Weddings | Julie & Todd

Earlier this year we did some printing for a lovely couple up in Maryland, Julie and Todd.  Julie’s sister designed her wedding invitations and she hired Twin Ravens Press to do her letterpress printing!  We didn’t print Julie’s entire suite of paper goods, but we did letterpress print her wedding invitation, Save-the-Date postcards and reply cards (she did her envelopes herself)!  All of Julie and Todd’s pieces were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper in either one or two ink colors.  You can see their invite above, but let’s take a look at their Save-the-Dates first.

Julie and Todd’s Save-the-Date cards for their October wedding in Maryland were A2-size postcards printed in one ink color, a nice Aubergine purple.  Julie’s sister designed the lovely type treatments for all of these pieces as well as the two cute little birdies that you see on both these postcards and their invitation.  The front of the postcards was predominantly decorative, while the backside was set up like a regular postcard, with the wedding information on the left-hand side and a place for a stamp and recipient address on the right.  Aren’t these cool?!?

Their wedding invitation was designed in a similar style and featured the same, sweet, long-legged birdies on the left side of the A7-size card with the rest of the invitation information in a variety of fonts completing the rest of the design.  The invitation was printed in a slightly redder aubergine purple than the postcard save-the-date, and black ink.  I love how the use of two colors in this design really makes the couple’s names, Julie’s parent’s names and the wedding date stand out!  Their reply card was a simple 4bar design featuring the same fonts as the invitation, printed entirely in purple ink.  Check out more awesome close-ups below!

Julie and Todd were a really great couple to work with and I’m sure their wedding last month in Maryland was just lovely!  Thanks so much for working with us Julie & Todd and congratulations!

Weddings | Andrea & Adam

Way back in March of this year we completed a really wonderful and unique set of wedding invitations for an awesome couple in Vancouver, Canada who were married in June.  This is one of those sets of invitations that I had been planning to blog about all along, both because it and the couple it was created for were so cool, but as usually happens during the spring, time got away from me when we were super-busy, and I’m only catching up on the blogging now.  At any rate, check out Andrea and Adam’s totally awesome, custom invitation suite above!

Like many couples who work with us, Andrea and Adam wanted a set of invitations for their upcoming wedding that were totally personalized and unique, and ones that really said something about their personalities and who they are as a couple.  Andrea explained to me that she and Adam are avid outdoor enthusiasts and had actually met while climbing in British Columbia.  Aside from climbing, they are also avid backpackers, hikers, skiers, etc.  They wanted their wedding invitations to have an earthy, natural, outdoors-y feel to them, and this is what we came up with.  Andrea and Adam’s invitation suite included an A7 size invite and corresponding envelope, an A2 size reply post card, and a coordinating 3.5″x2″ website card.  The three main pieces in their invitation suite were printed on a really fabulous paper: Magnani Annigoni, which is handmade in Italy from a blend of cotton and wool fiber.  It is unbleached, and not died, so the color you see is what the paper looks like naturally.  It’s not a paper that my customers choose very often, but I absolutely love it when they do!  It’s just so unique!

As I mentioned above, Andrea and Adam’s invite was a standard A7 size (measuring 5″x7″) and was printed in one ink color: a rich chocolate brown.  For the design, Andrea sent me a topo map of the area around Wedgemount Lake in BC – a wilderness area that is very special to Andrea and Adam’s relationship.  In order to incorporate this in to the design, we chose to blind emboss the entire section of map into the background of the invitation.  This created some phenomenal texture!  The design we printed in brown over the top, was fairly simple, but absolutely lovely.  We created two evergreen trees which were placed on the left side of the design with the text of their invitation justified to the right of them.  We used a combination of a classic serif font for the main information, combined with a much more decorative script for the couple’s names, wedding date and the name of their venue.  Isn’t their design just cool!?!

We paired the invite and other pieces with a Moss Green envelope from Waste Not Paper Company and printed their return address in the same brown ink we used for the invite on the flap.

