Weddings | Thom & Rachelle


Check out this awesome, modern set of wedding invitations I finished last week for southern California couple, Thom and Rachelle!  Thom is a graphic designer and design professor, and he designed these invitations and hired us to print them!  If you’d like to check out more of Thom’s awesome work, you can find his portfolio here.  Thom and Rachelle’s invitation suite included an A7 size invitation, a 4bar size reply card with corresponding envelope, and an inner/outer envelope set.  All pieces were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper and the envelopes were also Pearl White Lettra envelopes from Crane & Co.  undefined

Isn’t this just a gorgeous invitation?!?  I love Thom’s use of bright, saturated orange ink for the big script “And” and all of the little slashes separating the information below their names.  I also love the fact that they chose a dark grey for the rest of the ink, rather than black or another color.  The combination of the two is modern and eye-catching, but still formal and beautiful, all at the same time.


Thom and Rachelle’s envelopes were designed to match.  The outer envelope is simply printed with Rachelle’s return address in orange on the back flap.  The inner envelope is unprinted, but was custom lined with a gorgeous, red and cream, Italian patterned paper.  I love the way an envelope liner can add so much more texture and interest, to an otherwise basic envelope; and I just love the pattern that they picked!

The response card and envelope, which you can see below, was also designed to match.  It’s a standard 4bar size, printed again in both orange and grey and came with a corresponding white envelope with an orange address.  I love how Thom and Rachelle made the word “Please” stand out on their RSVP card in the same way that they made the “and” stand out on the invitation.


Aren’t these just gorgeous invitations!?!  If you like this design you should definitely check out Thom’s website that I linked to above.  He’s also done design work for the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Metropolitan Master Chorale and Mendocino Farms, as well as several other businesses and organizations.  Check it out!

And here’s one more shot of their fabulous invite…

undefinedThanks so much for working with me Thom and Rachelle!  If you ever need anything else printed, please don’t hesitate to ask.  All the best!

Save the Date | Amanda & Matthew are Getting Married!

Just before the New Year, I finished this lovely set of Save-the-Date cards for a couple in Massachusetts who are getting married in Windham, New Hampshire this coming August.  Amanda and Matthew wanted their Save-the-Date to have a formal elegance to it that would reflect their wedding venue.  Amanda had also seen the design and format of a few other Save-the-Dates on this website before she hired me that are similar to the design we created for her, and wanted us to model her’s after those.  Some of the Save-the-Dates that we’ve created in a similar style were for couples Kara & Steve, Jasmine & Kristin, and Cailin & Chris.  (Click on their names to see their respective versions).  I love how changing the motifs, fonts, and colors on this design really changes the “look” of the design, even though the formatting and layout is basically the same on all of the versions that we’ve done.

For Amanda and Matthew’s version, we used one ink color: black, on double-thick Crane Lettra Duplex Pearl White Paper.  The backside of the Save-the-Date, which you can see on the left in the photo above was blind embossed all over with phrases about Amanda & Matthew’s upcoming wedding.  We then printed the words “Save the Date” in an elegant script font centered on the bottom of the back.  On the front side, which you can see in the middle above, we printed all of their relevant Save-the-Date information in black in a mix of script and roman fonts.  We also decorated two of the corners with a beautiful flourish-y pattern.  The envelopes that accompanied these Save-the-Dates was a shiny, metallic white envelope from Green Paper Company.  Amanda and Matthew’s return address was printed with black ink on the flap below three little hearts.  They were pretty cute.

As a finishing touch, Amanda also had us edge-paint her save-the-dates after they were printed using one of their wedding colors: a deep, raspberry red.  I really love how “finished” edge-painting makes a set of cards look, plus, it’s a great way to add an extra color to your paper goods without having extra colors incorporated into your printed design.

We’re already working together on a coordinating design for Amanda and Matthew’s main invitations, and I’m really excited to see how they turn out!  Thanks so much for working with me Amanda and Matthew!  I’ll talk to you soon!

Weddings | Kate & Antony

The week before Thanksgiving, I finished a lovely set of wedding invitations for a couple in Tasmania, Australia, that incorporated our origami crane designs that we’ve been using for greeting cards for quite some time.  If you’ve never checked out our origami crane cards, you totally should, in our etsy shop.

I still get really excited when a couple contacts us from really really far away!  The internet is just too cool like that.  I find it really awesome that from my tiny little shop in Oregon, I can work with people all across the country and around the world on invitations and other gorgeous paper goods.  It’s really a privilege and is one of the things that makes my job really exciting.

