New Crane String Cards in Turquoise and Blues!

If you’ve been following our blog or Etsy Shop for a while, you’ll know that one of my favorites of our designs is our Origami Crane String Card.  I love this design so much, that I’ve printed it in several different color combinations, and I’m happy to announce that this newest color-way is now available in our Etsy Shop and for wholesale orders! These new cards are an A2 size and come with coordinating light blue envelopes.  They are available in sets of 12, sets of 6, and as singles.  Please contact us if you’d like to order more than what is currently available on our Etsy site.  We gladly welcome bulk and wholesale orders!

Red Crane Tattoos & Awesome Shoes

Back in November a lovely Etsy shopper in the UK, named Catherine, contacted me about ordering a set of our Red Origami Crane Thank You Cards.  She was getting married in April and wanted to use them as thank you cards after her wedding.  She also told me that she loved my crane design so much that she was hoping to get it tattooed in celebration of her impending nuptials.  She wanted to know if it was okay with me for her to use my design as a tattoo.  Frankly, I found the idea totally exciting, and said yes.

I was extra excited to wake up this morning and discover an email from Catherine.  She got married last week and sent us a photo of her awesome wedding shoes, with our little red crane peeking out from them.

(Photo Courtesy of Julie Tinton Photography)

Isn’t that totally awesome?!?  I’m honored.  Plus, I LOVE her shoes.  I’m so excited that  Catherine shared this photo with us and that she loved my little crane artwork so much that she wanted to carry it with her forever.  : )

Above is an image of the original card design that Catherine had her tattoo based off of.  These cards are available in our Etsy Store as singles and in packages of six or ten.  Larger quantities and bulk pricing is available for larger orders.  If you’d like some little red cranes of your own, go check them out!

Thanks so much for sharing, Catherine!  You rock!

Weddings | Kate & Antony

The week before Thanksgiving, I finished a lovely set of wedding invitations for a couple in Tasmania, Australia, that incorporated our origami crane designs that we’ve been using for greeting cards for quite some time.  If you’ve never checked out our origami crane cards, you totally should, in our etsy shop.

I still get really excited when a couple contacts us from really really far away!  The internet is just too cool like that.  I find it really awesome that from my tiny little shop in Oregon, I can work with people all across the country and around the world on invitations and other gorgeous paper goods.  It’s really a privilege and is one of the things that makes my job really exciting.

Kate had seen our other crane designs when she contacted me early this fall, and wanted to incorporate them into her wedding invitations.  She and Antony’s invitations featured the cranes and were printed in two ink colors: a deep, almost burgundy red, and black.  The design is very modern, but whimsical at the same time.  The invite itself is a long, skinny #10 size card and the reply card is a monarch size, which is also long and skinny, but not quite as long as the #10 invite.  Both cards were printed on super soft, 100% cotton rag Holyoke paper in Bone White.  We paired both cards with matching red envelopes from Green Paper Company.  The invitation envelope featured the couple’s return address on the flap and the reply card envelope featured their same address on the front, both in black ink.

Above you can see the invitation and invitation envelope by itself.  I love the mix of red, decorative script fonts in this design, paired with black, classic copperplate fonts for the regular information.  Something that is very different about this invite, in comparison to other invitations we’ve done, is that you’ll notice a blank line in the center of the invite for Kate to write in her guest’s names.  Generally, for U.S. couples, we don’t incorporate a space for guest’s names to be written on the invitation, but I thought this was a really neat, unique and personal idea, and think it would be great if one of my future U.S. couples wanted to incorporate this into their design.

Below you can see some more detail photos of the invitation itself.  I just love red and black as a color combination and I love how all of the little decorative crane motifs and fonts just sink into the 100% cotton paper we used.  It’s just gorgeous!

For Kate and Antony’s reply card, we incorporated a lot of the same design elements from the invitation.  This card still features our lovely origami cranes and the decorative lines from the invitation (this time at the top of the card rather than the bottom).  This card is slightly shorter than the invitation.  It is a monarch size, which measures 3.75″x7.25″, whereas the #10 invite measures 3.75″x9.25″.  This card is also oriented horizontally, rather than vertically, for some variety.

Kate had a lot of information on her reply card, which is why we decided to go with the larger size.  Check out her response options!  Have you ever heard the phrase “… will be there with bells on”?  Well, Kate gave her guests all forms of response options, both with and without bells.  It’s pretty cute!  On the right side of the card, there’s also a space for guest’s to write a little note to the bride and groom with their response.

The other thing this card features is a place for guests to respond about bus requirements.  Kate & Antony’s ceremony site doesn’t have parking, so they are having a bus take their guests from the ceremony site to the reception site and back.  Because of this, there’s a small area on their response card for guests to write how many seats on the bus need to be reserved for them.  I used a tiny VW Bug motif for this response (vintage VW’s are quite possibly my favorite car ever, and Kate thought the drawing I did for it was really cute too).

Isn’t this set just lovely?!?  I had so much fun working with Kate and Antony and I’m sure that their upcoming wedding this spring is going to be just beautiful!  Thanks so much again, Kate & Antony, for working with us, and congratulations!

Featured! | Etsy Treasury: Red Hair Guy

Check out this awesome and very red treasury that our Origami Crane Cards were featured in this morning!  These cards are a 4bar size and come with matching red envelopes in either packs of 6, 10 or as singles.  Visit our etsy shop to pick yours up today!

Save the Date | Shannon and Stuart are Getting Married!

Sometimes I look around this studio and wonder where the time has gone.  It was nearly two months ago that we printed these Save-the-Date cards for a super-nice couple in Topeka, Kansas, Shannon & Stuart.  Shannon had seen our Origami Crane cards in our Etsy shop and hired us to design and print a simple Save-the-Date of a similar design.  Here you can see what we came up with!   