Andrea and Adam’s reply post card also included blind embossing of the Wedgemount Lake wilderness topo map in the background, and we used another evergreen tree to separate the two sides of the card, rather than a plain line.   Like a regular postcard, the couple’s return address and a place for a stamp was printed on the right hand side.  The left side included lines for guest’s to write in their names, check boxes to indicate whether or not they planned to attend, and then a space for guests to initial meal choices for the reception.  We used our popular animal icons for the meal choices, which I just never get tired of.  They are way too cute for words!  We also included a line for guests to indicate how much parking they anticipated needing.  This line was indicated by a little brown VW Bug (my favorite!).  Check out some of the details and blind embossing in the photos below!

The top two photos as well as the bottom left one in the grouping above are detail photos of Andrea and Adam’s reply card.  The photo on the bottom right, however, shows their website card.  Andrea and Adam chose to create a small separate website card to include with their invitations so that guests would know where to go to get further information, without having the web address printed right on the invitation itself.  This card is 3.5″x2″, which is the same size as a standard business card, and was also printed in chocolate brown ink.  We created a super-cute compass design for this card, with Adam and Andrea’s initials on the compass on either side of a heart.  Isn’t that sweet?!?  I just love how every little detail we included in the suite really tied in well with Adam and Andrea’s personalities and outdoor hobbies.

Andrea also created a separate belly band herself to tie everything together after she received her invitations from us.  She was kind enough to send me a photo of everything all tied up together, and I wanted to share it with you too:

Didn’t she do an awesome job?!?   I love the bark paper she chose for the actual band and I think the brown raffia and little compass tag she created to tie it up are really cute.

Thanks so much again Adam and Andrea for working with us on your invitations!  I imagine that your wedding this past June was just beautiful!  If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know!  All the best!

Weddings | Katie & Michael

Right before I left for Minnesota a couple of weeks ago, I printed this lovely set of invitations for a couple in Texas who are getting married in May. The bride, Katie, designed these invitations herself and I just love the pretty flowers and sweet, whimsical grey hummingbird at the bottom. This suite includes a #10 size invitation, letterpress printed in two colors on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper, a #10 invitation envelope from Waste Not Paper Company in gravel grey and a 4bar size postcard that was digitally printed on a matching flat stock also from Waste Not Paper. At the top of this post you can see the whole suite together and below are photos of each of the pieces in detail.

Here is Katie’s invitation by itself. She chose a really nice, light green ink for her floral details and names and a medium grey ink to match her envelopes for the rest of the text and for her hummingbird. I just love how whimsical and sweet this design is! Below are some detail photos so you can see the ink colors, fonts and letterpress impression a little better.
The reply postcards that went with these were a little bit simpler – no flowers or birdies, but the same great fonts Katie used were carried throughout. In order to save some money on printing, we chose to have this card printed digitally on a white card stock from Waste Not Paper that was a near-match to the 100% cotton stock we used for the invitation. Here it is below, front and back:
And, last but not least, come the envelopes. For her invitation envelopes, Katie chose a #10 size, long, skinny, grey envelope from Waste Not Paper. We printed her return address on the flap of it in a slightly darker grey than the invitation and envelope color.
Pretty sweet, don’t you think?!? Working with Katie was a pleasure and I hope that their wedding this May is just as wonderful as their invitations! Thanks so much and congratulations Katie & Michael!