Kate had seen our other crane designs when she contacted me early this fall, and wanted to incorporate them into her wedding invitations.  She and Antony’s invitations featured the cranes and were printed in two ink colors: a deep, almost burgundy red, and black.  The design is very modern, but whimsical at the same time.  The invite itself is a long, skinny #10 size card and the reply card is a monarch size, which is also long and skinny, but not quite as long as the #10 invite.  Both cards were printed on super soft, 100% cotton rag Holyoke paper in Bone White.  We paired both cards with matching red envelopes from Green Paper Company.  The invitation envelope featured the couple’s return address on the flap and the reply card envelope featured their same address on the front, both in black ink.

Above you can see the invitation and invitation envelope by itself.  I love the mix of red, decorative script fonts in this design, paired with black, classic copperplate fonts for the regular information.  Something that is very different about this invite, in comparison to other invitations we’ve done, is that you’ll notice a blank line in the center of the invite for Kate to write in her guest’s names.  Generally, for U.S. couples, we don’t incorporate a space for guest’s names to be written on the invitation, but I thought this was a really neat, unique and personal idea, and think it would be great if one of my future U.S. couples wanted to incorporate this into their design.

Below you can see some more detail photos of the invitation itself.  I just love red and black as a color combination and I love how all of the little decorative crane motifs and fonts just sink into the 100% cotton paper we used.  It’s just gorgeous!

For Kate and Antony’s reply card, we incorporated a lot of the same design elements from the invitation.  This card still features our lovely origami cranes and the decorative lines from the invitation (this time at the top of the card rather than the bottom).  This card is slightly shorter than the invitation.  It is a monarch size, which measures 3.75″x7.25″, whereas the #10 invite measures 3.75″x9.25″.  This card is also oriented horizontally, rather than vertically, for some variety.

Kate had a lot of information on her reply card, which is why we decided to go with the larger size.  Check out her response options!  Have you ever heard the phrase “… will be there with bells on”?  Well, Kate gave her guests all forms of response options, both with and without bells.  It’s pretty cute!  On the right side of the card, there’s also a space for guest’s to write a little note to the bride and groom with their response.

The other thing this card features is a place for guests to respond about bus requirements.  Kate & Antony’s ceremony site doesn’t have parking, so they are having a bus take their guests from the ceremony site to the reception site and back.  Because of this, there’s a small area on their response card for guests to write how many seats on the bus need to be reserved for them.  I used a tiny VW Bug motif for this response (vintage VW’s are quite possibly my favorite car ever, and Kate thought the drawing I did for it was really cute too).

Isn’t this set just lovely?!?  I had so much fun working with Kate and Antony and I’m sure that their upcoming wedding this spring is going to be just beautiful!  Thanks so much again, Kate & Antony, for working with us, and congratulations!

Weddings | Jay & Michael

Happy November everybody!  I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are approaching.  Twin Ravens Press has several wonderful goodies in store for the upcoming holiday season that you’ll be hearing about here very soon, but in the meantime, I want to show off an absolutely gorgeous set of wedding invitations we finished early last month for a couple getting married on New Year’s Eve!  Jessica (who goes by “Jay”) and her soon-to-be husband are getting married at the luxurious Parker Palm Springs on New Year’s Eve and wanted a fun, modern and original design for their invitations.

Jay’s invitations are a long and skinny #10 size, letterpress printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton duplex bright white paper.  We created a monarch size wedding itinerary to accompany them, along with a set of 4bar reply cards and envelopes.  The invitation and other components were enclosed in a custom-made invitation sleeve with red and gold Thai Unryu paper that was sealed with a custom monogram belly band and ribbon and came in a black #10 string + button envelope.  Allow me to walk you through what you would see if you were to receive one of these beauties:

Here is what the invitations looked like when they were first removed from their envelopes.  We die-cut that small window at the top of each sleeve, so that a lovely, thin, red and gold Thai Unryu paper would peek through.  The inspiration for this window design came from photos Jay had sent me of a large wall that surrounds The Parker’s grounds that is made up entirely of this pattern.  The sleeves were tied shut with a black and white 1/8″ wide ribbon and each ribbon had a custom letterpress printed monogram medallion in the center.

Untie the sleeve and inside you would find the invitation’s contents wrapped in tissue-thin Thai Unryu paper.  This paper is a bright red color and has little gold threads woven throughout.  All of Jay and Michael’s stationery was printed in a single ink color: black, on white paper, so adding this bright red paper to the inside of the invitation sleeve really added a lot of color to the suite!