Shannon and Stuart’s Save-the-Dates are a cute, simple A2 size card (measuring 4.25″x5.5″) printed on Pearl White Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in black ink.  We used a charming script font for all of their save-the-date information and printed a single, white origami crane at the top of the card.  I absolutely love how sweet and simple this design turned out and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for their actual invitations!

We paired these Save-the-Dates with a light pink envelope from Waste Not Paper Company and printed Shannon & Stuart’s return address on the flap, also in black ink.  Aren’t they just adorable?!?  Be sure to keep an eye out in the coming months if you want to see some more origami crane wedding goodness!  Thanks so much again Shannon & Stuart!

You Turn Me On.

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s been quite a while since I listed anything new in our etsy shop, so I figured today was as good of a day as any to remedy that.  Way back in January I had some big plans to release several new greeting card designs for Valentine’s Day, and then I broke my leg, and my attention immediately shifted from doing both custom work and creating new cards for the shop, to making sure that custom work got done.  As a result, we didn’t release anything new for Valentine’s Day, which is okay.  Sometimes things happen that are out of your control.  I did, however, print up this super-fun, geeky, sassy, little card right before my accident and even though it’s no longer Valentine’s season, I figured, “Hey, you can be geeky and turned on at any point during the year.  Why not celebrate that?”  So, here it is folks, the Twin Ravens Press “You Turn Me On” card.

These cards are printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper with silver ink and each card comes with a coordinating light blue envelope.  They can be purchased individually here in our etsy shop, or if you are a retailer interested in ordering these in bulk at our wholesale price, please contact me directly.

In other Etsy-related news, our String of Crane’s cards were featured in an Etsy Treasury today entitled “Full Spectrum. Go.”. It’s a pretty cool treasury with a wide variety of super-colorful items.  Go and check it out here.  If you’d like to purchase some of our String of Cranes cards, they are also available in our etsy shop here and here.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Origami Crane Cards featured on Etsy!

I hope everyone out there (in the US) had a very Happy Thanksgiving! If you haven’t checked out our etsy store lately, you should, as you will find several lovely holiday cards for sale there. We are going to be listing even more holiday card designs over the next two weeks, so please check back frequently!

In other, etsy-related news, one of our letterpress printed Origami Crane cards was featured in an etsy treasury today entitled Blue Lue. Check out the treasury here. If you’d like to purchase one of these cards they are currently available as singles, sets of six, or sets of ten. These cards are also available in other colors and patterns, so go check them out! Have a great weekend!

Etsy Treasury Feature: Green, Copper & Red Crane String Cards

Our gorgeous green, copper and red Crane String greeting cards were featured today in a treasury on Etsy! The treasury, pictured above, created by MalcolmStudioShop, features twelve different peace themed items from a variety of etsy sellers! Click on the treasury link to view the actual page!

Our green, copper and red Crane String cards make a wonderful holiday card and are also great to send any time of the year. They are available as singles, sets of 6 or sets of 12. Get yours today!
In other etsy-related news, I was delighted to log-in to our shop this morning and find that we have over 400 (!) followers who love our shop (see below)! That’s pretty awesome (and somewhat humbling). You guys are the best! Thanks for spreading the love!
Just a reminder, too, if you are a Facebook user and would like to keep up with what we’re doing in our studio there, Twin Ravens Press now has a facebook page. Go become a fan today!

Weddings | Christina & Phillip

Every now and again I run into a bride and groom who have either designed their wedding invitations themselves or who are already working with another designer to do the design work and are looking for someone to letterpress print them. For the invitations you see above and below, Virginia bride, Christina, did the design work herself and hired Twin Ravens Press to do her letterpress printing.

If you’ve been following this blog, or if you’ve checked out my etsy shop, you may have noticed that I have a fondness for Japanese paper cranes. In fact, I designed several different greeting cards featuring them shortly following my trip to Japan last November. Christina had seen my cards on etsy and figured that since she was using a similar motif for her wedding invitations that I would be the perfect letterpress printer for her!
Christina’s wedding invitation is an A7 size and was printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton 110 lb. paper in Pearl White using Bordeaux Red and Black inks. The design features images of two paper cranes with a little red heart between them at the top of the invite and a fun pattern of black lines that aren’t too dissimilar from the ones we printed on this set of invitations earlier this year at the bottom.
The fine lines and text in this design made for some really nice letterpress impressions in the paper. Check it out in the detail photos below:
Christina’s reply card is a standard 4bar size and was printed on Crane Lettra Paper as well, however, because she wanted these to be postcards we printed them on the 220 lb. lettra so that they would be a little thicker and stiffer, in order to stand up to the postal machines a little better. They were printed in one ink color (black) and featured the same type of line pattern from the invite and some really adorable icons for their reception entree selections. Check it out:
Christina was a wonderful client to work with and I think her invitations turned out wonderfully! Congratulations Christina & Phillip!

Etsy Treasury Feature: String of Crane Cards

I checked my inbox this morning to find that one of my greeting card designs is being featured in an Etsy Treasury today for The Killian Mansfield Foundation. My letterpress printed “String of Cranes” card is the left most item in the third row.  Click on the link if you want to check it out for yourself.  

Killian is a 16-year-old boy in upstate New York who is suffering from a rare form of cancer. Killian’s favorite story is the Japanese tale of Sadako and her 1,000 paper cranes. If you haven’t ever heard of the story, you should read more about it here. Killian is also apparently a very talented Ukulele player and you can purchase a CD of his music from the treasury by clicking on the link at the top. All of the proceeds from sales of the CD benefit his foundation.  Go check it out!