Weddings | Emily & Stephen

(Photo courtesy of Emily G Photography)
Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been kind of cold, rainy, and wintery in Western Oregon today, so I thought I would share with you a really bright and cheery wedding invitation suite I printed earlier this summer for a very cute couple who were married in Portland, Oregon in late September. Emily and Stephen are good friends of mine. Shortly after college I met both of them while we all worked at the same University bookstore. Emily and I worked in the graphic design/marketing department and Stephen was working in IT. I can remember talking to Emily constantly about how one day I was going to quit doing design for marketing and advertising and open up my very own letterpress shop (she and I used to have our desks about three feet from each other after all). At that point, she and Stephen had recently started dating, so it was really fun when she got in touch with me earlier this year about letterpress printing her wedding invitations, and it was really fun in September to get to go to their wedding!!
Anyway, being the über-talented designer that she is, Emily designed her invitations herself! Check them out:
Emily and Stephen’s invitation suite included an A7 size invitation and envelope and an A2 size RSVP postcard. They were printed in two ink colors on Crane Lettra Pearl White 100% cotton paper and came with a coordinating white envelope from Waste Not Paper company. Emily and Stephen also had me print some really cute, matching wedding coasters for their reception as well!
Emily’s stationery as well as her wedding, was bright, cheery and colorful. They had their ceremony and reception in Portland, Oregon at the McMennamin’s Kennedy School – an old-fashioned school house that has been converted into a hotel/restaurant/bar/event space. I love how she was able to incorporate so many pretty colors into everything from her invitations to her reception without the whole thing being overwhelming. Here is her invitation by itself:

Emily chose to print her invitation in deep red and light pink inks. I love the fun and whimsical floral pattern she designed which adorned all of the pieces.
Their reception coasters were printed in the same ink colors with their names and the wedding date and some of the cute floral pattern. These are a 4″ round coaster, which is perfect for beer, cocktail, wine and other beverage glasses!
I wish I had taken some photos of how cute these looked at the reception, but, I actually forgot to bring my real camera to their wedding and the only photos I have were taken with a cell phone (and they weren’t very good ones). Let me tell you though, they were super-cute!
Here is the coordinating Waste Not Paper invitation envelope that Emily picked out:
We used a very pretty reddish-purple ink to print the return address on the flap. Then, for their reply cards, Emily chose to do a postcard to save on reply card envelope printing and postage. We used the same reddish-purple ink on this card as well as a bright and cheery yellow!
I absolutely love how Emily and Stephen’s personality and sense of humor shines through on the reply card. Take a look at their accepts/regrets options: “Sure” and “Nah…”. Aren’t they just too cute?!? I think they’re just about as cute as the couple they were created for. Here are some photos from Emily and Stephen’s big day, taken by Portland-based wedding and portrait photographer Emily G.
(All Wedding Photos courtesy of Emily G Photography)

If you’d like to see more photos from their wedding, check them out on their photographer’s blog, here.

Congratulations Emily & Stephen!

Elias' Bar Mitzvah

At Twin Ravens Press, I print a lot of wedding invitations, which is a lot of fun, but did you know that we also print invitations for other events as well? Besides weddings, we can design and print invitations for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, graduation parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, fancy corporate parties and events, etc. You name it, we can probably do it! The stationery you are going to see in this post was created for a wonderful Eugene, Oregon family that I’ve done work for before. Their youngest son, Elias is having his Bar Mitzvah on January 16th, and these are the invitations they are sending out for it.
For those who don’t know, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (Bar for boys and Bat for girls) is a Jewish ceremony celebrating a boy or girl coming of age in the Jewish community. The Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony is typically an ordinary Sabbath service in which the boy or girl participates for the first time as an adult. Typically a boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13 and girls become Bat Mitzvahs at the age of 12. Following the service there is often a celebratory meal or other type of party with the family, friends and members of the Jewish community. If you’d like to read more about Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, you can here.
I actually did Elias’ older sister Dahlia’s Bat Mitzvah invitations about a year ago, and a good friend of theirs’ Bar Mitzvah invitations earlier this year. You can check out Dahlia’s invites here and the friend, Ari’s invitations and other paper goods here. For Dahlia’s invitations we did a fairly simple design involving an A7 size invitation with a perforated reply postcard and envelopes. For Elias’ invitations, their mom, Cheryl, wanted us to print a design that didn’t require envelopes, so this is what we came up with:
The invitations are long: about 15 inches long, to be exact, and 5.5 inches wide. They are either perforated or scored in three different places, so that when the invite is folded up it is the size of a standard A2 size card (4.25″x5.5″). The front side includes the standard invitation information on the top 2/3 and the bottom 1/3 of the front is a perforated reply postcard that the recipient can detach and mail back. The backside of the design has the back side of the postcard printed on the lower section and there is printing on a small section at the very top that has the Henderson’s return address. When the whole thing is folded up, it looks like this:
Pretty cool, don’t you think?!? I think that when they’re folded up they almost look like an envelope, even though they are the actual invitation. These were sealed shut with 1″ circular clear stickers that can be found at any office supply store. What’s great about doing something like this is that you are saving money on having envelopes printed and you’re saving a lot of paper! Postage for something like this is the same as a regular envelope ($0.44 if you’re in the U.S.), so you aren’t spending any extra on postage either!
You can see one close detail of the actual invitation portion at the top of this post and here is another:
I love the green and brown color combination that Cheryl and Elias chose and I love the tree leaves and branch pattern that they decided to use! These cards were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Ecru. Here are the front and back sides of the reply postcard portion of the invitation:
As I mentioned above, this card is perforated at the top so that guests can easily separate it from the rest of the invitation, fill it out and mail it back. Pretty neat design, don’t you think?!?
If you’d like more information about custom Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations or any of our other custom work, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