Here is just the invitation sitting nestled inside the sleeve.  Jay’s invite was double-sided and featured the same pattern that we used for the motif on the front of the sleeve, blind embossed into the invite itself.  The majority of the text of the invitation was printed using a traditional all-caps serif typeface, and the beautiful calligraphy for Jay and Michael’s names as well as “dinner, dancing and 2011 to follow” was created by Lori Raines Calligraphy Studio in Keizer, Oregon.  Lori created all of the calligraphy for Jay’s suite and then we letterpress printed it on each piece.  Lori also addressed all of Jay’s black invitation envelopes! The back side of Jay’s invite included the same monogram you saw on their belly band medallion, and their wedding website URL below it.  In the images below, you can see some close-ups of the die-cut window in the sleeve, the belly band, monogram and ribbon.

Here are some close-ups of the invitation by itself!  I absolutely love the combination of gorgeous calligraphy with traditional serif fonts and blind embossing.  You really can’t get much more modern and elegant than this.

For an extra-special touch, we also edge-painted the edges of Jay’s invitations in bright gold.  Edge-painting is a very subtle touch, but really adds a lot of punch to any invitation suite, especially when you use such an awesomely bright color!  The gold looks just fabulous with these!

Along with the invitation, Jay also chose to include a simple itinerary of the weekend’s events.  This piece was also letterpress printed in black ink on Crane Lettra 100% cotton bright white paper.  I love the simplicity of this piece and the tiny blind embossed designs that we included separating each day’s events.  These are the same little square motifs from both the invitation and die-cut sleeve!

Last, but certainly not least, is Jay and Michael’s reply card.  This card was also printed on Crane Lettra and came with a matching white envelope.  It features the same, lovely blind-embossed border elements as the other cards, as well as Lori’s calligraphy for the “M” and reply by date.  We tried to keep this card as simple and modern as possible, while still having all of the information that Jay and Michael will need for their event.  Jay also chose to utilize our super-cute beef and fish icons for her dinner choices, which I think is pretty awesome.

Jay and Michael were so much fun to work with and I know that their New Year’s Eve wedding celebration is going to be a gorgeous night to remember!  Congratulations Jay & Michael!  Thanks again!

Weddings | Carol & Carlos

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of working with a really sweet couple in New York City, Carol & Carlos.  Carol had designed her wedding invitations herself and was looking for a letterpress printer to do her printing, when she discovered us.

I absolutely love Carol’s pairing of traditional Chinese and Latin/Spanish design elements to represent the two families distinct cultural backgrounds.  The double-happiness symbol that you see at the top of the design is an element that is often used in invitations for Chinese couples, and dragons are often used in Chinese imagery as well.  The phoenix on the bottom right corner of the invitation is an animal often seen in Spanish/Latin mythology and I think the way that Carol combined these elements was really neat!  These invitations were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper in a bright red ink.  I think they turned out awesome!

Thanks so much for working with us, Carol & Carlos!  If you ever need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Custom Business Cards | Local Food Marketplace

Twin Ravens Press  has been working with the folks at Local Food Marketplace and Eugene Local Foods for more than a year now, but for some reason, I realized I had yet to write about them on our blog.  Living in Eugene, you meet a lot of people who are pretty serious about the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it’s produced, which, in my mind is fantastic!  Eugene has several fabulous restaurants that are using locally grown and raised products, and some that are using local products entirely.  At home, we try to eat as locally as we can, and we believe that eating locally isn’t only a vital step in supporting the local economy, but is also fundamental to building a more sustainable world.  Plus, the food that is produced in Lane County (not only fruits and veggies, but local meats, dairy, eggs, grains, rice, and other produce) is just down right tasty!  So, because of this, I was entirely happy when the founders of Local Food Marketplace and Eugene Local Foods, Amy, Doug and Mazzi, hired me to design their logo and branding and letterpress print their business cards.

We worked on several different images that were food, produce, and/or farm-related for these cards, but ultimately what we chose to run with were a lovely, stylized bunch of tomatoes.  To incorporate the tomatoes and make the logo unique, we used a single tomato as a replacement for the “o” in “Local”.  I thought it was pretty cute…  The business cards were printed in two ink colors: chocolate brown and a bright, vibrant red, on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper.

Local Food Marketplace now has partners in various parts of Oregon, Washington, California, North Carolina and Canada.  If you happen to be in Eugene and haven’t tried ordering produce from Eugene Local Foods before, click on the link above and make yourself an account!  The account is free and you can shop online for all of your produce needs on a weekly basis, pay with your credit or debit card, and pick it up at one of Eugene Local Foods’ drop-off sites at various locations around town.  I order from them almost weekly.  The site is awesome, and so is not having to go to the grocery store.  Try it!  Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!

