with the evergreen shiny fabric paper liner: 
And here is a close-up of the return address printing I did on the flap.  I really like how Theresa chose to use the script font that she used for her and her fiancee’s names on the invitation for the whole address on the invite envelope.  It’s so pretty!   
To complete their invitations we also designed and printed a separate reception card with a map of the area on the back.  It is also a 4bar size, like the reply card, printed on Crane Lettra in black ink.  I really love letterpress printed maps, they always look so cool.  Here is a photo of the card, back and front: 
Very pretty, don’t you think?  I think they turned out fabulous!  I am currently in the process of producing a gorgeous multi-page, letterpress printed program, a dinner menu, a kissing menu, table signs and thank you cards for this same couple for their upcoming wedding.  I will post some info and photos of those when they are done!  
Theresa and Matt have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m really excited they chose to hire me for their wedding!  They are also a really really cute couple.  When we first started working together, Theresa sent me this link to a YouTube video of Matt’s marriage proposal.  Theresa is an executive producer at the NBC News station in Greenville and Matt proposed to her at work.  I’ve watched this video a couple of times now, and it just makes me totally happy every time I do because it’s so cute.  Check it out if you’d like:  
Congratulations Theresa & Matt!

Weddings | Lisa & James are Getting Married (today!)

It’s currently early in the morning out here on the west coast, but as it’s almost one o’clock in the afternoon in Massachusetts I think that it’s safe to assume that two of my recent custom clients, Lisa & James, may be getting married right now, if they aren’t married already.  Several months ago I was asked to customize one of our standard thank you card designs for a wedding by a customer (Lisa) through the Etsy shop.  Lisa had discovered our Elegant Scroll Thank You Cards in blue and decided they would be perfect for her then-upcoming February wedding.  Then in Mid-December, Lisa contacted me again.  She loved her thank you cards so much that she wanted to know if I could create both a set of custom menus and a set of custom programs for her wedding.  I told her we absolutely could!  You can see a photo of both the program and menu at the top of this post.  
Lisa is having a somewhat more traditional wedding ceremony in a church in Massachusetts and as such, wanted a more formal, classic and elegant design for her menus and programs.  She chose to do them in one color: navy blue, to go along with the other blues she was using in her wedding.  Here is the table menu:
Lisa’s menu is an A2 size (4.25″ x 5.5″) and features a very simple design with a gorgeous little motif at the top that we carried through both pieces, and two lovely fonts.  We letterpress printed these on Crane’s 100% cotton Lettra paper in Pearl White.  I love the little graphic motif at the top of the menu.  The fine lines really captured the subtle impression of the letterpress so well, along with the typography!
The second piece I designed for Lisa was a custom program.  Often when I’m asked to do programs, the client wants me to just design and print the cover, from which they will glue, staple or sew in the actual program page(s) that they’ve had flat printed later.  Because it was so close to her wedding though, Lisa already had all of the information for the inside of her programs and asked if we could print it all letterpress.  Let me tell you: those programs are beautiful.  They are a traditional, folded A7 size (5″ x 7″) and are printed in one color (still navy blue).  I used the same graphic motif from the menus on both the front and inside of the program.  Here is an image of the front cover:  
I love the way the capital serif font we used harmonizes with the script font we chose for the names.  Isn’t it pretty?  And, here is the inside:
You’ll have to excuse my fingers at the bottom of the picture.  Since the program was printed on reasonably heavy, 110 lb. paper and had just been scored and folded right before I took the photos, they didn’t really want to stay open on their own.  We went with a very traditional format for the program with the information about the wedding party on the left side and the actual program for the ceremony on the right.  If you’re considering a more traditional format for your ceremony program you may want to click on the above photo to see it larger.  I really like how Lisa chose to list both the family/wedding party information and how she arranged the actual different elements of the ceremony for a program.  It’s informative, but to-the-point and oh so pretty!  As far as impression goes – I love how when you are printing double-sided on the Crane Lettra paper you can still feel a slight impression on both sides, but you can’t see the text from one side to the other (on a program or other item where you’re reading both sides, it would be pretty ugly to see a lot of impression from one side on the next).  
If you’d like more information about custom letterpress printed wedding programs, menus or other stationery, please contact me at: [email protected]
Congratulations Lisa & James and have a wonderful wedding day, today!