The Wedding Invitations of Mr. & Miss Ramen

Let me preface this post by saying that no, I didn’t print wedding invitations for a couple whose last name is actually “Ramen”. As this particular couple asked me not to reveal their real names on my blog, I will be referring to them by a pseudonym they chose for themselves. You see, Miss Ramen is a blogger over on WeddingBee, and the fifth WeddingBee blogger that we’ve printed invitations for. If you are a follower of WeddingBee, you may have already read some blog posts she’s done about her wedding there. If you aren’t, but like what you’re about to see of her invitations, you can read more about her wedding here. Despite having to be a little sneaky about the information I show off to you about their wedding on this blog, working with the Ramens was an absolute joy and their invitations are absolutely lovely.

The Ramens, being the talented and uber-motivated individuals that they are, designed their whole invitation suite themselves and then hired Twin Ravens Press to do their letterpress printing! I heard from Miss Ramen that she is doing her calligraphy for her envelopes all by herself, which, for a bride who isn’t planning a small wedding, this is quite the undertaking. The Ramen’s invitation suite included a #10 size invitation, a reply postcard, a small business card size website card, an invitation envelope and a set of small cute tags! Here is their invitation:
As I mentioned above, Mr. and Miss’ Ramen’s wedding invitation is a long and skinny #10 size, printed on Crane Lettra pearl white paper with metallic silver ink. I love the elegant swirls and scrolls they created for all of the pieces in their suite! It’s a little difficult to tell, due to me blurring out most of their names, but the typeface they used for their names and for the line at the bottom of the invite really compliments their decorative swirls beautifully!
Here is their invitation again with its corresponding envelope. The envelope Mr. and Miss Ramen chose is a #10 size, 30% post-consumer recycled envelope in a light blue color called “Cloud” from Green Paper Company. I love how these envelopes add just a subtle hint of color to the suite without being bold and overwhelming. I also love how they continued their swirl motif from the invitation on the front of the invitation envelope. The envelopes were also printed with metallic silver ink and included a very cute, framed return address on the envelope flap.
To save on postage and envelopes, Mr. and Miss Ramen decided to do their reply card as a postcard! These were also printed in silver ink on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper.
They did a fantastic job of keeping the look of their entire suite consistent, while incorporating some unique, fun, and super-cute details into each piece. Check out the little whole and broken heart icons next to their accepts/regrets lines:
Very cute idea, don’t you think?!?
Now, I’m not quite sure what Miss Ramen has in store for these little guys, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be adorable. The Ramens had me print them a set of small letterpress tags featuring their initials, wedding date and the city where they will be wed, inside the same cute kind of frame they used for their return address on their envelopes.