Custom Business Cards | Dallin Millard

Hot off the press earlier this week were these awesome business cards for a Salem, Oregon graphic designer Dallin Millard.  Dallin had purchased one of our “You Turn Me On” cards from our etsy shop a few weeks back, and shortly after, contacted me about custom printing his brand new business cards.  How could I say no to such a cool design?!?

Dallin’s cards were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper in two ink colors: a deep burgundy red and a bright, golden yellow.  This design was somewhat tricky to register with all of the little tiny lines in different colors that had to line up just right, but once we got it, the look and texture of the cards was just too cool.

Aside from designing awesome business cards (like the ones you see above and below!!) for his own business, Dallin also does graphic design work in a variety of other areas including poster design, typography, layout and packaging.  If you like these cards and are interested in working with Dallin on a design project of your own, get in touch with him!  You can also check out some of his other design work on his website.  Go check it out – he’s doing great things!  Furthermore, if you like the look of these cards and are interested in having your own business cards letterpress printed by Twin Ravens Press, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We would love to work with you!

Thanks again Dallin!  You rock!

Featured! | Etsy Treasury: Red Hair Guy

Check out this awesome and very red treasury that our Origami Crane Cards were featured in this morning!  These cards are a 4bar size and come with matching red envelopes in either packs of 6, 10 or as singles.  Visit our etsy shop to pick yours up today!

Weddings | Erica & Noah

Hi all and welcome to our new website!  Wow, it feels like such a long time since I was last here, doing the blogging thing, and really it has been.  My last post was April 11th, which was (eep!) over a month and a half ago.  Seriously, where does time go to anyway?!?  In the last month and a half we not only moved from our old blog site, to this new, awesome, much prettier, and much more informative one, but we’ve also designed and printed several new and gorgeous invites to show off to you, have a new service to show off, and we went to our first national trade show last week in New York City.  It’s been pretty crazy around here, but all that means for you is that there will be a lot of awesomeness to read about on this blog in the coming weeks – so stayed tuned!

As for today, though, I have a truly amazing set of wedding invitations to show off to you that I showed you a sneak peek of right before my extreme blogging absence over the past month and a half.  Without further ado, I present to you, the wedding invitations of Erica & Noah.  I’ve been working with Erica for quite some time now, creating paper goods for their very quickly approaching wedding in New York City.  If you missed their Save-the-Date cards that I posted about a few months ago, you really ought to go and check them out here.  Erica and Noah have been an amazing couple to work with and I’m so excited to be finally showing these off to you in their full glory.  At the top of this post you can see all of the pieces in the main invitation suite together.  For Erica and Noah’s wedding we created gorgeous, hand-sewn, letterpress printed wedding invitation booklets, a set of printed, custom-lined envelopes for each book to slip in to, matching directions cards, reply card and reply card envelopes.  These booklets were a true collaboration, not only between Erica, Noah and myself, but also between Twin Ravens Press and some of our favorite outside artists and wedding vendors.  More on that momentarily.

Here is what the invitation booklets look like on the outside.  Each booklet was hand-sewn with chocolate brown linen thread and the covers were made from blue Nepalese Lokta paper.  This paper is handmade in Nepal using centuries-old traditions with fibrous bark from the daphne cannabina shrub, which grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas.  Each sheet is made by hand, making each one subtly unique! As a decorative detail, we attached a small sprig of magenta leptospermum flowers to each book.  Aren’t they pretty?!?

When you open the booklet to the first printed page, this is what you would see:

All of the interior pages of these booklets were printed on  handmade, totally awesome, cream colored paper from Porridge Papers that has mixed wildflower seeds embedded.  Like the paper we used for Erica & Noah’s Save-the-Dates, this paper will actually grow wildflower seeds if it is planted!  The first page of the booklet features gorgeous hebrew calligraphy by Jerise, and gorgeous english calligraphy by one of my favorite calligraphers in the universe, Fran Heider of Little Flower Calligraphy.  The calligraphy is of a traditional Hebrew poem, often used in Jewish weddings.  I think this is a really nice and personal touch and is a great “opener” for a booklet-style invite.