Miss Ramen opted to cut these out herself, in order to save money on die-cutting. Although I’m not sure what she’s planning to use them for, they are super-adorable.
This last piece in their suite, is quite possibly my favorite. As Miss Ramen is an avid blogger (hence why she blogs for WeddingBee), she wanted to include a small website card that would direct wedding invitation recipients to their website for further information. This card measures 2″x3.5″, which is the same size as a standard business card, and was also printed on Crane Lettra paper in silver ink.
Isn’t that absolutely adorable?!? I love the cute little caricatures that Mr. Ramen drew of himself and his bride. So sweet… and such a cute idea for a little website card!
Mr. and Miss Ramen were an absolute joy to work with and I’m so happy that I got to do their letterpress printing! If you like these designs, head on over to WeddingBee and read more about the Ramens. They really are a very sweet couple. Miss Ramen posted a very cute teaser a couple of weeks ago, which you can read here, and she just posted at length about her invites here.
Thanks so much Mr. and Miss Ramen and many congratulations!

Weddings | Allison & Matt

As this summer was such a whirlwind in general for Twin Ravens Press, I’ve really been enjoying going back over the photos and samples of wedding invitations that we did all summer and getting to show off the ones that got missed on this blog earlier this year. The wedding set you are about to see in this post was designed and printed for a wonderful couple who were married in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 8th of this year. Allison found me through a post on Wedding Bee by a blogger, Mrs. Coconut, that we had done invitations for the November before. I was then contacted by Allison and Matt’s fabulous wedding planner, Alia Kennedy of Parasol Events. Alia was really great to work with and I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a wedding planner in Hawaii. I worked with her with another set of clients shortly after working with Allison and Matt (whose stationery I’ll show off soon), and she’s totally great! Check out Parasol Events’ blog here, if you’d like to see more!
Anyway, back to Allison and Matt! They were really a fabulous couple to work with and I love the photos from their wedding that Alia sent me last week! That’s them at the top of this post, and there are more photos from their wedding further along in the post. You may recall hearing about them here before if you’ve followed this blog for a while. I did a post in March about their Save the Date Cards that we designed and printed, which you can find here. Allison loved the blind-embossed scroll pattern and pink hibiscus motif that we used for her Save the Date cards and wanted to continue the theme throughout the rest of her invitation suite.
Allison and Matt’s invitation suite included a 6.25″ square invitation, a 4bar size reply postcard, an A2 size directions card and a lined 6.5″ square invitation envelope. All pieces were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper in Bright White with 2 ink colors: black and hibiscus pink and all the pieces included blind embossing details.
Here is Allison & Matt’s invitation and envelope.
We kept the layout for this piece fairly consistent with their Save-the-Date card design. A wide blind-embossed scroll pattern adorns the whole left side of the invitation and their pink hibiscus detail is featured prominently on the top left. We used black ink for the main body of their text and the same pink for their names. The return address on the envelope was also printed in hibiscus pink. Their envelopes are a European Pointed Flap style from Waste Not Paper Company.
Each envelope was hand-lined with a very light magnolia pink envelope liner created from paper made by Green Paper Company. I think the touch of light pink on the inside of the envelope added just a little extra touch of sweetness and elegance to an otherwise very traditional envelope. Here are a couple of detail photos of the invitation so you can see the blind embossing, impression, colors and fonts a little better:
I love the design of their reply postcard! It is a 4bar size and really keeps with the design of the invitation and save-the-dates. To switch things up a little on this we used the blind-embossed scroll pattern and hibiscus on the bottom edge instead of on the side.
I also love the tiny hibiscus detail next to the line about saving seats in the shuttle. That was Allison’s idea and I thought it was too cute!
For their directions card I created a map of a portion of Honolulu and their venue, Lanikuhonua, from some sample maps of the area that Allison and Matt’s wedding planner, Alia, sent to me.
We also included written directions on this card and some information about Allison and Matt’s wedding website. I continued the blind-embossed scroll and hibiscus motifs on this card and we also blind embossed the area of the map that is the ocean for a just a little bit more texture!
I absolutely love how gorgeous this suite turned out! I also love how we were able to create a design that was tropical for a destination Hawaiian wedding, but also very elegant at the same time. Check out this amazing photo that Allison & Matt’s photographer took of one of their invitations with their rings:
(Photo via
Gorgeous, don’t you think? Allison and Matt, as well as their ceremony, looked absolutely beautiful and everyone look so happy! Check out the photos below from their wedding (all photos by Dulce Photo, courtesy of Alia Kennedy at Parasol Events).
I love the above photo, it’s so tropical and romantic! Aren’t the flowers in the photo below, just gorgeous?!?
I also love these group photos (particularly the very casual one of all the guys! Cheers!)
Gorgeous! Thanks so much Allison and Matt for having us do your stationery! It was wonderful to work with you! Congratulations and all the best!

Partying Platypus: Ari's Bar Mitzvah

I must begin by saying that this post is long overdue, however, I would much rather be overly-late in showing off cool things, than not show them off at all.  Remember how I mentioned a while back in this post that I enjoy designing and printing stationery for a variety of other events, as well as weddings, and that I hadn’t had many opportunities to design and print for Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s but really enjoyed doing it when I did?  Well, even though I finished this set of stationery back in February, I thought it would be great to show you, because it is Twin Ravens Press’ second Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation set!  This set included an invitation, reply postcard, an invitation envelope, program covers and some really cool, die-cut favor envelopes.  You can see the full invitation/reply card and invite envelope at the top of this post.  

Like our first Bat Mitzvah invitation, the Bar Mitzvah, Ari, and his mom, Annette, decided to go with a combination invite/reply card that was printed on a single sheet of paper, separated by a perforation so that the reply postcard could be torn off and mailed back.  This is a really cool option, in my opinion, to do with an invite and reply set because it keeps everything together in one place for the invitee.  Ari’s invitations were a 5.5″ square size, printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Ecru paper, printed in two ink colors: chartreuse and chocolate brown.  They came with a coordinating chartreuse envelope from Waste Not Paper Company that had the family’s return address letterpress printed on the back flap.  Here is a close-up of the top, invitation portion of the invite/reply card set: 
If you click on the above photo to enlarge it you can see the two fonts we used for the different verbiage on the invite.  I think the combination of the classic serif font for the names and the more modern, san-serif font for the other wording looked really nice together.  When I asked Ari what he wanted on his invites, he asked if he could have a platypus.  Now, I get asked to draw/design a wide variety of things for invitations, but this was the first time I have ever been asked to do anything with a platypus.  As much as I would love to take credit for those awesome and cute little guys that adorn Ari’s invitation and other pieces, I can’t.  Ari, the Bar Mitzvah, drew them himself!  I think they are awesome and totally unique!  I mean, really, how many times are you going to see a letterpress printed partying platypus, wearing a kippah, on a invitation?  They are really just too cool…
Here is the reply card section: 
As I mentioned above, the reply card for this set is a postcard style and was part of a perforated combination card with the invite.  It was printed in the same colors as the invite and feature Ari’s awesome platypus as well.  Because it was a postcard, it was printed double-sided with the reply portion on one side (above) and the address it was going back to on the other side.  Here is the back (address) side of the same card: 
Isn’t it cool?!?  This wasn’t all though!  For the actual ceremony and party afterwords I also got to design a couple of different pieces: a program cover and some favor envelopes.  
The first piece for the actual ceremony was a letterpress printed program cover, in the same style, using the same fonts and platypus from the invites.  
This program cover was slightly larger than 5.5″x8.5″ and was folded, so that it could hold a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet that had been printed and folded in half.  Here is a close-up of the front of the program cover, so you can see the letterpress impression and the nice fonts: 
The other piece I created for the actual day of the ceremony was Annette’s idea and was something that I had never done anything similar to before.  Annette had been reading Martha Stewart Weddings online and had come across this page, showing off some really cool paper envelope packets that had a window cut out of them for jelly beans.  Ari really likes jelly beans and Annette thought they would be the perfect favor for his party following the Bar Mitzvah, and I thought this was a really cool idea too!  Here is a photo of our finished packets (I’m pretty sure when Annette filled hers with jelly beans that she used a clear cello bag inside the envelope so that you could see the jelly belly’s a lot better – I didn’t have any clear bags that size when I went to take these photos, so I used a glassine envelope instead, but you get the idea): 
We designed the window, text and image for the front of the packets to coordinate with the other stationery pieces we had created.  When it came time to make these, I ordered some chartreuse coin envelopes from Waste Not Paper, the same company I had gotten the square invitation envelopes from, and letterpress printed the text and platypus image on the front.  Then I used the letterpress to die-cut a 2″ circle shape in the center of the envelope.  Annette then inserted slightly smaller cello bags into the envelopes and filled them with coordinating green, chartreuse and brown jelly beans.  Here’s another photo with the jelly belly’s: 
I think this was a really cool idea for a Bar Mitzvah (or really any type of party favor).  If you want to make something like this for your upcoming event, Martha has a really nice little tutorial about it here.  Martha’s aren’t letterpress printed, but you can get a similar effect using a rubber stamp and one of those small shape punches you can buy at a craft store (it will just take you a lot longer).  What a cool idea though!  
I’ve heard from Annette and Ari, since the event, and apparently, everything was a big hit!  If you are interested in more information about Twin Ravens Press’ custom design and letterpress printing for your child’s upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah or another event, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]!
Thanks Annette & Ari!