The second page of the booklet is Erica and Noah’s actual invitation:

Erica & Noah’s invitation features a lovely design of poppies and lavender letterpress printed in three ink colors: a deep, bright red, spring green and navy blue.  The invite page also featured more english calligraphy by Fran and Hebrew calligraphy by Jerise.  I love how the different calligraphy styles and our hand-drawn flowers came together so beautifully to create such a stunning page!  Next up is a page featuring a hand-drawn map of New York City with landmarks that are notable and relevant to Erica & Noah’s relationship and upcoming ceremony.

The map page was hand-drawn by another one of my favorite artists, Crystal Kluge.  I’ve worked with Crystal before on a few other map and calligraphy projects and her work is always amazing!  The fourth and final page in the booklet you can see in the bottom right of the above grouping and it is a simple information page which included accommodations and transportation information.  I love the way that a booklet-style invitation keeps all of the relevant information for the couple’s celebration together in one spot.  Plus, booklets make a really beautiful and wonderful keepsake for both the couple and the family and guests to cherish for years to come.

Along with the gorgeous booklets, Erica also had us design and print a few additional pieces to go along with the suite.  Here is their reply card and envelope:

Erica and Noah’s reply cards were also printed on wildflower seeded Porridge Paper in navy blue ink.  They featured more of the pretty floral design from the inside of the booklets and more calligraphy from Fran.  The envelope was a light blue shade from Waste Not Paper and had the couple’s return address letterpress printed on the front, also in navy ink.

There was also a separate directions card for getting to and from the ceremony and reception from various locations in and around New York City.

Erica chose to keep this page separate from the booklets so that guests could easily tuck it into their purse or glovebox on their way to the ceremony without having to remember the entire book.

In order to mail these off to their guests, Erica and Noah needed some pretty nice envelopes.  They chose a luxe cream colored envelope from Waste Not Paper and we lined it with slightly off-white, lighter-weight Nepalese Lokta paper that was embedded with pink flower petals.  We also printed their return address on the back flap of each envelope in navy ink so that everything coordinated perfectly!

In all honesty, I love just about every detail of this invitation suite.  It was a long and extremely detailed endeavor for our studio, but the results were truly spectacular, and Erica and Noah were super-happy and excited about them.  If you’re reading my post and thinking to yourself that you may have seen some of these photos before, wonder no longer.  You may have.  If you are a reader of, Erica is one of the featured bloggers over there, and she wrote many wonderful things about these invitations for her Weddingbee blog.    If you want to go and check them out, you can see her save-the-date and invitation-related posts here, here, here, here and here (she’s Miss Hermit Crab, by the way).  I loved reading Erica’s posts about the work we did together and it’s also been really fun sneaking peeks at other details of her wedding!

It’s not over yet though!  A few months after we finished her invitations, Erica and Noah hired Twin Ravens Press again to create a set of matching thank you cards to use after their wedding.

We printed these on a similarly-colored non-seeded paper from Crane (as Erica figured it would be easier to write on) with the same navy blue ink from the rest of the invitation suite and we paired it with the same light blue envelopes that we used for her reply cards, but this time, printed their return address on the back flap instead of on the front.  Aren’t they cute?!?

I’ve absolutely loved working with Erica and Noah these past few months and I know that their upcoming June wedding is going to be just spectacular!  Thanks so much Erica & Noah, you guys are awesome!  : )

Thirty-Three Pounds of Epic-Win.

From a recent phone conversation I had with one of my favorite paper-makers, Samantha, at Porridge Papers:
Me: So, you remember that huge box of custom seeded paper you made for us that you wrote “33 lbs. of Awesome” on the outside of?
Samantha: Yeah.
Me: Well, I’ve finally finished the project that we needed thirty-three pounds of paper for. Let me tell you, it’s pretty much awesome. I mean, the paper it’s printed on is, in and of itself, thirty-three pounds of awesome…
Samantha: So, now that it’s printed, it’s like, Thirty-Three Pounds of Epic-Win, right?!?
Me: Yeah. Exactly.
So, why am I sharing this all with you? I had posted about the awesome box of paper we received from Porridge Papers a few weeks ago here, and I’m totally excited to say, that the project the paper was for (which was the largest, most complex, project I’ve ever taken on, to date) is finished! And it is, truly, 33 lbs. of epic-win. This project is the reason I’ve been so absent from blogging the past several days, but trust me folks, it was worth it! Below are some sneak-peak photos of the booklets that were created for this project (220 of them in all). They are truly wonderful, I’m totally proud, and the lovely bride that they were created for in upstate New York, was pretty ecstatic as well! I’m going to be sharing more with you on this project in a day or two, but I just had to give you a teaser for tonight. Cheers!