Our first Bat Mitzvah

Today I thought I would share with you the first Bat Mitzvah invitation suite I ever designed and printed.  This isn’t a newly completed job, but it’s less than a year in the past and I thought it was a lovely one!  I’m also showing this one off because it lead us to another client who ordered invitations for her son’s Bar Mitzvah which will be held next week – those invitations turned out awesome as well, and I will share them with you soon! 

For those who don’t know, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (Bar for boys and Bat for girls) is a Jewish ceremony celebrating a boy or girl coming of age in the Jewish community.  The Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony is typically an ordinary Sabbath service in which the boy or girl participates for the first time as an adult.  Typically a boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13 and girls become Bat Mitzvahs at the age of 12.  Following the service there is often a celebratory meal or other type of party with family, friends and members of the Jewish community.  If you’d like to read more about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs you can here.   
I really enjoy designing paper goods for various types of celebrations.  Currently the majority of custom invitation work that Twin Ravens Press does is for weddings, but I also really enjoy doing invitations for different cultural rituals and ceremonies other than weddings, as well as for occasions like baby showers and birth announcements.  It’s a lot of fun and is one of the things that keeps the work that I do interesting.  
So, as you can see from the photo above, the first Bat Mitzvah invitation I ever did was for a girl named Dahlia who had her Bat Mitzvah last September.  Dahlia and her mom came by my studio and we worked on creating an invitation and postcard-style reply card for her then-upcoming celebration.  Dahlia’s favorite color is blue and she really wanted a blue dahlia flower on her invites.  We did something really unique for Dahlia’s invitations that I think is a great idea for any type of ceremony that will involve a response card.  We printed the invite and the reply card on a single sheet of paper and then perforated it so that the cards could be easily separated from each other when the recipient was ready to mail back their response.  This is a great idea especially if you know you will be mailing out your invitations far in advance of the ceremony and you’re worried that your invitees might misplace the reply card.  Having them as one perforated sheet helps keep both parts together until the recipient is ready to send their response back!  You can see Dahlia’s invite/reply card together in the photo at the top of this post.  Below is a close-up of just the invitation portion:  

I really love how simple, yet beautiful this design turned out!  The large blue dahlia in the background is fun and whimsical and the font Dahlia & her mom chose for the name and date went with it perfectly!  They chose a coordinating blue envelope to go with the invites and we printed their return address on the back flap, just like we do for most wedding invitation suites.  Here is a photo of the two parts (invitation and reply card) separated along with the envelope: 
Below is a close-up of the response card portion.  The response card was a postcard format so there is a front and back to it.  Here is the front side: 
And here is the back side:  
For the back side of the reply card, we used the same large blue dahlia that we had been using throughout and then simply printed the family’s return address in the center with a little box in the upper-right hand corner for the stamp.  
Aren’t they pretty?  This coming week I will share with you my first Bar Mitzvah invitation suite which was just completed last month.  
If you would like more information and pricing on our custom bar & bat mitzvah invitations, please e-mail me at [email protected]!